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About the event

Software is like entropy. It is difficult to grasp, weighs nothing, and obeys the second law of thermodynamics; i.e. it always increases. - Norman Ralph Augustine

It can be said that software is nearly everywhere, and it powers nearly everything. Every new vehicle on the road has software built into its systems. The fuel pumps that these vehicles draw gasoline from, have software controlling their operation. The money used to pay for the gas? Probably taken from an ATM, a computerized bank terminal that -- well, you get the idea.

DevCon organised by Unicom will be a platform of software development by facilitating the spread of knowledge and innovation in the developer community.It will be a practitioner-driven conference designed for technical team leads, architects, engineering directors, and project managers who influence innovation in their teams.

DevCon puts the spotlight on new technologies. We intend to cover all new technologies .Our conference and workshops invite you to get intro lessons (or advanced tips and tricks) on technologies like HTML 5, WebRTC, Dot Net ,Functional Programming , Go ,Scala ,Julia, Full-Stack Javascript Development, Mobile Web Design, Node.js, Data Science, and Distributed Computing to name a few.

The tracks are as follows :

Day 1

Track 1 : #WebCon - Web Application Programming using .NET, Angular JS, Node.JS, HTML5, UI5, etc - Click Here for More Info
Chaired by Mallari Kulkarni, Senior Manager, EMC

Track 2 : #DB Con - Understanding Opensource database incl Apache Hadoop projects - HDFS, Hive, Pig, Spark and Latest in Enterprise DB, DWS and DBA techniques - Click Here for More Info
Chaired by Sudhir Rawat, Big Data Engineer, Microsoft India R&D

Day 2

Track 1 : #JS Con - New developments in JS for Progressive Web Applications, Mobile JS frameworks like Ionic, Building IoT Devices, etc. - Click Here for More Info
Chaired by Pulak Kanti Bhattacharyya, Project Lead, Harman International & Vivek Parihar, Director of Engineering, Mobile Yatra.Com

Track 2 : #Digital Con - Programming to make Mobile apps, IoT devices, Analytics solutions, social media integration, cloud deployment, etc - Click Here for More Info
Chaired by Krishna Kumar, Director & Head of Architecture and Technology, SAP

Day 3

Track 1 : #.Net Con - .NET Track provides extensive information about latest developments on .NET platform. Learn about the new .NET Core which is a cross-platform, open source, and modular .NET platform for creating modern web apps, microservices, libraries and console applications. - Click Here for More Info
Chaired by Abhishek Narain, Technical Evangelist, Microsoft & Lohith G Nagaraj, Technical Evangelist, Progress Software (Telerik)

Track 2 : #Digital Con - Programming to make Mobile apps, IoT devices, Analytics solutions, social media integration, cloud deployment, etc - Click Here for More Info
Chaired by Krishna Kumar, Director & Head of Architecture and Technology, SAP

This 3 day event strives to be a collaborative space for everyone from grassroots activists to software developers to share knowledge, discover new allies, and collectively envision the future of free and open technology to support positive social change.

Come lets together Learn, Unlearn & Relearn !

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X Track 1: #.NET Con

The main focus of this track is to promote networking and disseminate knowledge in software , platforms , technologies and programming languages . You can hear expert speakers who dig 'under the hood' and keep you informed on best practices and future directions on .NET.

Sample topics:

The State of .NET
Exploring .NET Native for Windows Apps
Unleash .NET 2015 in your Applications
Building Secure Web APIs with ASP.NET Core
Debugging Tips and Tricks for .NET Developers
ASP.NET Core – deep dive on building a real website with today's bits
.NET Universal Windows Platform Development
Deploying ASP.NET Core applications using Docker Containers

X Track 2: #Embedded Con

This tracks covering all aspects of embedded systems, real-world case studies, and key technical principles. Those sessions include Embedded Hardware, Embedded Software Connected Devices and the Internet of Things (IoT), ESC Engineering Theater Etc.

