September 22, 2016




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"Internet of Things: Link your World" - Exploring the latest happening in IoT Industry and how the Internet of Things will offer businesses and consumers.

The conference explores how the Internet of Things will re-shape our interactions with the real and virtual worlds in the coming years. Bringing together leading IoT companies, Start-Ups and the developer/ Professional community to exchange their ideas with the practical application and utilization of Internet of Things.

Experience a complete technical immersion.

Theme : Discovering the future - Let devices do the talking



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Topic Abstract

Steve Jobs once observed that "you can only connect the dots looking back".

Man​y of you will likely agree that the trends we are seeing today are a continuation and maybe acceleration of the trends we have observed in years past.

​This talk will focus on five key industry trends driving the IoT revolution. I will also discuss three basic elements of IoT, five major challenges we see and certain set of application areas related to IoT product design and smart engineering.

Speaker Profile

Dr. Kaustubh Nande oversees India marketing strategy and execution at ANSYS. At ANSYS he also leads brand, communication and thought leadership around 'Make in India', IoT, Start-Ups, Academic and CSR programs. Kaustubh has spent over 13 years in the technology industry and extensively engages with business leaders, media and technical experts across broad range of domains. Management, communication and application of technology is at the center of his professional interests. As a result, he often speaks about technology trends at various industry forums and writes for publications. He has also served as a faculty in the US and has guest lectured at premier institutions in India. Presently Kaustubh is a Board Member at the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE India) and has also served as an independent director on the board of Airaavat Technologies Pvt. Ltd. He holds a Ph.D. in Relating and Organizing (Communication and Management) from Ohio University, USA.


Topic Abstract

Every urban vehicle owner is forced to waste time, fuel, and energy on parking woes. 30% congestion on the road is due to vehicles searching for parking spaces. On an avg. every urban motorist spends 20mins in search of a parking spot, wasting time, fuel and money.

'Get My Parking' is using IOT for digitizing the parking industry through mobile solutions & empowering motorists to search, book and navigate to relevant parking in real-time. Through our smart parking platform we ensure the following:

For Urban Motorist
- Real-time availability of parking spaces on a map layer
- Advance reservation
- Online payment
- Navigation – directly to the parking lot

For Parking Operators
- Complete visibility on the business
- Auto reports for accounting purpose
- Reduced revenue leakage
- Single platform integrated with Sensors, boom barrier, RFID/NFC etc.

Speaker Profile

Coming Soon....


Topic Abstract

Research, Patterns, Models and Innovations behind IOT and Big Data Development and Management

Speaker Profile

Sudin Baraokar has over two decades of IT experience having served in Barclays (VP), IBM and GE. Has architectured, innovated, developed and implemented IOT, Cloud, Big Data, Analytics, Innovation Platform, BPM, API technologies and solutions. Speaker at various International Forums, Conferences and CIO Workshops on Emerging Technologies


Topic Abstract

Context Awareness in Cloud and IoT
According to industry estimates, 50 billion devices are due to come online by 2020. With so many connected gadgets all sending, receiving and processing instructions to operate, the sheer amount of data due to come on-stream could come with huge costs. The nature of data sources that provide insights do not necessarily contain adequate environmental context for generation of subjective judgments automatically.

This begs the following question – will the Internet of Things really lead to a world of “enchanted objects”, where our possessions gently anticipate our every need - our living and work spaces become well-oiled machines? Or is the internet of things just another excuse for rampant consumerism, whose only contribution will be to clog basements with yet more unnecessary junk?

For IoT to become useful in the real world, devices must be capable to derive context. Context, about users, environment, location, etc, allows devices to infer meaning from streams of data from disparate systems. When devices and applications talk to each other without human intervention, it will multiply the opportunities for IoT, and society will be able to move beyond smart consumer appliances to smart communities.

Our presentation focuses on techniques used to derive useful and actionable insights from this multitude of data sources, to build real-world and practical applications for IoT engagements, and the design elements that enable key characteristics required for people-aware IoT solutions:

- Adaptive: where devices learn as information changes, and are able to resolve ambiguity and tolerate unpredictability.

- Iterative and stateful: wherein devices may “remember” previous interactions in a process and return information that is suitable for the specific application at that point in time.

