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Once considered a radical upstart, open source has moved from disruption to default. Its methods and culture commoditized the technologies that drove the Internet revolution and transformed the practice of software development. Collaborative and transparent, open source has become modus operandi, powering the next wave of innovation in cloud, data, and mobile technologies.

Open Source Summit will celebrate a decade of advances in the use of free and open source system by emphasizing areas and topics that will drive future use over the next decade. This will be achieved through a combination of high-quality research papers, tutorials, workshops, demonstrations, and invited talks.

Classic and essential subjects as Cloud computing, Data, Internet of Things, Dev, etc. will be treated from a user's needs' point of view. We will also put a strong emphasis on trending topics : Security, Privacy, Trust and Mobility.

Key Features

A Sessions covering the IT implementation using open source tools in Project Management & Software Development respectively

Practical tutorials that go deep into technical skills, new features and applications, and best practices

Inspirational (and relevant) keynote presentation

Open source developers, experts, vendors, and users of all levels—many of whom share your interests

A vibrant "Round Table Discussion" where attendees and speakers debate and discuss important issues

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X Topic Abstract

The SMAC stack has created a perfect storm of Opportunities & Challenges for Enterprises.

All Industries are facing disruption from hitherto unknown quarters with several exanples of upstarts upstaging decades’ old industries. Whether it is transportation, hospitality, retail or manufacturing, the disruption seems to have been ruthless and unforgiving to Technology laggards.

In many cases, Software is not about enabling the Business … It is the Business itself.

DevOps is fast emerging as the framework that binds Technology, Proceses and People together all at a dizzying pace that is unrelenting . Enterprises are forced to adopt this unrelenting pace of change or face business losses or even extinction.

Is DevOps the new messiah for Corporate IT o is it just another Technology fad?

Speaker Profile

Marketing, Sales & Business Development Professional specializing in IT Hardware and Software domains.


- Highly experienced in technology, services and channels

- Known for sharp focus on delivering business success
- An astute leader who brings appropriate balance between strategic & tactical marketing
- Proven in hardware, software and solutions marketing.
- Highly skilled in packaging complex solutions or services for channels and direct sales
- Expertise in developing marketing programs into streamlined & efficient dem-gen engines.
- Experienced Technology Evangelist

X Topic Abstract

We live in a fast changing world, where the radical innovations are brought in by need and People who want to do things differently. Open source is a mindset and a culture that has far reaching social and economical impacts. This session will cover the impacts and countless possibilities of Open Source.

Speaker Profile

Coming Soon....

X Topic Abstract

"Climate Change is a issue affecting the entire humanity, IT infrastructure consumes nearly 10% of the global energy consumption and is ever increasing. The Smartphone revolution has created Billions of devices, the emerging IOT will create trillions of devices.

The are many open source tools available today which help us in building complex technology stacks and solutions seamlessly.

Using the recent advances in the areas of machine learning, big data & analytics - IPM+ is in the fore-front of innovation in energy management. IPM+ provides breakthrough savings in the enterprise IT infrastructure. IPM+ is already in use in millions of devices globally and has saved millions of units of energy."

Speaker Profile

Srinivas is an Innovator, Entrepreneur , his innovations are in the areas of Intelligent Power Management (, Performance Engineering and Networking. Srinivas has a masters degree in computer science from IIT Bombay and over 24+ years of experience in the IT industry. He has 5 patents. His patents are in the are of power management and performance management. He also serves as a mentor at the founder institute.

Currently he is the founder and CEO for VIGYANLABS, a startup which specializes in intelligent power management. He also served as a Principal Architect for the Aadhaar program of UIDAI.

Prior to that he worked as a Chief Architect at Perot Systems Bangalore where he was responsible for technology strategy, managing the technology centres of excellence.

