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Theme : Data Science - "The New Science of Winning"

Data science is deep knowledge discovery through data inference and exploration. This discipline often involves using mathematic and algorithmic techniques to solve some of the most analytically complex business problems. Data science matters because it enables companies to operate and strategize more intelligently.

Data Science Innovation will welcome 7+ highly professional speakers from the space to share innovative ideas on how to correctly and efficiently extract the knowledge & insights from data that we hold as organisations. Industry leaders predict that most applications will be powered by machine learning within the next 3-5 years. To keep pace with this changing landscape, business and academic leaders are developing new tools and techniques that maximize the ability to create and leverage powerful machine learning.

Whether you are a developer or business leader new to machine learning or a seasoned data scientist, attend the Data Science Summit to learn new skills and insights and to be inspired by what is now possible with machine learning and data science. "This hot new field promises to revolutionize industries from business to government, health care to academia."



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X Topic Abstract

Analytics is mainly seen as helping e-commerce, Insurance, Banking, Consumer and Retail industries. While a lot of effort and energy industrywide has gone into making the application of Analytics in the above fields a success, there are upcoming and very interesting applications in many other areas viz.

Transportation, Automotive, Electric Power Utilities, Manufacturing, Surveillance and IoT.

The challenges in these fields are very diverse, and would also need to have a very different Analytics Methods i.e. Technics and Platforms i.e. operating environments.

The techniques can be very diverse, involving Video Analytics, Imaging, Advanced Signal Processing like Synchro-phasor measurements in utilities, Component status data in hierarchical systems assembly..etc.

The approach described here would look at common methods of Analytics Modeling amongst the above mentioned diverse areas, discuss the right balance of Systems-Engineering, Signal processing and Advanced Analytics Techniques. The application of the approach is also discussed with few live examples in Automotive, Applications of Video Analytics and Power Systems/Utilities.

Speaker Profile

- Distinguished Engineer in Advanced Analytics and Machine Learning at Harman Connected Services.

- More than 2 1/2 decades of experience in Electronics Systems Development, Product Development in Automation and Railways, Analytics, Statistical Techniques, Monte-Carlo Methods, Process Modeling and Control applications to diverse industries.

- Deep understanding of MFG, Transportation, Utilities, Automation and Process Control, Automotive, Heavy Engineering, Hi-Tech & Services sectors.

- Worked with Cxo level to working level stakeholders in client organizations as well as Product Companies.

- Worked for companies like, Crompton Greaves, General Electric, NXP Semiconductors, Agilent Technologies, L&T Infotech, Patni computers, Wipro Technologies in various roles and capacities.

X Topic Abstract

What was the problem?

A business process management (BPM) company needs to keep a very close tab on touchpoints that service customers. Each touch point is unique and has specific metrics that apply to that touchpoint. Teams serving different customers across touchpoints are all generating data constantly. BPM company customer wanted to understand specific (specific to a process, touchpoint or client) performance metrics, comparable performance metrics (across processes, teams and touchpoint) in a solution hat was simple enough to deploy across the firm. Most importantly, it had to be easy to use for the staff who were already hard pressed for time

How this problem was solved?

Nanobi’s client (the BPM company) was already using the nanobi analytics platform to analyse data coming in from the touchpoint and processes. Using nanobe’s out-of-the-box APIs a tablet-based mobility solution was created that could be carried along on the production floor. The simplicity of using the APIs allowed our customer to manage their analytics centrally, while a custom UI was built that allowed the new app to have its own interactivity, and look-and-feel. This new app - christened Intelligent Action Board - took a mere two weeks to build and deploy

What does this app do?

The app serves the organisational hierarchy from Senior Vice President downwards to a Team Lead. On access, the user is presented apps for every touchpoint that he is entitled to view. Within the app for a specific touchpoint are a set of interactive dashboards that allow instant performance comparisons between processes, customers and teams serving these customers. A rich set of selectable metrics can be used for comparisons and users can seamlessly move from aggregated information to granular information down to the agent on the floor

What benefits has the app given to our client?

The app has democratised analytics adoption in our customers’ employee base. Analytics, which earlier was used for decision making by mid to senior management is now being used even by Team Leads on the production floor. This has made decision making more agile and pervasive. Client has realised benefits of standardisation as well. Now each deviation of performance from benchmark has a centrally administered intervention recommendation. In other words, faced with a situation of performance deviation, managers and leads know exactly what to do to remediate. Not only has this created consistency of managerial approach, it has also allowed tracking of the effectiveness of the suggested intervention

What’s ahead?

Our client has just only discovered the power of embedded analytics. Intelligent Action Board is in the process of made into a power app with even more features and covering more processes. As more processes and touchpoint get covered by the app, a true data-centric decision making culture will be unleashed in the firm. Leveraging this, our client will be in a position to serve their customers better, at less cost and vastly improve the customer experience by driving a process of continuous improvement

Speaker Profile

Leader, Entrepreneur, Adviser, Coach, Investor

Rajeev has over 20 years of experience in the IT industry. He is a visionary, an entrepreneur, a startup leader, a strong strategist and a master at execution, who has successfully started, grown and scaled numerous companies, both within India and Globally. He started his career in sales and demonstrated flair for leadership by quickly turning-around and growing IT&T Enterprises (later sold to Igate Technologies). Rajeev has been a prolific business leader and growth enabler for companies such as Ilantus Technologies, Computer Associates (NASDAQ:CA), Symantec (NASDAQ:SYMC) and Gartner Inc (NYSE:IT). Today Rajeev is considered global expert for Start-up’s, Sales and Leadership.