- Contextual: They may understand, identify, and extract contextual elements such as time, location, domain and users’ profile.

Speaker Profile

Anand Pikle is an IBM Certified IT Architect with roughly 16 years of total IT experience and 9 years as IT Architect, and is currently working as Lead Architect for a large Telco client. Anand brings with him strong domain understanding of Multi-channel Commerce, Marketing, Sales, Order Management, CRM and Finance, with deep experience in Enterprise, Application, Middleware, SOA, Big Data, Systems/ Infrastructure and Mobility Solutions Design & Architecture. Anand is active among multiple IBM technical communities as a technical enthusiast and thought leader, and is leading initiatives within the IBM Academy of Technology & its affiliates. Anand has filed multiple patent applications in areas such as Big Data, Cloud, Mobility and IoT, and has presented at eminent internal & external technical fora, including academia as part of IBM’s University Relations program.


Topic Abstract

Digital revolution is sprawling in our day to day life to bring fundamental changes in the way of doing and understanding the things. Digital data is now everywhere and the ability to harness the data to deliver transformative results is critical to all the industry sectors and business therein.

Agricultural industry is at the cross roads of the digital revolution and sustainable practices. The role of IoT in enabling the shift from traditional heuristic agricultural to technology led precision agriculture is paving the way for innovation in this industry. The future of farming relies on the efficient use of agri resources to elevate the yield and farming productivity. This concept is at the heart of precision or smart farming, an emerging wave of technology led farming practices. IoT and Big Data can bring transformational change in the way agricultural operations and decision systems work today. The shift from traditional, gut feel or heuristics based agricultural industry can transition into more sophisticated and streamlined operations driven by sensor based remote monitoring, control and predictive algorithms.

Speaker Profile

Coming Soon....


Topic Abstract

The key to implementing IoT is a cost-effective approach that reduces overall risk. IoT initiatives used to need millions of dollars and multiple years of investments to see results. In this session, we will first start with defining different IOT strategies, different IOT business maturity models and how they help you transform your business digitally. We will also talk about how you can then bring up your operational efficiency and quality and increase revenue through improved customer service.

Speaker Profile

Gandhali is a Sr. Technology Evangelist at Developer experience and evangelism group, Microsoft India and her areas of expertise include Microsoft Azure, Windows platform & .Net technologies. She has been working with Microsoft’s products & technologies for over 14 years. In her current role as a Certified Azure Solution Architect, she helps partners, customers and developers in building world-class solutions on Microsoft cloud platform. A graduate in computer engineering from the University Of Mumbai, Gandhali holds a Master’s degree in Computer Science from the Florida Institute Of Technology. You can connect with her on twitter @s_gandhali and her blog link is


Topic Abstract

Today, every other technical journal is talking about IoT and in several instances it is clubbed with Big Data, Analytics, Mobile, Cloud, etc. The question lot of people have is what is IoT, How it is interlinked with other technologies, etc. Lot of professionals have questions around how to get onto IoT, what skill set are required and what career path is possible. The IoT space needs variety of people including, Product Managers, Data Scientists, Software Engineers, Networking professionals, Mechanical Engineers, etc.

In this presentation Mukesh Jain will highlight how the IoT ecosystem is shaping up and will provide specific guidance and tips on how to get onto this wave and ride in 14 steps for success.

Speaker Profile

Mukesh Jain is Educationist, Author, Coach and Techno-Biz Leader with 21 yrs of experience working with legendary people like Bill Gates, Satya Nadella and Mukesh Ambani. He have built & led multiple Global Teams and delivered Analytics driven Innovative Products that used by Millions of people worldwide.

He have led R&D and built products like Outlook, OWA, Hotmail, Messenger, MSN, Bing, Advertising, Mobile Apps, e-commerce, Open Source Big data Analytics, Financial Analytics - Actimize, IoT, etc. in companies like Microsoft, Reliance Jio, NICE, ATOS, Syntel and Datamatics in USA, Japan, China & India.

He is Advisor to KJ Somaiya Engg College, Vanguard Business School, MGM Engg College, JSPM Engg College, Simplilearn & EduPristine. He helped build curriculum, conducted faculty development workshops and students training in the areas of Big Data, Business Analytics, Product Management, Software Engineering, Software Testing, Excel, Digital Marketing, Lean Management and Six Sigma.

