November 10 - 11, 2016




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About the event

The programme will revolve around the hottest topics and trends in the Financial sector, such as market perspectives, blockchain, fraud and cybersecurity.

Research suggests that the world today is swiftly moving towards newer and effective ways of defining Financial Innovation – with Financial Analytics and Blockchain being the key drivers shaping Financial innovation of today! This is the “Next Big Thing”exerting a paramount degree of influence in the Finance domain.

This is great opportunity to meet and network with specialised innovation leaders, as well as India’s most promising fintech growth companies that will be pitching in concurrent sessions on 10th Nov.

The programme agenda will include many innovative company presentations by various Subject Matter Experts, discussion panels, keynotes and top level networking, including the Networking Dinner. 120+ guests will be present at event, representing the who’s who of the Financial Analytics, blockchain and venture capital market, who are invited to join our Tech Tour delegates, including top executives from blue chip technology companies, venture capitalists, investment bankers, specialized press, regional accelerators and advisers from all around India.

The programme and pitches will revolve around the following themes:

- Big Data Analytics in BFSI sector
- Innovations in Investment Analytics
- Innovations in Credit Risk Analytics
- Innovations in CyberRisk and Security
- Innovations in Money transfer
- Digital currency
- Tools.
- The Blockchain revolution
- Blockchain and Cyber Authentication

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Topic Abstract

Business Performance

- Usage of Big data to set up automated monitoring reports at hourly/daily and weekly level
- Revenue Planning and Forecasting
- Understand / Explain the gap to the expectations

Anomaly detection using big data and statistical techniques

- How to uncover Buyers and Sellers fraud using text mining and customer level data.
- Incrementality test of a product launch or campaigns
- Program A vs Program B decision based on ROI calculation using past financial and behavioral data.

Speaker Profile

Mohammed Abdulla (Javed)
Javed is Head of Analytics for Global Business Performance of eBay Inc and for StubHub (World's largest ticket marketplace), at their India Center in Bangalore. He is a graduate from NIT Nagpur and holds an MBA from IIM Lucknow.

Javed has more than 12 years of experience in Driving decisions through Data and in leading high performance Analytics teams across e Commerce, Credit Cards and Financial Services Domain. He has expertise in Business performance, forecasting, Buyer/Seller Analytics, Web Analytics, A/B Testing, Product Analytics, Campaign management, Segmentation Techniques and Statistical Modelling.

In his current role Javed and his team work closely with regional CFOs of eBay and provide high quality insights on overall business health which helps the CFOs take right budgetary and investment decisions. The team relies extensively on usage of big data to monitor performance and find anomalies at Monthly/Weekly/Daily and even at hourly level. Besides regular business health analyses, Javed’s team plays an instrumental part in highlighting product bugs, Impact analyses for key events/major launches, Fraud detection and program management.


Topic Abstract

Statistics evolved as a means of studying data in the mid 1700s -- a time when available data was exploding. During most of the history of statistics, our ability to handle large volumes of data was limited, making sampling essential. Our ability to exhaustively test possibilities was also limited, leading to a hypothesis driven approach.

Today, neither is a constraint. Most datasets can be cruched several times over on mobile devices. But while our ability to handle large scale data has improved, our skills in automating analysis are only now growing.

This talk shares some common analysis patterns that are fully automatable and consistently lead to interesting insights. We will share results from varied fields such as education, finance, infrastructure, poultry, transportation, etc and talk about principles governing these datasets. We will also discuss the directions automated analysis is moving towards.

Speaker Profile

Coming Soon....


Topic Abstract

Financial institutions have to deal with number of risks including Fraud, Credit risk, Market risk, Operational risk, Technology risk, Insolvency risk, Liquidity risk, Money Laundering risk, foreign transactions, regulatory compliance, etc. Some risks are more obvious illegal acts, like account takeover, insider trading, illicit employee activity, and market manipulation. Some are just a cost of doing business, like trading and sanctions compliance, suspicious activity monitoring, and know your customer requirements. And some are not malicious acts, but the impact of prevention, industry requirements, and internal procedures, such as customer disruption, timely regulatory filing, and audit and supervisory procedures.

The solution to this is to build a machine Learning based system that does deeper Analytics along and help the financial institutions prevent and detect these and help them in compliance and success.

Speaker Profile

Mukesh Jain is VP and Head of NICE India in Pune and will share details on the quantum of risk and how analytics helps here. He will provide specific real-life examples and stories from NICE Actimize - an leading Financial Analytics Platform.


Topic Abstract

1. Scenario Thinking (Business landscape changing from Linear to Circular)
2. Driving Forces (Demographic , Technology, Greater expectation, unbundling, New market segments)
3. Implications & Challenges ( Ambidexterity, Breaking Silos, digitization, new business model)
4. Paradigm Shift (data to Value, New fundamental values)
5. Emerging Profile & Operating Model for CFOs (from support function to Co-pilot)
6. Case example (Credit rating as competitive advantage, data analytic for predictive and prescriptive solutions)

Speaker Profile

Coming Soon....


Topic Abstract

The global bond market is in a stage where returns are muted and any efficiency will be a huge plus. While regulatory costs, systemic costs and transaction costs eat away a major part of the returns, continuous risk monitoring associated with credit risk and liquidity risk has been a major concern for investors. In this presentation, we will look at the nature of processes involved in the issuance and trading of bonds and argue that an ideal solution for solving the bond market's pain points is by maintaining the market on an ecosystem of blockchains. The presenter will discuss a possible blockchain design for the market and the role that the participants will play in the new ecosystem. Blockchain’s inherent services help in streamlining the issuance where all participants work in real time on common datasets and trading of bonds by eliminating duplicative steps & shrinking the settlement cycle. The reduction in issuance time and settlement cycle, in turn, reduces market participant’s costs, risks and capital locked up.