Sample topics:

Advanced Embedded Systems Design
Decoding the Embedded Systems value chain
IoT Platform - Playbook for building the Internet of Things solutions end to end
Time Sensitive Networking – An extension to IEEE 802.1 (Ethernet) Standard to enable synchronization between IoT Nodes
Automated Car Safety and Loading Driver's Preferential Settings
Embedded software architecture and design optimizations
Code optimizations for embedded systems
Optimization techniques for multicore processors

X Track 3: #Functional Con

This Track is for researchers and developers to hear about the latest work on the design, implementations, principles, and uses of functional programming. The conference covers the entire spectrum of work, from practice to theory, including its peripheries.

Sample topics:

Tensor Flow: Learning functions at scale
Implementation of Functional Languages
Practical Aspects of Declarative Languages
Trends in Functional Programming
Deriving a Probability Density Calculator (Functional Pearl)
Queuing and Glueing for Optimal Partitioning
Automatically Disproving Fair Termination of Higher-Order Functional Programs
A Functional Programmer's Guide to Homotopy Type Theory

X Track 4: #JS Con

JavaScript is a popular and widely used language that we love to program in. This Track is for passionate developers for learning and sharing tips & tricks and hacks & best practices in JavaScript. Our special focus is on new and upcoming topics in JavaScript (e.g., how to use ECMAScript 6 features). Come, let us learn and explore the amazing world of JavaScript.

Sample topics:

Progressive Enhancement Strategies
Fully Reactive User Interfaces
How a couple of prototypers hacking on an enterprise CMS saved the day
Introduction to writing native modules in Node.js
Building applications in ES6 today
Functional reactive JavaScript on the client and the server
Implementing languages
Using graph theory to build a simple recommendation engine in JavaScript
Writing universal JavaScript

X Track 5 : #Web Con

This Track is a trove of in-depth design, technical and inspirational talks and slides from the influencers of the game development industry.

Sample topics:

Blending Autonomy and Control: Creating NPCs for 'Tom Clancy's The Division'
Building 3-Dimensional UI for VR
The Next Gen graphics Techniques
Mobile momentum new tools of trade
The Mobile trap: how to avoid common mistakes
Taking gaming to the next level
Growth hacking for mobile games
Mobile performance and analytics
Powering your power play with Microsoft azure

X Track 6 : #DB Con

Database, information, and knowledge systems have always been a core subject of computer science. The ever increasing need to distribute, exchange, and integrate data, information, and knowledge has added further importance to this subject.

The Track offers an opportunity for developers, scientists, and users to extensively discuss requirements, problems, and solutions in database, information, and knowledge systems.

Topic coverage:

Acquisition, Modeling, Management and Processing of Knowledge
Authenticity, Privacy, Security, and Trust
Availability, Reliability and Fault Tolerance
Big Data Management and Analytics
Consistency, Integrity, Quality of Data
Constraint Modeling and Processing
Cloud Computing and Database-as-a-Service

X Track 7: #Digital Con

This Track is driven by the idea of providing a unique learning experience on the exchange of insights and practical knowledge around the establishment of new ways of working and collaboration as well as the transformation of business models for the digital age.

Sample topics:

From a hardware solution to fully Cloud
Humanitarian Open Source Software: The Need, Challenges and Impact
Go Mobile with C#, Visual Studio, and Xamarin
Hacking the IoT World with JavaScript: the Journey from Web Tech to Experience Tech
Multi Provider Cloud
Monetization Using Data Lake
Analyzing BigData with Machine Learning and Hadoop Clusters
Apache Apex and Real-Time Big Data Analytics

X Track 8: #Web Con

This Track aimed at bringing together the web developer community to discuss the latest trends and topics in our industry. Whether you are building hybrid mobile apps or Website, this track will show you how to leverage the most effective tools, frameworks and developer solutions to ensure the success of your project.

Sample topics:

Building Distributed RESTful JSON APIs with Falcor
Development experience with React Native
Simply accessible web performance
Front end development evolution
Developing iOS Apps in Swift
Developing Browser Applications for Web Devices: Standards, Best Practices and Tools
Predictive Auto-scaling for Web Applications
Creating and debugging web apps with ManifoldJS and VorlonJS
Extending Enterprise Services over the Web


Web Developer Olympiad 2016

Web Developer's Olympiad (in tune with DevCon Summit) is an initiative of UNICOM to run India's most prestigious Corporate Quiz on Software Developers. Developer's Olympiad 2016 will be run by UNICOM.