He is the recipient of multiple awards, including Microsoft’s most prestigious “Gold Star” award 3 years in a row, Asia-Pacific Leadership Award, Management Excellence, Outstanding Mentor, Solution Excellence, Microsoft-Yahoo People Excellence Award, ASQ Quality Laureate, Quality of Service Award, QAI Agile Project Management Leadership Award, iSixSigma Best Six Sigma Black Belt, etc.

He is currently, the Vice President (R&D) & Head of NICE in Pune. He has setup NICE in Pune and is leading multiple R&D teams in areas of Machine Learning & Big Data based large scale Analytics Platform in Financial and Experience domains that are used by 85% of Fortune 100 companies. In Pune, he attracted and hired 380 engineers in a year and expend to 540 highliy capable R&D teams by 2016.

Prior to NICE, he was Vice President & Head at Reliance Jio (4G) for 2.5 yrs leading Advertising Business, Mobile Advertising RTB Platform, Social Media Analytics & Big Data Analytics Platform. He developed the strategy and built one of the largest Big Data Analytics Platform in India providing real-time dashboard, detailed scorecard, predictive & prescriptive analytics for all the Jio Mobile app data.

He worked at Microsoft for 13.5 years (mostly in USA) as R&D Engineering Director leading large global engineering teams. In 2011, he moved to India to setup Microsoft R&D center in Bangalore and provided strategic & technical leadership for Microsoft-Yahoo! Alliance leading engineering teams in Analytics & Advertising. He had honor of successfully leading and executing Microsoft’s 1st Six Sigma project in 2001. He created and led “Day-In-A-Life” program across Office. He built and rolled out Microsoft wide Business Analytics program (Business QoS), now used by all Microsoft Online Services.

He is a seasoned coach, mentor, author and speaker. He regularly speak at international conferences, business schools & engineering colleges (IITs, IIMs, BITS Pilani, NITs, …) on a variety of topics (Leadership, Personal Excellence, Agile, Product Engineering, DevOps, Smart Cities, Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data, Business Analytics, Cloud, Google Analytics, Social Media, Digital, Mobile, Design of Experiments (DoE), Experimentation, Digital Marketing, Advertising, Product Management, SEO, Project Management, Six Sigma & Lean). He have made presentations at international confernces like IEEE, WorldHRD, iSixSigma, PMI, SEPG, SPIN, QAI, NASSCOM, UNICOM, Agile, BZMedia, Better Software, IdeaBytes, etc.

He has done B.E. in Computer Science and Executive Managmeent program from IIT Bombay. Microsoft Certified Standards Professional, MCAS, MOS, Statistical Process Control, Licenced TSP Coach, PSP Engineer, Lean, Six Sigma Master Black Belt, CQIA, CSQA, CSTE, CQA, CTFL, MOF & ITIL

He is author of books “Delivering Successful Projects” and “Web Performance Improvement”. He is now writing books on “Effective Business Analytics for SoLoMo” and “Personal Excellence”.

He can be reached at,

X Topic Abstract


Module 1:

- IOT Introduction
- Demystifying Internet of Things (IOT)
- IOT some Industry facts
Module 2 : IOT in healthcare

Module 3 : IOT in SmartHomes

Module 4 : IOT in Automotive industry

Module 5 : Introduction to IOT Architecture

- Architecture
- Protocols

Module 6 : current Challenges in IOT

Module 7 : IOT demos

Module 8 : IOT in cloud

Trainer Profile

Coming Soon....


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Event Speakers

Rasik Pansare

Co-founder & CEO

Get My Parking

Anand Pikle

Certified Senior Architect


Amol Dhondse

Certified Senior Architect


Mukesh Jain

VP & Head


Sudin Baraokar


BFSI Sector

Nivedita Deshmukh

Principal Consultant

Infosys Ltd

Gandhali Samant

Sr. Technology Evangelist

Microsoft India

Dr. Kaustubh Nande

Country Marketing Head

ANSYS Software Pvt Ltd (ANSYS India)

Chandni Jafri


Mumbai Angels

Akash Sureka

Serial Entrepreneur, Pune Angel Member and Global Startup Advisory

Pune Angels Network

Anuradha Kulkarni

Co-Founder & CEO


X Chandni Jafri

Chandni Jafri is a Triple Bottomline Advocate, StartUp Evangelist, Advisor, Mentor, Business Head and theatre producer & actor.

