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The term "DevOps" typically refers to the emerging professional movement that advocates a collaborative working relationship between Development and IT Operations, resulting in the fast flow of planned work achieving the value stream that is between the business (where requirements are defined) and the customer (where value is delivered). It is a new way of looking at development altogether.

This conference "DevOps Summit" brings together leading practitioner-organisations who have achieved Continuous Delivery and organisational transformation. Companies going through Mergers and Acquisitions will inherit these systems too and be faced with similar situations and need to find out the many initiatives that increase the efficiency and agility within the enterprise and balance system uptime and stability while bringing alignment between Dev and Ops.

Learn more about DevOps skills, Delivering Processes, Tools for building and deployment, Legacy Challenges, Security Integration, Cross-team engagement and many more.


Devops Technical Essential - Hands on Session (22nd September)

A) Devops Big Picture : where in each students gets ability to understand vaiours tools used devops

B) Live Demo by Instrcutor : Source control Management and Jenkins ( Continious integration ) tool

C) Hands on by Students : Work on Chef configuration managmeent tool to deploy web infrastrcutre on nodes


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UNICOM has been a prominent provider of software and systems Development and Testing conferences and training. Its events and training including popular certifications such as ISTQB and Certified ScrumMaster and courses address upcoming challenges presented by moving to Agile, DevOps and Mobile environments. Conferences include SEPG Europe, Agile Business Conference, ALM Conference, TestExpo and Next Generation Testing Conference

Key Features

1. Learn from Open Source Communities and apply Inner Source.

2. Taking back control - Deploying faster with less cost and staying in control.

3. Implementing DevOps and Making it Actually Stick.
If you've ever been involved in promoting cultural changes within an organization, you may have experienced something even more disheartening than flat-out rejection: a full rollback of cultural change and a decade-long resentment of anyone remotely associated with the implementation. This has happened at countless organizations with agile, with SOA, with virtualization – and it's starting to happen with DevOps

4. DevOps Anti-Patterns
o Ask ten people what DevOps actually means and you'll probably get ten different answers. DevOps covers so many different aspects that it's almost easier to define it by what it isn't than by what it is. For most of the great ideas, values and principles that are associated with DevOps, there's almost always an opposite practice, which is hardly surprising seeing as how DevOps evolved to counter these ineffectual practices.

5. Measurement is the next important aspect and placed in the feedback process. A successful DevOps implementation should measure performance, process, and even people metrics

6. Cultural Change - Effective teams are essential for the delivery of reliable software and business benefit.

7. Sharing of ideas -stories of problems and success is essential and for the team to realize and treat the problem as the enemy and not each other. Sharing of ideas opens the channels of feedback and so leads to improvement.

8. Interactive and discussion based not just lectures!

9. Minimum use of PowerPoint!

10. Real life case study presentations

11. Chance to have your say and put questions to the experts

12. Up to the minutes issues covered

Conference or Event Schedule

X Topic Abstract

A) Devops Big Picture: where in each students gets ability to understand vaiours tools used devops

B) Live Demo by Instrcutor : Source control Management and Jenkins ( Continious integration ) tool

C) Hands on by Students : Work on Chef configuration managmeent tool to deploy web infrastrcutre on nodes

Speaker Profile

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X Topic Abstract

At Agile 2008 conference, Andrew Clay Shafer and Patrick Debois discussed about "Agile Infrastructure" and that triggered the DevOps movement in Belgium. That movement has now taken an astounding state. Since 2008, DevOps has become one of the popular terms in IT industry and evolved into a discipline itself with an array of tools and platforms. DevOps has become an essential component of many IT organizations and businesses. DevOps movement is here to stay. What exactly is this movement? Have we really understood how traditional software development used to work, and how it changed with Agile methods coming into play? Also, don’t we need to understand the significance of DevOps in IT organizations that involve multiple SDLC methodologies and a mix of legacy systems and web-based systems? The objective of this session is to explore what DevOps truly brings on the table, how we should embrace it and what we should expect in coming days.

Speaker Profile

Mrs. Maya Londe is an IT professional with close to fifteen years of experience in several facets of IT industry including Agile Software Development, Agile Software Testing, Distributed Agile Delivery, Traditional Project Management and Agile Process Auditing. She has expertise in working with IT services companies of varying sizes and serving niche customers in domains such as Product Engineering, Digital Media and Communication. At present she leads the Agile and DevOps Centre of Excellence for Atos, Bangalore. Her focus areas include Distributed Agile, DevOps, Agile Assessments, Agile Transformation, and Agile Coaching. Maya holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration and a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science.

X Topic Abstract

"Cloud and DevOps: A Marriage Made in Heaven –"
Fast cloud provisioning does not make IT Agile. Today cloud maturity is towards 'Application Centric Cloud'. Moving code (and Application) from "Development" to "QA" to "Staging" to "Production Ready" solution package in warp speed is the key to success in today's era. We have been using Spinnaker & Jenkins, as DevOps tools of choice, to help us achieve these DevOps goals of Continuous Integration and Continuous deployment with Release Process Automation.