His interests include Energy Management, Green IT, Data Centre Design, Software Engineering, Performance Engineering, Knowledge Management, Networking & Rich Media. During his 10+ year stint in HP he architect­ed many large complex solutions in Airline, Logistics and Financial Services. His contribuition to open source include yapcbr (Yet Another PC Bridge, IPXWatch ­ IPX Protocol Analyzer, HP e­speak ­ Webservices platform)

Srinivas speaks often at various industry/academic forums and events. His other interests include astronomy, ayurveda and alternative medicine.

X Topic Abstract

- Openstack components overview
- How Openstack integrates with VMware , Hyperv, xen and KVM
- How keystone authentication happens in openstack
- How VM gets provisioned behind the scenes
- Live demo of Openstack administration activities
- Q&A : Ask all your toughest question on Openstack Nova

Speaker Profile

Anil is Founder and CEO of Cloud Enabled ,which is focused on 100% pure OpenStack Cloud services like OpenStack consulting,OpenStack implementation ,OpenStack training and 24×7 OpenStack support and also offers AWS migration services. He is the first brain on the planet who developed OpenStack Expert level training.He has setup private and public clouds for customers in India and across other countries.He is co -chair of Cloud Management working group at Cloud Innovation council of India.

X Topic Abstract

There is a major trend in software industry that is making role of project manager redundant. Open source projects are changing the way projects are executed and delivered. The governance layer and software engineering practices have evolved over decades. Open source project like Linux kernel, showed smooth execution by "maintainers" and not “managers”. The tools and processes are constantly evolving to meet developer community needs. This talk is a wakeup call to managers on how to accept reality and focus on adding more value to their role.

Speaker Profile

Janardan Revuru has 19 years of experience in software industry. He is author and speaker at Technical and Managerial forums. He is an open source enthusiast and authored paper "Some things money can't buy" to carry lessons from open source community to corporates. He is certified PMP, CSM, CFM and MBA in marketing.

References to speaker contributions:

Janardan Revuru Talks - Playlist
Presentation and Paper published by PMI - SOME THINGS MONEY CAN't BUY
Technical publications to Open Source For You magazine
Poster presentation at PMPC 2013 Conference

X Topic Abstract

Its almost three years since the first release of docker. Docker containers undoubtedly offer a lightweight alternative to virtualization, together with faster provisioning of services and more efficient utilization of server resources.

But has the technology reached a level of stability and maturity to support enterprise deployments? And is the ecosystem geared up to offer complementary tools and services for the technology to succeed?

In this session we will present a balanced assessment of the current state of containers, focusing on the following aspects:

- Provisioning complex software systems with multitude of inter-dependent services running on docker containers, with reliability and repeatability
- Tools for managing and monitoring services running on docker
- Scalability, Availability and Security for services running on docker containers

Specifically, we will talk about Kubernetes, a technology from Google for automated provisioning of containerized services, and about running containerized services on AWS. We will also bring up examples of monitoring and management tools offered by ecosystem players.

The current challenges in the area of docker networking will also be highlighted.
The presentation will include a demo of an e-commerce platform running on docker containers and provisioned using Kubernetes.

Speaker Profile

Monojit Basu is the Founder and Director of TechYugadi IT Solutions & Consulting, Bangalore. This company is engaged in technical enablement in Cloud Computing, Analytics and new software architectures and consulting services for open source software. Before setting up this company, Monojit worked in Senior Product Manager and Technical Architect roles in various software product companies including Sun Microsystems, webMethods, IBM. Monojit has played a key role in development as well as in customer success of many innovative enterprise software platforms, including highly available J2EE application server, SOA platform, Application Life Cycle Management platform and Big Data technology platform. He has been a speaker at conferences and events in India, China and the US, including JavaOne, IBM Innovate, and NASSCOM-IIMB workshop.

X Topic Abstract

Software industry has gone through a revolutionary change in last couple of years and Amazon Web Services (AWS) has been on the forefront of this change. Developers no longer have to wait for IT to provision hardware or stack for them. All they need is a credit card and they can provision it themselves by going to AWS. From compute to storage to database to networking everything is handled by AWS making developer free to focus on building their application. In this talk I will take a look at various open source alternatives [component wise] of Amazon Web Services.

