September 22 - 23, 2016




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10 Professional Speakers

About the event

"Internet of Things: Link your World" - Exploring the latest happening in IoT Industry and how the Internet of Things will offer businesses and consumers.

The conference explores how the Internet of Things will re-shape our interactions with the real and virtual worlds in the coming years. Bringing together leading IoT companies, Start-Ups and the developer/ Professional community to exchange their ideas with the practical application and utilization of Internet of Things.

Experience a complete technical immersion.

Theme : Discovering the future - Let devices do the talking

IoT Webinars


Fundamentals of IoT (20 September)


Tools used in IoT (21 September)


IoT Analytics & Security (23 - 24 September)


IoT in Home Automation & Wearable Devices (26 - 28 September)


Conference or Event Schedule

X Topic Abstract


Module 1:

- IOT Introduction
- Demystifying Internet of Things (IOT)
- IOT some Industry facts
Module 2 : IOT in healthcare

Module 3 : IOT in SmartHomes

Module 4 : IOT in Automotive industry

Module 5 : Introduction to IOT Architecture

- Architecture
- Protocols

Module 6 : current Challenges in IOT

Module 7 : IOT demos

Module 8 : IOT in cloud

Trainer Profile

Coming Soon....

X Topic Abstract

About Raspberry Pi:

Raspberry PI is one of the most popular open source development platforms available in the market today. It is a miniature credit-card sized powerful computer that let designers develop multimedia applications - media playback & streaming, gaming, graphics etc. Raspberry PI operates on Linux and has Broadcom BCM2835 - full HD multimedia SOC which includes ARM11 running at 700MHz and VideoCore IV GPU. Till date more then 3 million units of the Pi have been shipped across the world.


Session 1 Theory, 30 minutes

Getting started with basics

- Introduction to Internet of Things (IoT)
- Why IoT? How IoT is changing the world

Session 2 Practical, 45 minutes

The Raspberry Pi

- Why Raspberry Pi Board for IoT
- Hardware Description and features
- Interfacing the Internet via RJ45
- Accessing the Pi
- Few commands on Linux

Session 3 Practice, 15 minutes

Brushing up your HTML skills

- Creating a simple web page
- HTML Tags
- Buttons

Session 4 Practice, 75 minutes

A bit of python and GPIOS

- GPIOs in Python
- Interfacing an LED
- Interfacing a Motor with Pi
- Interfacing Proximity Sensor
- Interfacing Fire Sensor

Session 5 Practical, 105 minutes

Making a Web App

- Understanding Javascript
- cgi-bin
- Python File IO
- Making your IoT WebApp
- Glowing an LED Bulb over webapp
- Making an Internet Controlled Robot

Session 6 Practical, 45 minutes

Automated E-Mail

- Sending an automated E-Mail
- Designing a door that sends an EMail when it is opened.
- Building a fire detector that sends a mail when fire is detected.

Tea Break

- Tea time, 15 minutes
- Because we need to recharge our batteries too!

Session 7 Practical, 60 minutes

IFTTT: If this then that

- Introduction to IFTTT
- Creating an account
- Enabling channels
- Creating your first recipe: Updating Facebook every time there is an E-Mail

Session 8 Practical, 45 minutes

Facebook and Twitter Integration

- Designing a box that can update its Facebook status automatically
- Designing a Fire Detector that can bench/chair which tweets every time someone sits on it.

Trainer Profile

UNICOM trainer has an experience of 4 years in Technology R&D as well as Technology Management.He has completed his graduation in Electronics and Telecommunication from Goa Engineering College which was followed by an MBA from Goa Institute of Management.

He has five years of experience in the field of Robotics, IoT and Automation. Pranav has been working as a product designer at Inventrom and has worked on projects like the Topping Pi (Patent Pending) which is an IoT accessory to Raspberry Pi, patented for design of Zazu Wireless Programmer and is currently he is working the NetPlug (a B2B IoT product) and Event Bot (Robot that can click photos and post them on social media autonomusly). NetPlug which is an IoT device that can be fitted with any Appliance to make it IoT enabled. NetPlug has won the IoT Tech10 award for being amongst the best upcoming IoT products.

