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Analytics And Big Data


last update : 22/12/2015

Data Science Masterclass for Software Professionals

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Data is the “New Oil” and the trade of Data Science is a very hot topic. With the cost of storage and compute resources dropping drastically, it is now aspirational to capture all manners of data that is generated from devices- be it mobile, wearables or sensors.

Software engineers who were in general involved with design and engineering of apps are increasing being thrust into the direction of data e.g. Instrumentation for data collection, building and testing predictive models and implementation of prediction.

This work shop is designed to introduce to the software engineers the field of Data Science. Additionally, bring awareness around software engineering and design aspects for implementing a data driven solution.

Workshop Objectives

The key objective is to ensure that upon completion the participants are clearly able to distinguish each component in the eco-system and decide for themselves how to leverage and benefit from Data Science.

Upon successful completion of this course, participants should be able to:

  • Familiarize with the current progressions in Data and what it means for Software Engineers
  • Articulate interdependencies between Engineering and Data Science
  • Engineering design principles to make Data Science successful
  • Functional components in Advanced Analytics implementation
  • Key Data Science analytic methods and application opportunities

    Workshop Outline

    The following segments are designed to meet the above workshop objectives:


    Session I: Introducing the Ecosystem

  • Why is Data Science important?
  • The current data landscape: What is so “Big” about it
  • The characteristics of Big Data
  • The “Big Data” Engineering landscape
  • Understanding Opportunities and Limitations
  • Data: A brief history in time
  • Basic design principles for Data Platforms
  • Design principles in Big Data
  • JSON: Standard in Big Data
  • Data Instrumentation: Keeping Big Data Nimble
  • Session II: Thinking in the language of Data

    Hands down 1:

    • Infrastructure and Engineering design for a IOT case study example


    Session III: Concepts in Data Science

  • The typical classes of Data Science Problems
  • Machine Learning: Supervised and Unsupervised
  • Classification: Basic concept of Information Value and Gain
  • Clustering: How do we leverage data insights
  • Important aspects of model development
  • Session IV: Bringing it all together

    1. Key functional areas in Big Data Analytics

    • Data Collection & Storage
    • Discovery & Prediction Build
    • Prediction & Experimentation
    • Measurement & Optimization

    2. Deep dive in functional area design

    3. Scale Ups and Stress Testing

    4. Software integration considerations

    5. Setting expectations

    Hands down 2:

    • Build prediction using open source technologies such as R
    • Design online implementation

    Benefits/ Takeaways:

    • High level understanding of the Data Science Ecosystem
    • Understanding of implementation Road map for Data Science work products
    • High level understanding of components and why they are required
    • Develop a sense for Data and understand use cases for harnessing data

    Prerequisite Knowledge/Skills

    • To understand the content, derive value, and successfully complete this workshop, you should have:
    • Basic understanding of the Big Data technical stack
    • Idea on how data can be harnessed in your work
    • Interest in understanding the Data Science life cycle

    Hardware/ Software

    Any Windows 7/8/10 laptop 8 GB memory/ 100 GB space with MS Office, R and R-Studio loaded is more than sufficient for the workshop


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