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Agile Testing and Test Automation Summit 2016 will be happening in Johannesburg on 22nd June 2016, with focus on Technical Sessions featuring interactive Presentation exploring the depth and breadth of Agile software development and Test Automation across all practices, and perspectives. The Summit will be a key meeting place for Test Professionals and Executives from leading IT organizations. The event features an inspiring day of talks and workshops by professional speakers focused on Agile Testing and Test Automation Innovation.

The discussion in the Summit will be on what are the key challenges to improve your strategy, team development, test professional-skills and TA implementation? Discuss Improving Test Automation and Agile Testing in your organizations with over your colleagues on June 22nd at Johannesburg, South Africa.



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Key Features

Improve your strategy: Getting business value from Test Management.

Improve your team development : Team Development; Test Management & Test Professional).

Improve test professional-skills.

Improve Test Automation Implementation: We'd like to hear about innovative test automation implementations.

The knowledge on various frameworks : Data-driven testing, Modularity-driven testing, Keyword-driven testing, Hybrid testing, Model-based testing, Code driven testing, Behavior driven testing.

Improve on Principals of Agile Testing, advantages and disadvantages of Agile Testing and the best practices.

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X Topic Abstract

I have worked in many organisations (mainly large financial institutions) where they are embarking on Agile transformation. They typically have the best intent, but as teams start going through the journey, they get blocked by all the organisational impediments that exist. For teams, this is mainly related to high-levels of bureaucratic processes, governance to get Software released into the production environment. This typically leads to a Water-Scrum-Fall environment, where teams build features in sprints, but can only deploy in a big-bang approach as the environment doesn’t support them. Over and above, they then need to handover to a production team that will support the software. Ultimately, the customer suffers as they have to wait months to obtain valuable features.

“Continuous Delivery (CD) and DevOps are both complementary ways of working. The former assists with shipping quality software quickly, the latter helps harmonize the teams that deliver and support said software. Both approaches can help you to optimize, streamline, and improve the way you work. Ultimately, both will help you ship quality software” – Continuous Delivery and DevOps - A quickstart Guide (2nd Edition) – Paul Swartout

The adoption and growth of DevOps is accelerating and I believe this is as a result of organisations adopting Agile and struggling implementing the principles and practice that the Agile Manifesto promotes – E.g. early and continuous delivery of valuable software, deliver working software frequently, from a couple of weeks to a couple of months, with a preference to the shorter timescale.

I have been assisting a large financial institution with their Enterprise Agile transformation and they have acknowledged the importance of DevOps to enable their teams to be more ‘Agile’ and ultimately change the way they work.

My talk will introduce important concepts and understanding of the following:

- Introducing CD and DevOps,
- What are the common myths about DevOps,
- How Agile and DevOps are highly complementary to deliver valuable, working software
- Practical experience and story of how we approached the adoption of DevOps in a large financial institution and lessons learned

Speaker Profile

Coming Soon....

X Topic Abstract

Testing is not just about "executing tests" In an agile team, a tester can be a very valuable asset, helping everyone in the team to understand what good testing looks like * By acting as a "quality assistant", testers can more easily show their value and gain more respect

1. Improving the effectiveness & efficiencies of the test team
2. Getting the Project team ready to support Agile development
3. Forming Tester-Developer pair
4. Transforming testers into subject matter expert (SME).

Speaker Profile

Consultant Test Manager who is passionate about improving software quality and user experience by implementing quality process, conducting end-to-end testing and communicating with stake holders. Well versed with all the phases of software development, testing, implementation, documentation, training and support. I have an analytical mind with capability to think and provide solutions to business requirements. I’m an excellent team player along with leadership and management skills

Skilled in:
- Analyze Business and System Requirements
- Risk Identification and Mitigation
- Testing Methods – Manual
- Test Strategy, Test Planning, Execution and Reporting
- Building Testing Capabilities - Test Environments and Test Teams
- Release Management, Defects Tracking and UAT
- Software Implementation & Customer Support
- Life Coaching

Round Table Discussion

Participants join a table to discuss one or more of the Conference themes - (Agile Testing; Mobile Testing; Test Automation; Testing in Continuous Delivery; BDD, Rebellion of the Crash Test Dummies, Next Generation of Rapid Mobile Testing in an Agile Set-up, Implementing TMMi - Testing Maturity Model Integrated, Performance Testing, etc.) Each table has a "Topic Guru" to facilitate the discussion.

X Topic Abstract

Most software projects fail because of a lack of communication between developers Business and Users. Developers think they understand what to code, Business believe they have communicated the problem to the developers and users cannot use the software because it is not what they asked for and does not solve their problem.

BDD/ATDD seeks to involve all stakeholders at every step of the development cycle in an agile way. So that when the project is finished what is delivered is what is asked for and it is what is expected.

