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This one-day* event brings together subject experts, thought leaders and practitioners speaking on the foremost themes of these topics. The speakers highlight the aspects that are easy to adopt and discuss the difficulties and how to surmount them. Learn more about Test Automation Framework, Functional and Non Functional Test Automation, Mobile Test Automation, Web Test Automation and many more.

Agile Testing Conference is focused more on collaborative learning from the people who are involved in agile testing, and want to explore the future of Agile. With a focus on best practices, our events allow attendees to explore strategies surrounding TDD, BDD, ATDD, Continuous Testing and many more.

Test Automation Summit brings together people who are passionate about automation testing - enthusiastic and experienced speakers and delegates, who learn from each other through review presentations, case studies and round table discussions.

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Key Features

Improve your strategy: Getting business value from Test Management.

Improve your team development : Team Development; Test Management & Test Professional).

Improve test professional-skills.

Improve Test Automation Implementation: We'd like to hear about innovative test automation implementations.

The knowledge on various frameworks : Data-driven testing, Modularity-driven testing, Keyword-driven testing, Hybrid testing, Model-based testing, Code driven testing, Behavior driven testing.

Improve on Principals of Agile Testing, advantages and disadvantages of Agile Testing and the best practices.

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X Topic Abstract

Key trends and technology focus areas in digital business include (i) elimination of middlemen (ii) Cognitive intelligence demonstrated by machines and robots (iii) Changing workplace with self-service, BYOD, co-existence of and traditional workforce with millennials and robots (iv) Multi-channel customer connect with IOT/wearables integration (v) Pervasive technologies/autonomics/predictive analysis for customer experience. Agile and DevOps are fast catching up to meet the digital transformation needs of businesses.

The boundaries of software delivery are eliminated with operations, development, testing, infrastructure & deployment teams working together in DevOps life cycle.

What does the future of IT look like in this changed world of Business Technology? What is expected from IT in terms of Test Process, People Skills, and Tools/Technologies? Renu would discuss the current trends in business that shape technology outlook, and how the technology and service providers should enable DevOps adoption to cater to needs of business.

Speaker Profile

Renu Rajani is VP in Financial Services at Infosys. She is a seasoned IT services/consulting leader with 27 years of experience. Renu's experience spans across delivery, transformation, providing technical solutions, outsourcing governance, and consulting. Prior to Infosys, she has served Capgemini, Citi, IBM, KPMG Consulting in key leadership roles.

Renu is also an active blogger on digital quality assurance, technology, and managed services and has a follower base of over 15K on social media. She has been a key contributor to Capgemini/Sogeti/HPE World Quality Report during 2015-17. She has led the creation of go-to-market offerings in the area of digital, DevOps, and business assurance.

Renu has been recipient of the Testing Thought Leadership award in 2008 by PureTesting and Testing Leader of the year award by Unicom in 2015.

Her recent “Testing Practitioner Handbook” brings together some of her popular blogs on latest technologies and QA considerations in a book form. Renu authored her first book on software testing in 2003 with McGrawHill and the same is a text/reference book in many universities.

Renu holds an MS from the Krannert Graduate School of Management, Purdue University USA, an MBA in Finance from DAVV Indore, and a B Tech in Computer Science from IET, Lucknow University. She is an IBM Sr PM certified with DPE/SM discipline, and holds the ITIL V3, CAIIB, and PMP Certifications.

X Topic Abstract

Gone are the days when performance engineering for systems and software was done as an afterthought, or after the first performance related escalation from a customer was received. Today, performance is embedded right from design to every stage of the implementation and verification. Sufficient advancements have been incorporated to left-shift identification of potential performance issues and address them as soon as possible. However, performance engineering teams still work isolated from most other teams in the development and research labs.

Given that the performance engineering teams hold the mantle for a successful release and a go-to market strategy in many cases, they become crucial squad members in addition to representatives from other engineering teams as well as from the marketing and offering management teams.