He has an extensive teaching experience and till date he has been invited to conduct trainings at various institutes such as IIT Kanpur, IIT Rorkee, BITS Pilani etc as well as for his corporate clients such as CISCO, Intel, Applied Material, TCS, NETZSCH, Siemens etc. Pranav has also conducted workshops at conferences such as NullCon, VLSI Society of India Symposium, Automation and Robotics Expo and has trained more then 2000 working professionals and students on the topic of Raspberry Pi and Internet of Things till date.

X Topic Abstract

What is IoT?
- Definition and Characteristic of IoT
- Things in IoT
- IoT Protocols
- Logical Design of IoT
- IoT Enabling Technologies

Securing IoT
- Basic security principles applicable in IoT
1. Confidentiality
2. Integrity
3. Availability
4. Non-repudiation

- Security layer implementation in IoT
- Access management and controls
- Cryptography
- IoT device setup
- Gateway configuration
- Device Data encryption based on MAC ID
- Session token based communication through gateway
- Device and gateway profile creation on Cloud
- Device and Gateway identification using Cloud
- Full hands on secure data tarnsfer at each and every level of IoT Architecture

Analytics with IoT data
- Introduction to Data Analytics and tools used.
- Basics of Python for Data Analysis
1. Why learn Python for data analysis?
2. Python Data Structures
3. Python Iteration and Conditional Constructs
4. Python Libraries

- IPython environment configuration and features
- NumPy Basics
- Getting started with pandas
- Data Loading, Storage, and File Formats
- Data Wrangling
- Plotting and Visualization
- Data Aggregation and Group Operations
- Time Series
- IoT data application on fixed set of data.

Trainer Profile

Coming Soon....

X Topic Abstract

About the course

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the network of physical objects or "things" embedded with electronics, software, sensors and connectivity to enable it to achieve greater value and service by exchanging data with the manufacturer, operator and/or other connected devices. Each thing is uniquely identifiable through its embeddedsss computing system but is able to interoperate within the existing Internet infrastructure.This is the definition of Internet of things by Wikipedia which we all know. But today with the growing needs of technology IoT is some platform which is beyond this definition in true sense of its use. This course has been designed according to the need of the Industry; the course content includes lots of hands on sessions which gives deep dive in to concepts of Internet of things infrastructure. The course is supported by presentations and necessary materials which will help one to kick-start with your own IoT idea and bring it in to the market.

Agenda Day 1

- What is IoT?
- Internet History (Information - People - Things)
- Brief Introduction to Smart and connected World of devices
- Market analysis (Product- Services)
- Existing products and Alliances for IoT
- Devices or the Things of IoT
- Selection of Processor(8 bit - 16 bit or 32 bit)
- Sensor and actuators
- AnalogDigital I/O.
- Different types of interfaces.
- Filtering of raw readings.
- Wireless communication
- Selecting criteria
- WiFi, Bluetooth Smart and ZigBee
- Network protocol
- CoAP
- Connecting device to Cloud (Database both SQL and NoSQl type and Analytics)
- App (Web app and Mobile app)
- Device (M2M)

Day 2


Different sensors & actuators set up for SMART HOME will be integrated as a system with analytics & application design.

Day 3


Use of Frugal Wearable Tech kit with display, gesture and Healthcare sensors.

Trainer Profile

Coming Soon....


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Event Speakers

Anil Bidari

Founder and CEO

Cloud Enabled

Pranav Pai Vernekar

Co-Founder and CEO


Anirban Chowdhury

Co-founder and Director, Technology

Frugal Labs Tech Solutions Pvt Ltd

Ramakrishnan Venkatasubramanian

Senior Director

Cognizant Technology Solutions

Pavan Kumar

Global Product Manager

SAP Labs

Syam Madanapalli

Global Head - IoT Delivery


Sudhir Rawat

Big Data Engineer

Microsoft INDIA

Rajesh Chitharanjan

Director of Technology

Sapient India

Sachin Pukale

Head of IoT Ecosystem Development

Tata Communications

Damodar Sahu

Partner & Industry Advisor

Wipro Limited

Karthik Ranjan

Director Emerging Technology


Muni Prabaharan

Business Consultant (Chief Design Office Practice)