.NET Developer Olympiad 2016

The .NET Developer Olympiad 2016 is an initiative of UNICOM to run India's most prestigious corporate Quiz on .NET Framework.

Database Olympiad 2016

Database Olympiad (in tune with DevCon Summit) is an initiative of UNICOM to run India's most prestigious Corporate Quiz on Software Developers. Database Olympiad 2016 will be run by UNICOM.

Python Developer Olympiad 2016

Python Developer Olympiad'2016 (in tune with DevCon Summit) is an initiative of UNICOM to run India's most prestigious Corporate Quiz on Software Developers. Python Developer Olympiad'2016 will be run by UNICOM.

Hadoop Developer Olympiad 2016

Hadoop Olympiad'2016 (in tune with DevCon Summit) is an initiative of UNICOM to run India's most prestigious Corporate Quiz on Software Developers. Hadoop Olympiad'2016 will be run by UNICOM.

Program Committee

Chair for the Digi Con track

Krishna Kumar

Director & Head of Architecture and Technology


Chair for #DB Con track

Sudhir Rawat

Big Data Engineer

Microsoft INDIA R&D

Chair for #.Net Con track

Abhishek Narain

Technical Evangelist


Chair for #JS Con track

Pulak Kanti Bhattacharyya

Senior Technical Architect

Harman International India Pvt. Ltd

Chair for Digital Con track

Robin Jose

Director and Global Head


Co-Chair for .NET Con track

Lohith G Nagaraj

Technical Evangelist

Progress Software (Telerik)

Chair for #JS Con track

Vivek Parihar

Director of Engineering

Mobile Yatra.Com


Fundamentals of IoT

Module 1:
- IOT Introduction
- Demystifying Internet of Things (IOT)
- IOT some Industry facts

Tools used in IoT

Raspberry PI is one of the most popular open source development platforms available in the market today. It is a miniature credit-card sized powerful computer that let designers develop multimedia applications - media playback & streaming, gaming, graphics etc.

IoT Analytics & Security

IoT in Home Automation & Wearable Devices

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the network of physical objects or "things" embedded with electronics, software, sensors and connectivity to enable it to achieve greater value and service by exchanging data with the manufacturer, operator and/or other connected devices.

Data Science with R Studio

Introduction to Data Science and Big Data
Business overview
Analytics in various industries
Different types of analytics

X Workshop Abstract

Day-I :

Introduction to Data Science and Big Data
Business overview
Analytics in various industries
Different types of analytics
Statistical concepts
Statistical tools
Introduction to R Studio
Data Analytics process and methodology
Demo and Hands on


Data loading with R
Data cleaning and preparation
Univariate statistics
Linear regression with R
Logistic regression with R
Clustering and Classification with R
Predictive Modeling
Visualization and Graphs
Mini project - Twitter sentiment Analysis with R

X Topic Abstract


Module 1:

- IOT Introduction
- Demystifying Internet of Things (IOT)
- IOT some Industry facts
Module 2 : IOT in healthcare

Module 3 : IOT in SmartHomes

Module 4 : IOT in Automotive industry

Module 5 : Introduction to IOT Architecture

- Architecture
- Protocols

Module 6 : current Challenges in IOT

Module 7 : IOT demos

Module 8 : IOT in cloud

Trainer Profile

Coming Soon....

X Topic Abstract

About Raspberry Pi:

Raspberry PI is one of the most popular open source development platforms available in the market today. It is a miniature credit-card sized powerful computer that let designers develop multimedia applications - media playback & streaming, gaming, graphics etc. Raspberry PI operates on Linux and has Broadcom BCM2835 - full HD multimedia SOC which includes ARM11 running at 700MHz and VideoCore IV GPU. Till date more then 3 million units of the Pi have been shipped across the world.