An MBA from NMIMS, Mumbai (1995-1997), the key mandate in her two decade professional experience has been to kick start projects/divisions/startup media enterprises. Her core skill areas are business strategy, sales, marketing, research & brand building. She has been part of the Founding team & Business Head of The VCCircle Network, VJive Networks, Gettyimages India, Web 18, CNBC-TV18 & Madison World.As a member of Indo-Canadian Business Chamber,her mandate is to focus on mutually beneficial trade, investment & alliance opportunities in the Indo-Canada corridor. She founded Sound & Light Social Ventures in 2013, which is a CSR Advisory, fundraising, Media & Ecommerce platform focussed on the Indian Social Sector.

X Akash Sureka

Akash Sureka, serial entrepreneur with successful exit, and currently VP of Enterprise Digital Experiences in Persistent Systems limited, comes with a strong background with more than 16 years of varied technology products and business leaderships experience in Global product companies – having worked, handled and owned large global businesses and technologies, being building and delivering global products in marquee companies like NVIDIA, Bilcare, Nokia, Microsoft, & Motorola in the areas of Mobile Operating Systems, building mobile devices with ODMs manufacturers, large scale end to end consumer internet web solutions for millions of users, mobile applications for consumer internet and enterprise, social/ digital marketing and advertisement solutions, telecom and vas solutions, IOT, ;large scale B2B and B2C web solutions including IBM, Microsoft, etc enterprise solutions, API thought leadership pioneering, smartphones, mobility and connected devices solutions. Before venturing/finding out to his own start-up which was a global product company HOOPZ in mobile internet and artifical intelligence ecosystem, he spent a lot of time delivering consumer and business solutions to companies like Samsung, HTC, Toshiba, Sharp, Qualcomm, Intel, Microsoft, SONY, Micromax, Lenovo, AT&T, Bell Labs, HP etc to name a few and had steered global partnerships with Intel, Qualcomm, Yahoo, Google, Tencent, Baidu, InMobi, Facebook and many more globally.

Akash , was also Founder & CEO of Hoopz a global product company in mobile internet ecosystem, now acquired by Persistent Systems Limited (BSE Listed company, billion dollar market cap) last year having built world class products and solutions in mobility, artificial intelligence, search & discovery, machine learning, digital advertisements and personalization which scaled to 10s of millions of users globally and still expanding to 100s of millions of users while scaling the same business from Persistent after acquisition. While at Hoopz, Akash won the prestigious Aegis Graham Bell Telecom Award (2012) for Innovation in Mobility. He has been nominated for Young Entrepreneur by Business World, Top 100 Asian Companies by Red Herring, and nominated as Top Technology Pioneer by World Economic Forum for “Auto Search and Content Discovery” technology for mobile internet.

Akash has co-authored international publications like “Everything Guide To Mobile Apps” published by International publishing agency Adams Media, bringing out his perspective on global mobile app ecosystem and trends. He has several patents applied in his name under mobile, digital advertisements, IT, web applications, and consumer internet fields and is constantly sought after by global startups, entrepreneurs and investment ecosystem for advise and mentorship where he serves advisory and mentorship role to them. He has been featured in international books, publications, dailies on his thought leadership, advisory, and achievements.

Akash Sit on board of many global [US, Europe, India] startups and also advisory to Nasscom 10K, Cross border Angels group, VCs, Angel Groups and similar organisations across the globe. He is currently running a large Global Digital P&L in Persistent Systems with more than 300+ team globally working with in his BU and also advisor to Persistent Venture Capital Fund.

X Anuradha Kulkarni

- Anuradha Kulkarni: Co-founder and CEO FundHound
- Co-founded FundHound and connected with 500+ startups and 100+ investors
- 7 years of Investment Banking experience
- Worked for Deutsche Bank, ICICI Bank and Reliance Capital
- Worked on various fund raising, debt restructuring and M&A deals
- Handled deals upto ~$2bn in Sydney (Australia) & Wall Street, New York (USA)
- Masters in Finance from London School of Economics; MBA Finance


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