Speaker Profile

DevOps enthusiast, evangelist and implementer – Blending the current development tools, processes and practices with new gen software development ask and creating an environment of efficiency and quality development and testing practices.

a) Passionate about the changes around technology, development processes and love to blog and speak in the conferences, meetups about the same.

b) Actively organize meet-ups in my organization to help provide opportunities for our technical experts to ‘Take the Stage’ as well as learn from the industry

c) Over past 15 years have been involved with almost all facets of software development. Started with developer, did manual testing for couple of years, did automation and created COE for automation for many years, and now managing enterprise scale feature development (around Cloud, PaaS) , Install, Release engineering and evangelise and leading effort on DevOps (CI/CD)

d) Passionate about developing people, leadership development and building lasting and engaging professional teams

X Topic Abstract

Chef is an influential configuration management and automation platform that transmutes the complex infrastructure and helps you in describing your infrastructure with code, by bringing your servers and services to life. Since your infrastructure is controlled and managed with code, it can be automated, tested and reproduced with efficiency and ease.

Chef automates the applications configuration, deployment and management throughout your network regardless of its size, even if you’re operating in the cloud, on-premises or on hybrid. Chef provides you help with the infrastructure management and solves complicated problems.

Speaker Profile

Uchit Vyas is a Cloud Automation Lead at Opex Software. Uchit works with large IT organizations to automate traditional datacenters and development flow, explores new-age tools and technologies, defines solutions and best practices for small and large enterprises.

He is has authored four books on Mule ESB, Mastering AWS Development, AWS Development Essentials, and AWS DynamoDB.

Panel Discussion : DevOps Dialogues

we will discuss the following topics

DevOps, what did you get out of it?
Culture and DevOps
DevOps in the Enterprise

X Topic Abstract

Topics Covered :
- Common problems in deployment in several environments
- What's Docker
- Understanding Images of Docker
- Building Images with Docker
- Pull and Pushing Images to Docker repository.
- Integration with Continuous Delivery process
- Micro-service architecture and how Docker can help us .

Speaker Profile

I am Arpith Vittal Pathange, I have 12+ years of experience in Software Development,Testing, Automation FrameWork, Game Porting, Scrum Master. Currently working as Program Manager II in Inmobi technologies Bangalore. I am a certified Scrum Master from Scrum Alliance.

X Topic Abstract

Time is money! Developing software faster in a fundamentally different way will help to eliminate waste within a project and deliver better value faster to our customers. Instrumenting your toolchain will provide you with deep insights as to how efficient your process is, how well your automation is being used and to what extent the team communications are fostering a strong environment. Effective use of DevOps practices, and how to change your development culture to encourage open practices and behavior.

In today's world of hybrid cloud, analytics, big data and more, distribution and deployment of software is getting more complex. There are many different layers and aspects of release and deployment, and it can be overwhelming. This session will examine common problems that lead to the need for change through DevOps. In this interactive and experiential DevOps session learn how to coordinate delivery of applications running across on-premise, cloud and hybrid environments

Speaker Profile

Sachin is a part of Emerging Technologies Team having 18 yrs. of experience in the IT industry and is an SME for DevOps. Sachin has interlocked with IBM clients to assist them in their IT transformation initiatives and evangelize acceptance of DevOps best practices and IBM Solution across the SDLC. He has actively engaged with leading SI's, FSS and Telecom customers for adoption of IBM DevOps software portfolio and he ensure clients continue to experience the full value of their software investments in IBM solution for software delivery. For many clients, Sachin has successfully championed and implemented the IBM Rational CoE Program - a program for the enablement, certification, and live project mentoring and consulting aimed at enabling customer success


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Event Speakers

Vijay Roy

Sr. Manager

BMC Software

Manish Bhandekar

Principal Product Developer

BMC Software

Uchit Vyas

Cloud Architect

Rean Cloud

Arpith Pathange

Program Manager


Maya Londe

Lead - Agile-DevOps practice


Sundar Ganesh

Director, Head Quality Engineering & Assurance (Testing)

Barclays Bank Plc

Sachin Chitrakoti

Change & Release Manager


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DevOps Summit

"DevOps Summit" – An initiative of UNICOM.    

Event FAQS

DevOps Summit in Pune is open to anyone who has an interest in DevOps Frameworks or any related field.
1. Applications and Development Managers
2. Web Applications Managers
3. Applications Test Manager
4. Head of Infrastructure& IT Applications
6. Head of IT/ IT Directors
7. Enterprise Architects
8. Finance Directors
9. Data Architects; Data Managers; Data Miners & Data Analysts
10. Data Warehouse Architect
11. Infrastructure Architects
12. Information Analysts
13. Futurists
14. Systems Analysts
15. Storage Architects



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