Session 1 Theory, 30 minutes

Getting started with basics

- Introduction to Internet of Things (IoT)
- Why IoT? How IoT is changing the world

Session 2 Practical, 45 minutes

The Raspberry Pi

- Why Raspberry Pi Board for IoT
- Hardware Description and features
- Interfacing the Internet via RJ45
- Accessing the Pi
- Few commands on Linux

Session 3 Practice, 15 minutes

Brushing up your HTML skills

- Creating a simple web page
- HTML Tags
- Buttons

Session 4 Practice, 75 minutes

A bit of python and GPIOS

- GPIOs in Python
- Interfacing an LED
- Interfacing a Motor with Pi
- Interfacing Proximity Sensor
- Interfacing Fire Sensor

Session 5 Practical, 105 minutes

Making a Web App

- Understanding Javascript
- cgi-bin
- Python File IO
- Making your IoT WebApp
- Glowing an LED Bulb over webapp
- Making an Internet Controlled Robot

Session 6 Practical, 45 minutes

Automated E-Mail

- Sending an automated E-Mail
- Designing a door that sends an EMail when it is opened.
- Building a fire detector that sends a mail when fire is detected.

Tea Break

- Tea time, 15 minutes
- Because we need to recharge our batteries too!

Session 7 Practical, 60 minutes

IFTTT: If this then that

- Introduction to IFTTT
- Creating an account
- Enabling channels
- Creating your first recipe: Updating Facebook every time there is an E-Mail

Session 8 Practical, 45 minutes

Facebook and Twitter Integration

- Designing a box that can update its Facebook status automatically
- Designing a Fire Detector that can bench/chair which tweets every time someone sits on it.

Trainer Profile

UNICOM trainer has an experience of 4 years in Technology R&D as well as Technology Management.He has completed his graduation in Electronics and Telecommunication from Goa Engineering College which was followed by an MBA from Goa Institute of Management.

He has five years of experience in the field of Robotics, IoT and Automation. Pranav has been working as a product designer at Inventrom and has worked on projects like the Topping Pi (Patent Pending) which is an IoT accessory to Raspberry Pi, patented for design of Zazu Wireless Programmer and is currently he is working the NetPlug (a B2B IoT product) and Event Bot (Robot that can click photos and post them on social media autonomusly). NetPlug which is an IoT device that can be fitted with any Appliance to make it IoT enabled. NetPlug has won the IoT Tech10 award for being amongst the best upcoming IoT products.

He has an extensive teaching experience and till date he has been invited to conduct trainings at various institutes such as IIT Kanpur, IIT Rorkee, BITS Pilani etc as well as for his corporate clients such as CISCO, Intel, Applied Material, TCS, NETZSCH, Siemens etc. Pranav has also conducted workshops at conferences such as NullCon, VLSI Society of India Symposium, Automation and Robotics Expo and has trained more then 2000 working professionals and students on the topic of Raspberry Pi and Internet of Things till date.

X Topic Abstract

About the course

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the network of physical objects or "things" embedded with electronics, software, sensors and connectivity to enable it to achieve greater value and service by exchanging data with the manufacturer, operator and/or other connected devices. Each thing is uniquely identifiable through its embeddedsss computing system but is able to interoperate within the existing Internet infrastructure.This is the definition of Internet of things by Wikipedia which we all know. But today with the growing needs of technology IoT is some platform which is beyond this definition in true sense of its use. This course has been designed according to the need of the Industry; the course content includes lots of hands on sessions which gives deep dive in to concepts of Internet of things infrastructure. The course is supported by presentations and necessary materials which will help one to kick-start with your own IoT idea and bring it in to the market.

Agenda Day 1

- What is IoT?
- Internet History (Information - People - Things)
- Brief Introduction to Smart and connected World of devices
- Market analysis (Product- Services)
- Existing products and Alliances for IoT
- Devices or the Things of IoT
- Selection of Processor(8 bit - 16 bit or 32 bit)
- Sensor and actuators
- AnalogDigital I/O.
- Different types of interfaces.
- Filtering of raw readings.
- Wireless communication
- Selecting criteria
- WiFi, Bluetooth Smart and ZigBee
- Network protocol
- CoAP
- Connecting device to Cloud (Database both SQL and NoSQl type and Analytics)
- App (Web app and Mobile app)
- Device (M2M)

Day 2


Different sensors & actuators set up for SMART HOME will be integrated as a system with analytics & application design.

