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Agile Testing and Test Automation Summit 2015 will be happening in Colombo on 17th August 2016, with focus on Technical Sessions featuring interactive Presentation exploring the depth and breadth of Agile software development and Test Automation across all practices, and perspectives. The Summit will be a key meeting place for Test Professionals and Executives from leading IT organizations. The event features an inspiring day of talks and workshops by professional speakers focused on Agile Testing and Test Automation Innovation.

The discussion in the Summit will be on what are the key challenges to improve your strategy, team development, test professional-skills and TA implementation? Discuss Improving Test Automation and Agile Testing in your organizations with over your colleagues on August 17th at Colombo.



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Key Features

Improve your strategy: Getting business value from Test Management.

Improve your team development : Team Development; Test Management & Test Professional).

Improve test professional-skills.

Improve Test Automation Implementation: We'd like to hear about innovative test automation implementations.

The knowledge on various frameworks : Data-driven testing, Modularity-driven testing, Keyword-driven testing, Hybrid testing, Model-based testing, Code driven testing, Behavior driven testing.

Improve on Principals of Agile Testing, advantages and disadvantages of Agile Testing and the best practices.

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X Topic Abstract

The team at Creately is a small team that has management build a world class product that competes against giants such as Microsoft. For a small team to be successful in building a complex software product that involves much engineering, efficiency is key. Agile, particularly Scrum is a tool we have used along with other Agile techniques to get there. The improvement of efficiency is an ongoing process and it takes a certain culture to achieve that.

For a team that has not been practicing a proper agile environment, it is quite a impactful change to convert to a proper agile culture. I would define Agile as a culture for what it takes to actually achieve an strong agile team. In the case of Creately, each member of the product team has to embrace the culture and change the mindset to believe and practice it before any value to come out of it. This is a very time and effort consuming initiative. Agile cannot be pushed down a creative team’s throat. It needs to be instilled carefully.

For us it took the following to achieve

- Product Planning - A product plan with milestones done in larger frames of time. Usually quarterly or half year. Here the product is defined. We try to set milestones during this planning process.

- Iteration Planning - Weekly meeting during which teams define what they are going to achieve.

- Daily Scrum - A few min standup to go around and catch up on things.

- Managment Tools - We use Pivotal Tracker religiously to manage the entire process.

- Development Tools - A host of development tools starting from GitHub for source control and code review, to tech stack specific tool sets to achieve what we need.

- The Process for Stories - A particular story’e lifecycle is important part of the process where writing Unit Tests, writing code, conducting code review to acceptance occurs.

- Test Automation - Everything from unit tests, integration to end-to-end tests get automated.

- Continuous Deployment - Everything is run through automated scripts that eventually go through continuous deployment process.

Automation and documenting has played a key role in achieving the efficiency we have today. Anyone is able to setup any development environment within minutes and start working. Changes smoothly go through the process to hit the stage server every day. The continuous improvement of the process is to take the production deployments to a very high frequency (weekly or even daily) by further improving test automation.

Speaker Profile

Hiraash Thawfeek - Co Founder and CTO of Cinergix Pty Ltd, Australia and Sri Lanka. The team behind

Hiraash joined Cinergix December 2007 to help define and develop the core Cinergix technology. Hiraash has over 13 years of experience in leading technology teams and designing great products for global customers in the United States, United Kingdom and many in the Asia Pacific region. Hiraash has been involved in various engineering roles on products that range from secure payment devices, mobile applications to web applications. He has led diverse multi-national teams, has engaged in the full product development and sales cycle of products to global brand name customers, and has a well known track record of flawless and on time delivery. His ability to translate vision into a clear technical roadmap, focus on quality and technology team leadership skills are invaluable to Cinergix as it grows into the future.

X Topic Abstract

Today, a software tester is playing an important role in product delivery and also in product quality. Various testing methods and techniques are adapted to offer a product / project quality. Many of the tools available are used by the testers to achieve this objective and also ease the life of a software tester.

The role of software tester has now changed. This is not the traditional "Software Tester" what you thought. If you want to be on the edge of your company's software testing hierarchy then being only a software tester who creates test cases and run them will never make an experienced person to grow further. The first step to be taken to go away from the traditional tests is you should not be addicted only for the test cases. Write test cases and execute, but go little further. People today go beyond. They think out of box. Once you start exploring more then you become a more successful tester. Ask yourself "Apart from the written test cases, how you can go wrong." Go beyond this level of testing. You need to look at the dark side of the application where testing was not done by testing scripts. The person who digs into these areas and discovers errors is the real tester. Testing will be a psychological phenomenon.