In this session, I will go through a case study of the transformation that I personally led in the Systems performance engineering organisation within IBM. Detailing the structure that existed and the challenges that were posed during the journey of adopting a scaling agile approach for performance engineering, I will cover the synergy that was achieved as well as points for any team that is interested in adopting this approach for their traditionally structured teams.

Speaker Profile

Swetha Sivaram is an Engineering Manager in the Power Systems Development organization in the IBM Systems Development Labs. Her experience of 15 years in the software industry spans across domains such as systems performance, application development, usability and user experience, service virtualization and psychometric evaluation. Her exposure to multi-cultural environments and direct exposure to consumers of the various products that she has been involved in creating, have greatly added to her insights on what it takes to make a product successful. She has patents in the area of usability and user experience and her passion for design has seen her work on various design projects with graduates from the National Institute of Design. She has a B.Tech. degree from BITS, Pilani in Computer Engineering. She represents IBM at various internal and external conferences on topics ranging from Agile Transformations, DevOps, Service Virtualization and Automation to soft skills and management topics.

X Topic Abstract

This topic will walkthrough the technological changes that have taken place in Test Automation right and how various Test Frameworks have evolved in the last 20 years and how the Automation technology will look like the next 10 years, so a 3 decade time scale movement.

The paper will explain how TEST Design automation will be carried out the moment one starts designing or authoring test cases, he or she can " on the fly" automate.

Speaker Profile

Dr. Shankar is a dedicated TQM professional, who has spent much of his 25-year career managing change and improving software engineering efficiency through business driven quality management systems.

With 25 years of Process Quality, Testing and cross-functional experience in Software Industry,he has managed change and improved software engineering efficiency through business and objective driven Quality Control and Quality Assurance systems for companies he has worked for.

He is credited for setting up 5 Test COE s, 5 CMM/CMMi Rollouts, 8 ISO 9K rollouts, 2 TL9K Rollout, and 5 ISO 27K rollouts in his entire career spanning domains like Telecom, BFSI, Enterprise Application, IT Services.

He started his career with C.DOT as Software Research Engineer and moved on to Product validation group and Quality functions in his career. He has worked Ness, Adeptia, at Senior Management Positions and has managed large Test Labs (COE s) during his career. His last assignment was Vice President of Rave Technologies in Testing Services Practice and before that, he was serving in Bharti Group as Vice President for Customer Advocacy group at Bharti Telesoft handling the Product Testing, Process Group, KM Group and CSAT group. He was Director of TQM for Genband Technologies , a product company in VOIP space. He has being consulting for Fortune 500 companies in the Testing, ITIL, CMM, space in US prior to joining Genband.

He has pioneered the Objective Question Metrics (OQM) Model which was his thesis topic at IIT-Delhi. This model provides guidance to Software Companies to install business driven metricate systems.

Dr. Shankar is a computer science engineer from NIT Tiruchirapalli and is armed with a Phd in Software Quality Engineering from IIT Delhi, an M.Tech from IIT-Delhi in Management Systems, and an MBA from AIMA-Delhi . Dr Shankar is P.G.Dip in Business Management,Personnel Management and Industrial Management .

Specialties: He is a strong believer of outcome -driven models for Business Excellence and keen to leverage QA/QC to improve the upstream as well as downstream quality for Software Organizations. He is implementing the OQM Model which he developed in his Phd Thesis to transform Organizations towards Business Excellence

X Topic Abstract

Automation can become a liability rather than asset if it's not handled properly. Automation can be called as an "asset" if (a) the test scripts are executed repeatedly and (b) the results of such execution are accurate and dependable.

In this presentation, we will be discussing the architecture and execution strategies for high-ROI automation along with examples. We will presenting a case study of the benefits of automating all activities of test lifecycle (and not just test execution). And finally, we will introduce the audience to the award-winning framework (Stevie Bronze International Business Award, 2017) we have developed in our organization for Continuous testing and test lifecycle automation.