Day 3


Use of Frugal Wearable Tech kit with display, gesture and Healthcare sensors.

Trainer Profile

Coming Soon....

Conference or Event Schedule

X Topic Abstract

User experience (UX) is about meeting the user’s needs in the most effective and enjoyable way. Design led development process puts the problem at the center and addresses the problem with effective & enjoyable user experience.

SAP Fiori concept and design principles are key components in SAP’s design-led development process. Let’s explore Fiori design principles and how Fiori (SAP UI5, standard based HTML5) brings consumer grade user experience to enterprise world.

Speaker Profile

Srivatsan Santhanam is a Director of S4HANA Product Management APJ unit. He has been with SAP for past 14 years. Srivatsan drives the strategy, new product features and adoption of S4HANA cloud product across APJ market unit. Srivatsan has 4 US patent awarded to his credit and many more in filed state.

He is an alumni of IIM-Ahmedabad.
Srivatsan is a regular speaker in many technology & innovation events across APJ.

X Topic Abstract

This deep dive focuses on the system configuration and management aspects of Oracle NoSQL Database. In this session, learn how to install and configure an Oracle NoSQL Database cluster, expand a cluster, enable security for it, and use the latest disaster recovery features to ensure business continuity

Speaker Profile

I work has Product Manager for Oracle NoSQL Database and have 14 + years of work experience building enterprise and consumer facing products.

X Topic Abstract

In this session we’ll discuss about Microsoft Azure service which capabilities required to make it easy for developers, data scientists and analysts to store data of any size, shape and speed and do all types of processing and analytics across platforms and languages. It removes the complexities of ingesting and storing all of your data while making it faster to get up and running with batch, streaming and interactive analytics.

Speaker Profile

Coming Soon....

X Topic Abstract

This workshop will focus on how to get started with Python/Django. We will be building a small usable web application which involves the core concepts of Django framework like models, forms, templates and admin interface, etc.. During the course of the workshop, the best practices for core areas and Test Driven Development strategies will be discussed. At the end, suggestions will be provided to take the the knowledge forward with the required resources.

Speaker Profile

Sivasubramaniam Aruanchalam is working with Python & Django for more than 10 years. He has built numerous applications using Python and Django during his career. He is also the Co-Organizer of Bangalore Python and Django User Group.

X Topic Abstract

The Problems with APIs today
- A brief introduction to REST and micro services.
- The various standards of REST formats.
- The challenges with architectural decisions while building REST APIs.
- Performance issues when working with micro services

How does GraphQL solve the problem?
- Introduction GraphQL, features and benefits of using GraphQL.
- How it solves the problem of todays API.
- Introduction to Apollo Server and Apollo client.

Exploring the GraphiQL
- A Live demo example of GraphiQL based on SWAPI (The Star Wars API)

Redux vs Relay
- Understanding the difference between Redux and Relay, and when to use what.
- A quick demo using React Relay & GraphQL.

Limitations and Gotchas with GraphQL

Speaker Profile

Vinci Rufus is a Director of eXperience Technologies at SapientNitro. He is also a Google Developer Expert for Web Technologies.

He enjoys interacting and mentoring people in the Frontend community.

He is passionate about JavaScript and is excited about growth of JS in the past few years. He spends most of his free time trying to stay abreast with the latest happening in the Frontend space.

He has had the privilege at talking at various conferences like Magento Imagine – Las Vegas, JSFoo and Metarefresh- Bangalore.

X Topic Abstract

This talk shall do a deep dive into the progressive webapp development, which includes:
Service workers.
Push notifications.
Background Sync.

Speaker Profile

Hemanth has exposure to major scripting languages throughout his career and his major focus from couple of years have been on frontend.

He maintains strict discipline in coding, likes to adopt TDD and Agile process not only in his professional life, but also in all his FOSS contributions, he is core team member of Google Yeoman project and has published many node modules and ruby gems and is a maintainer of many major projects. Currently he is working heavily on node.js specially on expressjs and koajs.