In this talk we will look at how to use the Fitnesse tool in a BDD/ATTD fashion with an agile methodology to get all stakeholder involved in the development project. We will see how to write acceptance tests in plain English that business understands, and at the end of the day how passing test can give confidence to clients and users. FitNesse enables customers, testers, and programmers to learn what their software should do , and to automatically compare that to what it actually does do

Lastly we will look at how we can automate this using Continues Integration tools.

Speaker Profile

Robert has been in the IT and Development game since the 1980’s. His first computer was a Sinclair ZX Spectrum with 48K ram. Robert has developed code in more than 15 different languages and scripts. Robert has a passion for Devops and delivering the right software in time with as little defects as possible.

X Topic Abstract

In the age of Digital Transformation and the “IoT” (Internet of Things), software consumers, customers and clientele, expect seamless connectivity and instant access, with very low or zero tolerance for inconsistent experience, the lack of innovative functionality, reliability, or any delay in operability between digital channels!

These customer expectations with the ever-decreasing "Time-to-Market", the demand for faster “Product-to-Market” and the increasing use of "SMAC" technologies (Social Media, Analytics and Cloud technologies), demands a competitive agility from Agile DevOps, without the compromise on software "Quality", is fast-changing the manner to how IT Organisations need to respond to the business climate change of Digital Transformation!

A necessary and vital component to the success of Agile DevOps in the Digital Transformation age is its Software Quality Assurance and Testing capability. Despite being administered through well organised TCoE s (Test Centers of Excellence), boasting increased levels of operational maturity through centralized structures and key process advancements and improvements, these “Traditional” TCoE‘s still lack the necessary efficiency, agility and responsiveness, required to effectively support Agile DevOps, and more so, meet the ever increasing demands, of “Digital Age” customer expectations.

IT Organizations today, think agile testing, cost reduction, increased quality assurance and reduced development time; something the “Traditional” Test Centre of Excellence (TCoE) within its current state of QA Ops, has not been able to support or deliver on.

In this workshop, we will discuss, learn and share various "Thought leadership" principles and "Industry Best Practices" which Software Quality Assurance and Testing teams should understand and adopt to remain successful in their efforts of transforming and implementing further advancement of a Test Centre of Excellence (TCoE) within their organisations. The workshop will encourage the discussion of different approaches whereby some shifting the traditional Test Centre of Excellence’s (TCoE) approach from being "Supply-side producer-led" to being "Consumer demand-driven". Workshop agenda and discussions will be further tailored to specifically address the challenges faced by Software Quality Assurance in the age of Digital Transformation, hence also supporting the move of IT organisations to Agile DevOps.

With this workshop approach, whilst introducing industrialised, innovative and agile testing practices, together with discussions into the "Thought Leadership" and "Industry Best Practice" learnings, we will discuss how to transform a traditional Test Centre of Excellence, into an Agile Test Centre of Excellence (ATCoE), whereby enabling the discipline of Software Quality Assurance and Testing to not only transform and optimise its own servicing capability, but to further have a significant impact beyond its operational boundaries, whereby creating a more collaborative "Agile Quality" orientated approach to the IT Organisation's Application or Solutions Development Life-Cycle, as a whole!

Speaker Profile

Reginald Mudaly is a highly accomplished Software Quality Assurance Advisory Professional with over 20 years in Software Quality Assurance and Software Testing experience with excellent track record of conceptualizing and directing strategic “Enterprise-wide” Software Quality Assurance(TCoE Transformational) initiatives and projects to align with organizational objectives. Strategic thinker with astute analytical abilities, able to identify and improve operating efficiencies. Effective communicator with strong team building skills and ability to coordinate cross-functional groups to accomplish organizational or business unit objectives and meet critical deadlines in a fast-paced, high-growth, and diverse environment

Reginald has established, implemented and managed many SQA divisions and large TCoE's, within both major listed and privately owned Blue Chip organizations within the South African Financial Services, Banking, Retail, Media and Telecoms industries. I have particular experience in Strategic and Advisory SQA Consultation and full SDLC Programme / Portfolio Test Management and Programme Test management, in a number of major organizations, responsible for large teams (in excess of > 100) including offshore and outsourced TCoE engagements. The roles were based on large scale system developments and integration projects and involved management of multiple quality assurance vendors and many third party testing suppliers and responsibilities at board level.


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Event Speakers

Tania van Wyk de Vries

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Infoware Studios

Biase De Gregorio

Associate Partner

IQ Business

Jeanette Lings

Test Manager


Robert Bravery

Senior Developer and Manager

IQ Business

Reginald Mudaly

Software Quality Assurance & Testing SME


Desmond Mathebula

SQA Data Services

Standard Bank Group

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