Speaker Profile

Amit Jain (PMP, TOGAF, CSM, ITIL, SCJP, SCWD) has 19 years of experience in Information Technology industry. He has worked in all aspects of Software Development Life Cycle including Development, Architecture, Quality and Operations. Currently, Amit is part of the Cisco ITs Central Quality Organization. In his role, Amit is spearheading the development of next gen automation frameworks, tools and processes for all of Cisco ITs testing teams. Prior to Cisco he has worked in Delphi Automotive Systems and TCS. He has always brought in innovation and new idea’s to whatever he has worked on. His favorite pastimes are travelling, reading books, music and Badminton.

Abhiram Cuduvalli (SAFe, PMP, CSM, SSGB, ITIL) has twenty years of experience in information technology industry. He has performed technical and managerial roles in testing and Quality Assurance areas in several organizations. Currently, Abhiram is part of the leadership team in Cisco’s Central Quality organization and is responsible for enterprise quality strategies, frameworks and processes. Previously, Abhiram has worked in technology leaders like Adobe systems and Dell computers. Abhiram is an avid traveler, likes outdoor sports, reading and is a Manchester United fan.

X Topic Abstract

Manual Testing is performed to find defects but it is time-consuming, expensive, often repetitive and subject to human error. Moreover, it results in bugs in delivered software/product.

Test Automation is the way to create automated tests for manual test cases to perform repeated steps, compare them to expected behavior and report success/failure.

This helps in increasing efficiency and coverage of software. However in spite of it being considered critical for big software companies, it is considered to be too expensive or difficult to implement.

Case Studies of implementing automation across domains such as Appliance, IOT, Conformance, Server Management, Web .etc. and Best Practices shall be shared, which would ensure to achieve successful testing and get maximum return on investment(ROI).

Speaker Profile

Suman Vohra
Suman has 7 years of experience with NEC Technologies India Pvt Ltd., in Manual, Performance and Automation Testing.

She is acting as a Test Lead. She has experience in Test Planning, Test Designing and Test Execution.

She holds experience in test scripting using tools Selenium, Appium, Jmeter, UI Automation, and Selendroid.

Have experience in testing of web based applications, mobile applications (Android, iOS, Windows) in Retail and Logistics, Mail Server and Mobile domain projects.

She is an ISTQB Certified Test Analyst.

Parveen Arora
With more than 15 years of industry experience, Parveen Arora serves as Group Manager - Testing at NEC Technologies India Pvt Ltd. He brings to NEC, a career of Testing & QA leadership. He holds a vast experience in Project Management, Testing and Test Automation and is responsible for delivering large testing engagements.

In his previous assignments, Parveen was associated with Hughes Systique Corporation (Gurgaon), Ness Technologies (Bangalore), Quark Media House (Mohali, Chandigarh). He had been responsible for building and maintaining testing competency across groups and led Japan, Singapore, USA & India testing groups.

Parveen is graduated in Bachelor of Science (Honors in Mathematics). Parveen holds a Master’s Degree in Computer Science & Application and a Master’s degree in Business Administration (Systems & Marketing).

X Topic Abstract

With increase in the complexity of software testing, large chunks of resources are to be pressed for service dynamically. It includes huge run time memory and the processing power. The cloud happens to be the platform of choice to enable this by providing the required infrastructure. smart utilization of this facility is required to fully exploit the capabilities. It calls for runtime allocation of resources based on prediction analytics to enable seamless functioning. Prediction and resource allocation done with a Neural network blended with Random early detection (RED) provides superior results. Case studies would be provided to support the same. The resource allocation in turn dictate partitioning of the test software objects. For optimal performance, a tradeoff is required between size of the software object and the number of transactions with the cloud as evident from the case study.