His major area of interest and research is in ECMAScript, has delivered few talks with JSChannel (Partners with JSConf US) and JSFoo. He also co-organises BangaloreJS meetups, helps people to get into FOSS on IRC and few slack groups.

He also writes technical articles at his blog (400+ articles so far) his <3 towards node made him to start [Node module of the week] that talks about one interesting node module of the week every week, also started which covers all the JavaScript features in a SPA.

X Topic Abstract

- The art of measuring key metrics for your system
- to scale any system we must find out its bottlenecks
- bottlenecks are unearthed when your system is put to test at scale
- to scale and go past all bottlenecks we must know what’s happening inside
- we need to have all the metrics at our fingertips! track track!
- Scaling Flipkart to 50x in the run-up to BBD
- BBD is India’s biggest e-commerce sale which attracts millions of customers to Flipkart over a course of few days
- Service Worker as your first-line-of-defense for over excited refreshes
- give users instant gratification by controlling the network
- save your servers from incessant refreshes
- make Back -> Forward -> Back experience offline!
- Lastly, how to make systems stable enough that you can play Counter Strike during such events!

Speaker Profile

Coming Soon....

X Topic Abstract

Applications nowadays have an abundancy of real-time events of every kind that enable a highly interactive experience to the user. We need tools for properly dealing with that, and Reactive Programming is an answer.

The basic idea behind reactive programming is that there are certain datatypes that represent a value "over time". Computations that involve these changing-over-time values will themselves have values that change over time.

This talk will look to explain a "General Theory of Reactivity", which will help you understand how to choose the right asynchronous tool for the job, covering Streams, Promises, Tasks, Futures, Observables, and more.

Each of these primitives is distinguished by whether it is broadcast or unicast, pushable or pullable, discrete or continuous. All objects that model temporal behaviour have analogues with spatial behaviour, and some combine both.

Furthermore, each of these concepts is becoming integral to the JavaScript language or the web platform. What makes each of these types similar and what makes each of them distinct is the key to make all these work together well.

More on "A General Theory of Reactivity" can be found here -

Speaker Profile

Currently, Lead Engineer at ClearTax. Previously, worked with Flipkart and Yahoo! for more than 8 years, led the teams that built Flipkart Lite and the new Flipkart Desktop website.

Having worked in teams at large-scale like Yahoo! Maps and Media sites, Flipkart Web to Finance Tech applications at ClearTax, would love to share my experience and learnings to make the Web an even better place.

List of my previous talks can be found here -

X Topic Abstract

This session gives an overview of Angular 2. It introduces the following topics:
- Why Angular?
- Setting up Angular
- Angular building blocks
- Components, Templates and Data Binding
- Directives
- Services & Dependency Injection
- Routing
- Server Communication
- Demo Application

Speaker Profile

Naveen Pete brings close to 17 years of software development experience in building enterprise-level, client-server and web applications. Apart from his core skills on MS.NET technologies including C# and ASP.NET, he is proficient in HTML5, JavaScript, MEAN stack and related open web stack technologies. This combined with his experience in playing such diverse roles as Software Developer, Technical Lead, Project Manager and Technical Architect makes him a well-rounded technologist and techno-manager.

Working with renowned technology companies like Ramsoft, Core Objects, Honeywell, SunGard and Streamline Healthcare Solutions has exposed him to global best practices in software development. In addition to designing and building software applications, Naveen has managed global projects with widely dispersed, multi-cultural teams using established software development frameworks like SCRUM and RUP. He has an experience of leading a team of engineers directly. Being a PMI Certified PMP and a ScrumAlliance Certified Scrum Master (CSM) has equipped him with the knowledge, frameworks, tools, and methodologies to manage complex technology projects.

Naveen has done all this in projects related to different domains such as Aerospace, Public Sector, Insurance and Healthcare. He remains a passionate technologist who constantly seeks ways to use technology in novel ways to solve business problems.

Naveen is also an eager teacher who relishes sharing his knowledge with others. He is an active speaker in several meetup groups related to web development using HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. He has delivered hands-on knowledge sharing sessions on Angular, Express and MEAN stack. He has conducted trainings on Angular and C++ with reputed organizations in Bangalore.