Rajeev has proved his mettle not once but several times, by leading tech startup’s - building growth strategies, raising capital, and thereafter ensuring flawless execution and a successful exit.

Rajeev received his Bachelors of Engineering – Computer Science Degree from Poona University. He lives in Bangalore with his wife and two daughters. He is a passionate Ultra runner, an avid reader, Yoga enthusiast and continues to write about how Start up founders can attain total balance by adopting Start up Zen Leadership.

- Vision and Mission
- Sales strategy for success
- Execution of key matrix
- Understanding of Indian Market and US Market
- Hiring and performance management
- High performance sales culture
- Reward and Recognition

X Topic Abstract

Today, we know a lot, yet we know so little. If we know how our world works, we can make reasonable predictions about it, and manipulate it effectively for economic benefits. The world could be the entire universe or it could be our enterprise business. One technique for discovering how the world works is Science. Science requires a systematic enterprise that creates, builds and organizes knowledge in the form of testable explanations and predictions about the world with steps that include:

1. Analysis through Analytics (Collecting initial data using different sensing mechanisms, defining a specific problem to be solved, making hypotheses about how the world works to help solve the problem, designing experiments to test hypotheses, collecting data systematically, testing hypotheses using statistical/machine-learning techniques)

2. Synthesis through Modeling (Using the hypotheses to create a theory of the world which could include a machine-learning based model (perhaps with an ensemble of expert systems, dynamic mathematical models and statistical techniques), cross-validating the model)

3. Prescription (Creating predictions using simulations of the model (what-if), finding what actions to take (what-to-do) based on optimizations from these simulations, and finally using the results for the economic benefit of the world and repeating this cycle in greater quality and quantity). We have all heard of this process being applied in the Physical Sciences and Life Sciences. Now we are using the same process to create the fields of Banking Science, Investment Management Science, Human Capital Management Science, Customer Relationship Management Science, Supply Chain Management Science, and Manufacturing Management Science.

Speaker Profile

Vikas works as a Senior Principal Data Scientist in the area of Cognitive Computing for Advanced Analytics with the Business Intelligence group at Oracle Corporation, creating reliable "citizen" data science solutions. Vikas has learnt how to translate complex problems in engineering, life sciences, banking, healthcare, customer relationship management, human capital management, supply chain and manufacturing to the language of mathematics, physical sciences, and computer science, and solve them together with smart creative colleagues at Oracle, Infosys Limited, Intel Corporation, California Institute of Technology, University of Delaware, and Indian Institute of Technology, New Delhi.

For details on Vikas' background, please see: Links

- LinkedIn Profile:

- Webpage at CalTech:

- Google Scholar Publications:

X Topic Abstract

“Thinking Like a Data Scientist"
How do you effectively use Big Data to drive better Business Results, Identify Winners and Improve your Customer Experience? This interactive session helps you integrate big data into your IT and business strategies. You’ll learn to use a well fined process to map out key data sources, apply data science techniques, and uncover monetization opportunities for your organization.

Speaker Profile

As a technology leader, Robin focuses on building innovative platforms and products that provide Actionable Insights using using Big Data, IoT, Data Science and Machine Learning and related technologies. He has demonstrated expertise in building and scaling high performance teams from ground up and making them autonomous. He is excited about the future of AI and Machine Learning and the huge advantage it brings to Organizations in the Digital Age.

Recognized as one of "India's Top 25 Digitalist Thought Leaders" in SAP ACE Awards, 2015.

Expertise: Analytics, Machine Learning, Big Data, Internet of Things, Cloud Computing, Product & Platform Development, Consulting, Competitive Strategy, Behavior Economics, Neuromarketing and Speaking Engagements.

Round Table Discussion

This will be an interactive session where participants will join a table to discuss the round table topic - "Data Science.”Each table has a "Topic Guru" to facilitate the discussion

X Topic Abstract

Data science is emerging as a very important discipline as it has helped us uncover new patterns and predict the future.

Big Data platforms emerged a while back, only recently we have started analyzing patterns, co-relating them and trying to figure out new and unknown patterns. In each and every domain - such as healthcare, telecom, energy, manufacturing, travel & transportation we will continue to be surprised by the unknowns.

Speaker Profile

Srinivas is an Innovator, Entrepreneur and has assisted businesses in solving complex problems by building products and solutions that meet and exceed customer expectations.

He has 5 patents and his innovations are in the areas of Intelligent Power Management (, Performance Engineering and Networking.

Srinivas has a masters degree in computer science from IIT Bombay and over 25+ years of experience in the IT industry.

Currently he is the founder and CEO for VIGYANLABS a startup engaged in Innovation, Technology and Consulting.

He also served as a Principal Architect for the Aadhaar program of UIDAI.

Prior to that he worked as a Chief Architect at Dell, Master Architect at Hewlett Packard.

Srinivas is also a mentor at Founder Institute. He is also a member on the governing board of Cloud Computing Innovation Council of India (CCICI).

Srinivas speaks often at various industry/academic forums and events.

His interests include Energy Management, Cloud, IoT, Big Data & Performance Engineering

X Topic Abstract

This talk will touch upon the necessity for visualising data and various ways of doing it. It will also include case studies from various different fields.This talk will also touch upon Data Art, a practice that is gaining popularity among the data viz folks.

Speaker Profile

Raghunandh GS, Data Specialist @ Gramener. A data hobbyist. Likes meddling with data from social media, sports and movies. Loves playing football & table tennis. An avid fan of Arsenal FC.


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Robin Jose

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