Speaker Profile

Prajeesh is an IIM-NIT grad with experience in programming and 5 years of experience in investment banking. He is a blockchain evangelist and I am a steering committee member of GARP (Global Association of Risk Professionals) Blockchain Risk Research Group. He is certified by GARP as a Financial Risk Manager.


Topic Abstract

Governments can use technology to become more efficient and gain public trust.

The key role of a democratic government is to appropriate collect and distribute resources among its citizens (both individual and corporate). Government may use Blockchain to bring transparency and crowdsourced efforts in several of its functions, including, Voting, Decision Making (like referendums), using digital currency (like bitcoins), digital identity management, etc.

Blockchain enables the power to be distributed, and trust be built in a crowd sourced government

Speaker Profile

Coming Soon....


Topic Abstract

- Gentle Introduction to Blockchain
- Gentle Introduction to Digital Tokens
- What problem does Blockchain technology really solve
- Gain fundamental technical clarity to leverage blockchain technology today
- Discussion on some common misconceptions about Blockchain

Speaker Profile

Kunal is the founder of Trestor Infotech Private Limited, India’s first Blockchain startup. Kunal advocates that “ adoption is the true disru ption” for any Virtual currency protocol. An astute student of money and human cognitive biases, Kunal builds his models by leveraging the fact that human beings are visibly irrational, especially in a group/tribe format.

Kunal has been invited to speak at many national and international conferences, talking about the potential of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. He is one of the few true proponents for blockchain in our country. Kunal is a strong advocate of “People don’t buy Crypto, they buy Outcomes” therefore product development must be use-case driven , in short, Don’t sell a vitamin, sell a painkiller.


Topic Abstract

Blockchain has moved from being a computer innovation to a widely accepted technology innovation and has the potential to really bring about an economic innovation that is difficult to fathom today.

In simple words - "Blockchain is to transaction what internet was to information"

Due to the first application of Blockchain (Cryptocurrency) and the sheer volume of transactions, Financial Industry has been well ahead in the race of Blockchain adoption compared to the other industries. We are talking to close to 200 banks in the world on Blockchain with very interesting applications. And some of the prominent ones are in the Corporate Banking space.

Some of the key use cases that i would like to talk about are -

1. Trade Finance
2. Bill/Invoice Discounting
3. How all of these together work towards an end to end cycle for Supply Chain
4. Trade Exchanges, Settlement and Depositories (can drop this if there is a separate Financial market session)
5. Cross Border FX/Treasury Payments

Some more points of discussion and emphasis are -

1. What is the stack/layers of any Blockchain implementation
2. What is the importance of Business Process Re-engineering/Modelling
3. How can banks use Cognitive over Blockchain to differentiate?

Speaker Profile

Swati Bhide is the payments and Blockchain leader in IBM. She is responsible for the strategy and capability building for the blockchain practice in India. She has been in the Financial Industry for more than 18 years and has worked with various global banks across the world. She has been leading the payments practice in IBM for the last 6 years.

Panel Discussion : Battle of Platforms


Topic Abstract

Blockchain is one of the most controversial and highly debated topics at the moment. The world’s smart and powerful people agree it is indeed a remarkable evolution and are spending enormous resources in order to harness its potential disruptive power. With this level of focus and hype, we want to help de-mystify what Blockchain is and how organizations can leverage its key features. In this session, the speaker will cut through the hype to see how distributed ledger technology could provide a transformative opportunity to eradicate antiquated systems and processes within organizations. The speaker will investigate use cases like Remittance, Trade finance, smart contracts, mortgage finance, Identity and land title registration to see how financial institutions and governments can exploit blockchain. We will also see the market outlook of this technology, both national and global.

Speaker Profile

Nakul is a longtime creative thought leader in financial markets and innovation, and has played a significant role in the adoption and application of technology. He started his career at State Street Corporation in Boston, which is one of the world’s biggest and oldest providers of mutual fund, pension processing and asset-custody services. He initiated the use of advanced statistical and technical tools in the field of socially responsible investment while conducting research on a $170 Billion portfolio. Nakul also served as an integral part of the wealth management team at Charles River Development, whose software solution supports over $25 Trillion in assets. He played a critical role in the development and marketing of CRD’s wealth solution which was sold to one of the leading financial institution in USA, quadrupling the firm’s largest annual contract value. Nakul has also executed independent consulting assignments for firms across US and Europe. He is trained in Bitcoin and Blockchain technology from South Africa and holds a Masters degree in Financial Engineering from the University of Michigan - Ann Arbor, USA.


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Event Speakers

Dr. Anders Bally

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Mohammed Abdulla

Head, Global Business Performance and StubHub Analytics


Anand S



Mukesh Jain

VP & Head


Prajeesh Jayaram L

Blockchain Enthusiast and Investment Banker


Vivek Bajaj

Director & CEO

Kredent Ventures

Kunal Nandwani

Founder and CEO

uTrade Solutions

Aloke Goel



Ajay Morkar

Managing Director

Amigo Executive search Pvt Ltd

Swati S Bhide

Payment & Blockchain Leader


Nakul Shah

Director and Founder

Sate Development

Kunal Dixit


Trestor InfoTech Pvt Limited

Advisory Committee

Dr. Anders Bally

CEO and Founder


Mukesh Jain

VP & Head


Anand S



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