X Topic Abstract

IoT is not only a buzz-word now, it has become an individual industry. Other industries are understanding the need of IoT and utilizing technology to solve large scale business problems.

Solving business problems in IoT requires right combination of smart hardware and smarter IoT Cloud. Explain architecture diagram for general IoT eco-system where devices and front-end layer is independent of IoT backend.

In Retail industry, they use IoT for customer engagement but more than that, they use it for managing their assets. I will be demonstrating Retail eco system developed using ThingWorx platform and beacons and industry grade RFID Scanners.

In Healthcare industry eco system was developed considering remote patient monitoring for diabetic patients and developed using Google IoT cloud and Salesforce with FDA Approved devices.

Will be talking about GE Predix platform for accurate prediction using sensor data for predicting different use cases in Smart Cities.

Will be also covering part of IBM Watson (IoT platform by IBM).

Intension here is to educate people on different IoT platform and making a right choice for their application.

Speaker Profile

Parag Gajjar has 10 years of diverse experience of working with creative agencies and digital consulting companies. By DNA he is a front-end engineer with around 3 years of experience of IoT.

Parag started contributing in IoT before few years while he was in Sapient Nitro. Before around two years he moved to Deloitte Digital and setup an IoT practice there. Working as Manager in Deloitte Digital, Parag leading USI IoT practice.

Where he and his team developed IoT eco-systems for Manufacturing, Retail and Healthcare industry. He is involved in other client engagements that cater smart-cities, smart medical devices, IoT analytics and many others.

X Topic Abstract

In my talk, I would like to share insights on how we built our CI deployment pipeline for Flipkart desktop website, especially tailored around Node. I would also like to share how we do zero downtime, push-of-a-button deployments leveraging a variety of open source tools. I would love to share details about our in-house cloud infrastructure which powers all these systems. Branching strategies, Importance of real time monitoring, alerting for universal javascript applications and other practices that we follow which allows us to move fast and provide an uninterrupted delight to our customers.

Speaker Profile

Shikhar Kapoor - Frontend engineer Shikhar has a passion for creating things that scale. He is currently a UI engineer at Flipkart, India’s biggest ecommerce company and the people behind one of the first progressive web apps. Shikhar believes in DIY, loves tea, and likes to travel and make music.

X Topic Abstract

Customers, Partners and Start-ups can create and expand on an enterprise “Digital Twin”. The session will look at how this is already possible today? Pros & Cons of the Tech-stack options in the market. Developers will be able to address questions on skills needed and technologies adopts required to be successful in this area.

Speaker Profile

Alex is a passionate product manager with over 20 years of experience in the software industry with expertise spanning across multiple domains -(HCM -Core HR, workforce & talent management, Payroll), EDA in the PCB / Chip industry, and regulatory compliance systems for Healthcare/Clinical Trials. Prior to joining SAP, Alexwas managing the PeopleSoft HR & Payroll products at Oracle. He is currently an Area Product Owner in the Digital Enterprise Assets space.

With his versatile experience in functional, technical and compliance areas, Alex brings a diverse perspective to the table. Having worked with different vendors and cloud software, he understands the challenges and benefits that turnkey solutions provide to a market segment. Alex holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Software Enterprise Management from IIM, Bangalore and a Bachelor’s Engineering degree in CS.

Alex is an active participant in the IoTcommunity and is a frequent writer, presenter and panelistat industry events.

Outside work Alex enjoys family life, is an avid reader of science fiction, takes keen interest in traveling and is an automobile enthusiast.

X Topic Abstract

In this talk we will dive deep into the guts of ASP.NET Core. We'll look at how the HTTP request pipeline is constructed and how HTTP features are exposed. We'll look at how ASP.NET Core hosting works and what best practices are for deploying and monitoring your application. We'll look at the guts of MVC and how it interacts with the core routing infrastructure.

Speaker Profile

I'm Software Developer, Microsoft MVP. I write code for major trading, ecommerce & banking companies. I have written code which you have already experienced. I am blogger; blog on all microsoft related stuffs. Basically, I code, write, speak, learn, train and listen - usually not in that order.