Speaker Profile

Coming Soon....

X Topic Abstract

In this session we will see how to use ZAP as a manual testing software and then use the built in automation features to accomplish the same tasks. This will be great introduction for anyone thinking of getting into security testing as well as folks who want to test their websites for security.

We will use the OWASP Top 10 2013 as the framework to test against.

Speaker Profile

Akash is "That Web Application Security Guy". A CEH with more than 10+ years of experience in Application & Network Security. Before starting his own company he was a technical lead for one of the leading American company in specialising in security software. He started in security working on web infrastructure for the government of India.

Akash is the founder and community Manager at null – The Open Security Group and Chapter Lead at OWASP Bangalore while founding The AppSec Lab a company focussed on Application Security.


Book -­- Burp Suite Essentials
Published by PacktPub November 2014
ISBN 978-­-1783550111

X Topic Abstract

Geo-redundant storage is a compelling but, often complicated, requirement for 24/7 business operations. In this session, we will cover how Openstack in integration with CoprHD (an open-source SDS controller) and EMC VPLEX can be used to meet advanced storage use-cases, such as data availability and mobility, in a simplified manner that is fully compatible with OpenStack. We will also discuss the CoprHD community, how you can become involved, and some future plans on working more closely with the OpenStack community.

Speaker Profile

Parash is an excellent Software Professional having 12 years of experience in design, development and maintenance of enterprise software products. His current job is mix of Python and Java. Played with Python 2.x and 3.x. Parash is a Core Java professional having worked in many version of Java/JDK. Parash has exposure to C# 3.0, did design and development using C# for 6 months. Parash has experience in J2EE technologies, worked on JSP, JSF, Servelts, and JDBC.

Parash's experience has been in the areas of Software Defined Storage, OpenStack, Cloud Computing, Virtualization, Storage Area Networking, and Enterprise Application Integration.

Parash is currently working with EMC Corporation as a "Principal Engineer/Technical Lead" for the product "ViPR : Software Defined Storage (STAAS). Prior to this worked as a Sr Product Developer in the area of cloud computing and virtualization on BMC Bladelogic Server Automation.

Parash's experience includes working from small scale application to enterprise application design and development. He has vast experience working with diversified people spread across geographically different locations

Specialties: OpenStack, Software Defined Storage, Java, Python, Agile Development. Software Product Design and Development. TDD. Virtualization. Cloud Computing. Data structures and Algorithms.

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Event Speakers

Parashuram Hallur

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Srinivas Varadarajan


Vigyanlabs Innovations

Lux Rao

CTO - Technology Services


Anil Bidari

Founder and CEO

Cloud Enabled

Akash Mahajan


The App Sec Lab

Janardan Revuru

Engineering Manager


Monojit Basu


TechYugadi IT

Satyan Pathak

Senior Vice President, Private Banking Technology

Societe Generale Global Solution Centre

Atul Jha

Developer Evangelist

Minio, Inc.

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Open source has penetrated every aspect of business, ecommerce, education, and the Web. But open source doesn't mean free and easy—you have licensing compliance to understand, you need to know which technologies work well with each other, and how the open source projects you use are supported and by whom.

Learn techniques you can use to write great code

Discover the advantages of using code that you can get your hands on, instead of wondering what other people have built into it, and for what purposes

Find out how to migrate from expensive commercial installations to more efficient, cost-effective open source solutions

Explore innovations in system and network administration that your company can start using immediately to increase efficiency

Learn how to ensure that your code is really secure—don't take someone else's word for it

Master essential techniques and advanced tips to scale and optimize your systems for trouble-free, time-saving performance

Learn how to increase productivity and lower the cost of deployment, from databases to cloud computing

Hear about to the most promising new projects, services, languages and tools

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