Tech Mahindra

Shubhankar Bhattacharya

Venture Partner

KAE Capital

Mr. Vijaya Kumar Ivaturi

Member, Indian Angel Network, Co-founder and CTO, Crayon Data, Former CTO of Wipro


Sukhvinder Lamba

Founder & CEO


Parul Tongaria

Head Strategy & Alliances

Lead Angels

Investors (Early Stage Investors)


IoT Startups

India IoT Awards

India IoT Awards 2016 recognizes those organizations and practitioners that have stepped away from legacy tools and processes to create IoT programs that define the future of IT Software Development, services and support. Executives and teams leading IoT at these companies will be recognized among their peers at the India IoT Awards ceremony to be held at World IoT Summit in Bangalore.

The awards shall be judged by a panel of distinguished Jury Members with significant experience in IoT.


1. IoT Person of the Year 2016

2. IoT Leader of the Year 2016


1. IOT Tech 10 of the year 2016

Submission Deadlines:

Standard Submission : 20th September 2016

IoT Olympiad 2016

IoT Olympiad is an initiative of Internet of Things Summit(IoT Summit 2016) and UNICOM to run India's most prestigious Corporate Quiz on Embedded technology and IoT.

Internet of Things (IoT) Tech 10 2016

What is Tech 10?

Tech 10 is an extended feature of the India Internet of Things(IoT) Week 2016 conference series. This is an initiative taken by UNICOM.

About Tech 10?

Purpose of this contest is to identify India's most innovative and Successful Start Up Company/ Product in the field of Internet of Things. It focuses on the ways in which Machine-to-Machine technologies (M2M) and the Internet of the Things (IoT) can be utilized to vastly improve business processes, minimize risk, spur innovation, and drive revenue. We Invite you to showcase your work in the area of M2M and Internet of Things.

Objectives :

- Stimulate and promote entrepreneurial initiative in INDIA in the area of IoT
- Bring out new IoT Product Technology startups.
- Support the transition from the idea to the launching stage
- Promote and reward start-up projects and Companies

Who can participate?

Startup companies involved in production/processing in the area of M2M and Internet of Things - application providers, platform companies, and device manufacturers

What's the benefit?

- Entitlement as IoT Tech 10
- "Certificate of Honour" & Memento from organisers
- 10 min lightning talk
- Table space (1 table, 2 chairs, socket point)

Rs 15,000 + Service tax

If you are interested, please contact :
Phone : +91 80 4202 3134
Mobile : +91 99869 33533
Email :

Event & Workshop Price list

Conference Registration for Any One Day

Early Bird : Rs 8,999
(Till 22nd August 2016)
Standard Price : Rs 9,999
(Till 22nd September 2016)
15% Service Tax

Conference Registration for Two Days

Early Bird : Rs 15,999
(Till 22nd August 2016)
Standard Price : Rs 17,999
(Till 22nd September 2016)
15% Service Tax

Workshop 1
Fundamentals of IoT

Standard Price : Rs 12,000
(Till 20th September 2016)
Seats are limited to 12 Participants
15% Service Tax

Workshop 2
Tools used in IoT

Standard Price : Rs 18,000
(Till 21st September 2016)
Seats are limited to 12 Participants
15% Service Tax

Workshop 3
IoT Analytics & Security

Standard Price : Rs 25,000
(Till 23rd September 2016)
Seats are limited to 12 Participants
15% Service Tax

Workshop 4
IoT Automation & Wearable Devices

Standard Price : Rs 29,000
(Till 26th September 2016)
Seats are limited to 12 Participants
15% Service Tax

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Internet of Things is open to anyone who has an interest in The Internet of Things and works in the technology/telecoms industry or any related field.


Yes, all conference attendees must register in advance to attend the event.

As this is predominantly an event for the IoT Industry, if you are interested in attending. Please note that there will be a charge to attend as a student(can avail special discount as a student).

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