Another issue with the centralized testcase repository over the cloud is, dumping of the duplicate test cases as they are generated by multiple teams to test overlapping functionalities. State of the art AI techniques to handle this issue would be presented along with the case study

Speaker Profile

Dr Manjunath Ramachandra has about two decades of work experience in the overlapping verticals of data networks, Signal processing, Image processing & Wireless/mobile technologies. Research in the same field led to PhD, about 170 journal & conference publications, patent disclosures and a book. He represented Philips in international standardization bodies such as Wi-Fi Alliance, served as the editor for the regional profiles standard in Digital living network alliance (DLNA) and as the industrial liaison officer for the CE-Linux Forum. He was a part of NASSCOM embedded systems special interest Group. He has chaired about 30 conferences. His areas of interests include Data networks, test automation, database architecture, Artificial intelligence etc. He is currently working for Wipro technologies as Principal consultant.

X Topic Abstract

Testing needs have evolved a lot over time and to cater to them, various interesting developments have taken place in the field of test automation. Tools like Jenkins, Cucumber etc changed the way we think about automation. However, most of these developments did nothing about the core of test automation i.e. the test engine itself. They went for existing test engines mostly JUnit and TestNG in the Java world. As a result, they did a patch work in the framework layer for various shortcomings of the engines themselves. Same is true for most of the custom/despoke automation frameworks developed within organizations as well.

Arjuna is a new generation free test automation engine created by Rahul Verma. It has been coded from scratch, as some would say - it is a reinvention of the test automation wheel. When was a reinvention a bad thing? A wise man once said whatever had to be created has already been created, we just discover it. Arjuna is specifically geared towards today's complex test automation needs while not forgetting the strong foundations laid by its predecessors and teacher in the form of JUnit and TestNG. This presentation happens to be the first formal presentation and hence the official launch of Arjuna by its creator - Rahul Verma. Join the presentation and your views about test automation engines would be changed forever.

Speaker Profile

I am a consulting software tester, author, speaker, coach and a parallel software testing entrepreneur from Bangalore, India.

I am the founder of Test Mile and Talent Reboot. I am the author of (earlier

I am known for my practical and unified views on software testing. I have been awarded with multiple Testing Thought Leadership awards.

X Topic Abstract

At SAP, the continuous quest for new frontiers to make software testing more effective and efficient continues. Lately, the advancements in the topic of Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics has improved the reach of these topics to common users who can leverage their benefits without the need of specialized data scientists.

In this session, we will discuss the fundamental concept of machine learning where test data is provided as input to an intelligence system which it uses for learning and predictions. Furthermore, we will discuss the application of these concepts in software testing. We will discuss various pragmatic use cases at SAP where this concept has been applied. Through this topic, we will also try to share the direction software testing is taking and throw light on what’s in store ahead.

This session shall be an experience sharing session where we shall discuss SAP’s endeavours to use machine learning with software testing to positively impact product quality.

Speaker Profile

More than 13 years of hands on experience in Quality Assurance and Software Testing for Large Scale and complex Business applications, with Lean, Agile and ISO implementation credentials, complemented by sound technical, automation and team management skills.

In the current capacity as Test Architect with SAP, responsible for Functional Regression Testing for SAP Business Suite on HANA and Performance and Scalability tests for SAP S/4HANA


- Software Test Strategy and Delivery
- Software Test Automation - Strategic Investments & Tools
- Exploratory Testing & Advanced test techniques
- Performance and Scalability Testing
- Test On Premise, Cloud, Hybrid and IoT
- Lean and Agile Test Management, Manager as a Coach

X Topic Abstract

In today's Agile implementations, we testers face challenges around lack of documentation, lack of developer discipline, developer - tester relationship and management expectations on delivery.

To address this, we need to collaborate at different levels… At the product owner level, architect / designer level, developer level and, of course, management! All of these stakeholders have different priorities and needs that drive their behaviours. To be effective in our roles, collaboration, through effective systems & processes cannot be overlooked.