X Topic Abstract

In this session i will be covering the latest .Net Core way to create RESTFul services, How to start and some tips and tricks of the trade.

Speaker Profile

Kalpesh J Parmar aka “Vic Parmar” Director IT Operations at AaNeel Technology Solutions. Vic is a seasoned player over 20 years of IT industry experience specializing in Cross platform solutions, being a member of the company’s leadership team, he focuses on delivering key product architectures with innovation and excellence.

X Topic Abstract

In this all demo session, we will learn
1. What are docker containers ?
2. How to deploy core apps to docker containers ?
3. How Docker helps in CI/CD for core apps ?

Speaker Profile

Swami is a Senior Engineer at Target Corporation India. He is also a Microsoft MVP under Visual Studio and Development technologies. He writes windows/web/cross platform apps using Microsoft technologies, Xamarin, Angular, Ionic. An avid blogger and speaker at local user group meets and conferences.

X Topic Abstract

The ongoing migration to IPV6 from the existing IPv4 has enabled direct communication among millions of devices leading to internet of things (IoT) . The devices exchange data and control information in real time. Sensors that are mounted on these devices are often equipped with less of computational resources, memory and the battery power. The architecture needs to optimize the data transfer( to reduce communication overhead) and the in-place computation ( to enhance battery life).

Simulation of the wireless network of IoT device (and with base station) is often required to get a better insight of the run-time problems. The design parameters may be fine-tuned for optimal performance. The objective of this presentation is to get deep in to the problem and provide simulation & design methodologies to address the issues. The goal is to get a better IoT design catering for multiple usecases.

The workshop consists of 2 parts- presentation of the design alternatives, issues and solutions followed by the ideation. The ideation provides opportunity to design Simple IoT solutions

Speaker Profile

Dr.Manjunath Ramachandra is working at CTO office of Wipro Technologies, Bangalore as Principal consultant. He has over two decades of work experience in various fields of computers & communication systems. His doctoral research spans signal processing, Communication networks and data transfer over the network and data integration. He has published about 150 papers in international conferences and journals and a book. He represented the organization in international standardization bodies such as Wi-Fi Alliance, served as the editor for the regional profiles standard in Digital living network alliance (DLNA) and as the industrial liaison officer for the CE-Linux Forum. He has chaired several international conferences and workshops. His research interests include signal processing applications for networking.

X Topic Abstract

Leverage your existing C# skills and .NET libraries to build native Android and iOS Apps using Xamarin

Speaker Profile

A Program Freak who loves coding and is currently working as a Software Engineer 2 in Xamarin Team at Microsoft. He is very passionate about Coding and loves developing Mobile Apps. At present, he helps C# Developers in taking their code across platforms.


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Krishna Kumar

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Sudhir Rawat

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Shikhar Kapoor

UI engineer


Vinci Rufus

Director of eXperience Technologies


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Srikanth Gopalakrishnan

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Lohith G Nagaraj

Technical Evangelist

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Sivasubramaniam Arunachalam

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Srivatsan Santhanam



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Anand Chandak

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Sunil Kumar Chakrapani

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Debarchan Sarkar

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Sudhir Menon

Head Competency Development


Manjunath Ramachandra

Principal Consultant

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Alex Mathew

Senior Director


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Ashish Singru

Sr. Director


S Anand

Chief Data Scientist


Ross Smith

Director of Engineering


Rituparna Ghosh

General Manager

Wipro Limited

Tathagat Varma

Founder & CEO

Thought Leadership

Sanjeev Kumar



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Director and Global Head


Maheshwaran Calavai



Rex Black



Anish Cheriyan


Huawei Technologies India Private Limited

Rahul Verma


Test Mile & Talent Reboot

Ritu Arora

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Sujatha Balakrishnan

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Valtech India Systems Pvt Ltd.

Ganapathy V



Satnam Singh

Data Scientist

CA Technologies

Radek Maciaszek

Founder & CTO

Data Mine Lab

Lux Rao

CTO & Leader


Sudhir Verma

Program Director

SAP Labs

Prashant Bansal

Account Director

Tech Mahindra Limited

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