Testers think differently, but most of us adhere to the traditional set of rules of evidence and rules issued in the testing industry. If we tried to test a login screen then all will stick into a traditional set of test scenarios. We have to go beyond what they always say. Sad story is most do not do it but if that barrier is broken. You are the next generation tester... You are the person who goes beyond where no one had imagined.

This can be considered as an advise on what will be demanded by the next generation Software Tester and furthermore, think beyond and look at the areas where we can streamline our test processors. Think beyond its limits, the technology is available around you. It is the skill needed to develop to take these building blocks and build a solution.

Speaker Profile

Umanga Buddhini Wackista-aratchie is a result driven Software Quality Assurance Manager with over 13 years of industry experience in diverse areas of Software Testing, Business Analysis, Test methodologies, Agile Testing, Test team management, Stakeholder Management and Customer support.

Currently working as, the Manager - Quality Assurance / Head of QA Division at OpenArc Systems Management (Pvt.) Ltd.

She is amongst the first and only qualified Certified Manager of Software Testing (CMST) in Sri Lanka who became seventh in the world currently and her achievement has been ratified by Software Certifications (Administered by QAI Global Institute, USA).

She has also been selected to speak at many world and local conferences on many topics and participated as an invitee in first International Research Symposium in Sri Lanka.

She thinks like a chess player and with boundless curiosity while testing and also by setting the levels and standards that exceed expectations. She is a person with fun attitude and she is a lifelong learner who loves to share knowledge.

Her Blog is ->>

X Topic Abstract

Investing in test automation is an important strategic decision for product owners to make. How useful will automation be in building my product? How must I decide my scope and boundaries? What are the benefits I could reap? What tools and technologies would best suit the job? At what point must I start scripting my tests? What are the good practices in test automation that I can follow?

These thoughts would likely bug both mature product owners and aspiring visionaries alike, early on in the product brainstorming process - perhaps well before the software development life-cycle begins. This session shares insights from an experience in leveraging test automation in enterprise software development, where product platforms comprise of a combination of tightly-integrated Mobile, Web and Cloud components and services.

Speaker Profile

A seasoned Software Architect in the Microsoft technology suite, with diverse experience in other development platforms ranging from iOS, Android and cloud computing platforms like EC2 and Google App Engine. A hands-on coder who leads development teams by example and has delivered many successful software solutions for international clients. A technology enthusiast who keeps in touch with the latest tools and technologies and, leverages them in commercial projects. Possess sound client-facing exposure across different countries and cultural backgrounds. 15+ years focused work experience in the software industry.

Specialties: .NET Framework, Application Architecture

X Topic Abstract

Introducing Agile followed the theme of Learn by doing and pro-activeness. Where, the agile discipline base line included carrying out the retrospective meeting every other week, the demo after each sprint and a daily scrum. The project infrastructure was set up to include, writing up of unit testing, having continuous integration and carrying out automation user-interphase testing.

Even though the team practiced Agile there were some challenge. The greatest challenge faced by the team was to monitor the quality of the product.

The solutions is to monitor the quality in different angles to assure the product value is delivered at all times. Biggest question is how the team can monitor this practically. This was achieved by implementation of a continuous quality inspection dashboard and monitor the progress of the project from that.

The learning experience of this talk is a step by step directive of how the above challenge was undertaken. The audience will be introduced to continuous quality inspection dashboard. By the end of the session the audience will understand

(i) Quality challenges of the agile approach
(ii) Continuous inspection and how can be implemented it in a real project
(iii) The link between the continuous inspection and project progress

Following this case study the audience will be able to apply the Continues inspection dashboard to overcome quality challenges faced with their own clientele.

Speaker Profile

With 10 years of experience in Agile Project-Management and overall fourteen years of work experience I am currently a Senior Manager – Delivery(Senior Program Manager) for Virtusa Pvt Ltd, I have managed around 60 projects in agile (Scrum, Kanban), and am involved in coaching customers and the project team in Agile concepts. I am really passionate about continuous delivery and transformation. I have global exposure of working with customers in Norway, Sweden, UK, Australia, Iceland, Netherlands and Maldives. My academic record includes BSc computer science (Colombo) and MBA (USJP). In addition I am a Post-graduate lecturer at the ICBT Campus.

Round Table Discussion

Participants join a table to discuss one or more of the Conference themes - (Agile Testing; Mobile Testing; Test Automation; Testing in Continuous Delivery; BDD, Rebellion of the Crash Test Dummies, Next Generation of Rapid Mobile Testing in an Agile Set-up, Implementing TMMi - Testing Maturity Model Integrated, Performance Testing, etc.) Each table has a "Topic Guru" to facilitate the discussion.