What we will address as a part of this talk is practical examples of how to improve collaboration whilst undertaking effective testing & automation, including the need to define the automation expectations, developer expectations, management expectations, domain / business analyst expectations.

Project managers and Automation architects will benefit with practical approaches on how-what-when the automation team should collaborate with various other teams in the organization hierarchy (the development team, to business analysts and higher management) to make automation successful.

Speaker Profile

Enterprise and IT Architect with over 22 years of experience in architecting and managing automation projects, designing innovative business solutions for large transport logistic companies. Skilled in Open source tool integration and building complete Test ALM. Certified trainer in IEEE's SWEBOK and Explorer of OpenSource Software testing tools, processes and training.

Core Expertise:

Test Automation, SOA, Process Modeling, Project Management, Web Development Currently working as a Technical Architect with Last Mile Consultants.

§ Has built interfaces for the Integration of Open Source tools – Kunagi and TestLink, Selenium/Jira Integration, Webstore prototype for an NGO using Magento

§ Architecture and Object Oriented Design – Worked as an architect for more than 8 years as an architect with Dell Perot Systems and involved in technical architecture / design / coding / code reviews across projects

§ Developed an industry framework and reference architecture for Travel & Transportation Industry

§ Provided Project Planning Support to start up projects by providing support for project planning / management, ramp up and providing initial training to the team to bring the team members up to speed

§ Hardware Capacity planning for systems

§ Prior to working as a technical architect worked as a designer, Technical Lead, Analyst/Programmer across various projects in Dell (earlier Perot Systems)/ Mascot Systems / Tata Consultancy Services

X Topic Abstract

In this challenging world change is the only constant thing. This also applies to the work products and services that we deliver to customers. Not only that, in this competitive and demanding world all customers expect optimal output with less budget, maximized quality and increased time to market. This becomes much more important when we are executing software development projects, where requirements changes are imperative. To fulfil the objectives, we need to understand the customer business and their changing needs. So how are we going to do this? This can be done following Agile methodologies and processes. But again, can we fully say that, following agile practice will solve all issues?

The old saying "you can't improve what you can't measure" indicates the need to know how you know. But while agile scrum defines several milestones—sprint planning, daily stand-up, sprint review, sprint retrospective, backlog grooming—the milestones alone don't provide any guarantees of progress or success. However, each one allows team members to inspect and adapt how—and what—they work on. In this paper the AVM (Agile Value metrics) framework that addresses all the issues and gives us a clear path on delivering working software to end user.

In AVM framework, we define the end to end agile methodology, things to perform, key metrics that the agile methodologies specifically mention for measuring the success of scrum teams for keeping sprints on track.

Speaker Profile

Vidhya Sundararajan heads Quality Assurance in Prodapt Solutions. She has done her B.E, Electrical and Electronics, from Annamalai University, and M.B.A from IGNOU University. She has over 21 years of rich experience in IT industry with good exposure to Delivery Management, Operational and Business Excellence, Process Consulting and People Management practices. She started her career with Software Solutions India Ltd, and served Organizations such as COVANSYS, Philips Innovation Campus and Cognizant Technology Solutions. She had done Lean Six Sigma Black Belt from BMGI and have implemented the same in projects. She has travelled across United States for more than 3 years, in providing consulting for Sprint PCS, Cingular Wireless. She has presented several QA and testing related papers at international conferences and webinars. She is extremely passionate about teaching and has received ASTRA awards and other recognitions.


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Dr. Shankar Ramamoorthy

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Harman Connected Services

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Last Mile Consultants

Manjunath Ramachandra

Principal Consultant

Wipro Technologies

Amit Jain

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Renu Rajani

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Swetha Sivaram

Engineering Manager


Ajay Tikare

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SAP Labs

Vidhya Sundararajan

Director - Quality Assurance

Prodapt Solutions

Suman Vohra

Test Lead

NEC Technologies India Pvt Ltd

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Group Manager-Testing

NEC Technologies India Pvt Ltd

Rahul Verma

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