X Topic Abstract

Currently, performance engineering and related practices are very popular and carried out in various formats. Some methodologies are based on performance testing and tuning which are usually conducted after completing the main features of an application. Other performance practices are executed after deployment, using system performance management tools and some teams execute non-functional issue assessments during the hardening sprints. However, it is commonly seen that performance engineers and development engineers do not have an established way of conducting initial product design assessments, planning daily performance based tasks and post assessments. Most of the time follow-ups doesn’t take place when dealing with highly dynamic, agile projects due to time constraints, workload overhead and delivery pressure. And specially, customers do not have visibility over performance figures of their products and do not have an idea on how they need to plan for the future (Capacity planning).

Through this presentation, I will attempt to demonstrate a sustainable solution to overcome such issues and make product performance management more effective and easier, by introducing end-to-end engineering practices into scrum based agile projects.

Speaker Profile

Anushka Wickramaratne has over ten years’ of experience in the IT field and the SDLC. He possesses sound knowledge and experience in Quality Assurance and Software Testing principles around the agile scrum arena.

He is specialized in web performance testing and have hands on experience in Creating performance engineering strategies and high level goals, performance test planning, front end and back end performance assessment, CI integration and various tools. He is the Main organizer and Co-founder of Colombo PerfTest Meetup (

As a senior QA resource and QA Manager who supporting projects to achieve the intended QA goals, he is also involved in company initiatives that bind employees together and rejuvenates their minds to accomplish the company objectives.

He is holding a B.Sc (Sp. Hons.) degree in IT from Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology (SLIIT) and have successfully completed the Certified Tester Foundation Level (CTFL) that awarded by International Software Testing Qualification Board (ISTQB). And also he is a Certified Scrum Master (CSM) who actively participating project process establishments.

X Topic Abstract

The role of a tester has significantly changed with the adoption of agile methodology. Thus they are required to be more technically competent. Conversion of a traditional tester in to a 'Full Stack Engineer' is a great challenge lies ahead of us today.

This talk will cover some of the key aspects such as 'how to encompass the attitudinal, behavioral and cultural change require for the development of the current testing arena.

Speaker Profile

With the 7+ years of experience in software engineering and testing field, Kishan has a solid foundation in testing applications of different domains including, Web Publisher Tools, Business Process Enhancement Tools, Invoice Approval, Human Resource Management and Financial Markets.

He has a wealth of knowledge and hands-on experience in automation testing tools such as QTP, Selenium, Telerik Test Studio, JMeter, SoapUI , Microsoft Team System and Appium.

He is one of the creators of "SeShell" ( the open source reference test automation framework. Co-founder of the Colombo Selenium Meet up, a QA automation forum in Sri Lanka, and he is also the secretary of the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) Chapter in Sri Lanka. Kishan holds a BSc. degree in Physical Science from the University of Peradeniya. He is also a Sun Certified Java Programmer and a Certified Software Test Manager (ISTQB).

X Topic Abstract

From the early days of agile, general perception was that agile is only for small, co-located, empowered cross functional teams and large enterprise organizations should not even try agile development. However today many large organizations and those with globally distributed teams have attempted the agile transition, there are lots of success stories among them.

Agile testing presents different challenges at enterprise level such as dependencies between teams which does not allow single team to have complete control over testing a feature.

This session focuses on how to approach for agile testing in large organisations, so they can still help deliver high quality software by preserving the principles of agility in the context of enterprises that mandate tight controls and practices on their teams.

Speaker Profile

Kovida is a well versed IT professional with 13 years of industry experience in the areas of software quality assurance & quality engineering and is also a Certified Scrum Master.

He has played key leadership roles in global software companies delivering many projects in the capacity of a QA Manager and QA Architect. His experience in software quality spans over multiple domains including eLearning, capital markets, corporate planning & health insurance. He specializes in technical quality assurance fields including Test Automation and Performance Engineering and has worked as a consultant on these fields in both locally and internationally.

Accredited trainer with vast experience in conducting trainings and workshops. He has delivered lectures at local universities as well as public forums like SLASSCOM, Refresh Colombo.


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Hiraash Thawfeek


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Kovida Guruge

Senior Architect - Software Quality Engineering

Pearson Lanka

Umanga Buddhini

Manager-Quality Assurance/Head of QA division

OpenArc Systems Management (pvt) LTD

Chamindu Munasinghe


Calcey Technologies

Shamira Dias

Senior Manager Delivery

Virtusa Pvt Ltd

Kishan Navaratne

Quality Assurance Consultant


Anushka Wickramaratne

QA Manager

99X Technology

Program Committee

Umanga Buddhini

Manager-Quality Assurance/Head of QA division

OpenArc Systems Management (Pvt) Limited

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