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Agile Testing and Test Automation Summit 2017 will be happening in Colombo on 14th July 2017, with focus on Technical Sessions featuring interactive Presentation exploring the depth and breadth of Agile software development and Test Automation across all practices, and perspectives. The Summit will be a key meeting place for Test Professionals and Executives from leading IT organizations. The event features an inspiring day of talks and workshops by professional speakers focused on Agile Testing and Test Automation Innovation.

Agile Testing Conference is focused more on collaborative learning from the people who are involved in agile testing, and want to explore the future of Agile. With a focus on best practices, our events allow attendees to explore strategies surrounding TDD, BDD, ATDD, Continuous Testing and many more.

Test Automation Summit brings together people who are passionate about automation testing - enthusiastic and experienced speakers and delegates, who learn from each other through review presentations, case studies and round table discussions.

Learn more about Test Automation Framework, Functional and Non Functional Test Automation, Mobile Test Automation, Web Test Automation and many more.

Key Features

Improve your strategy: Getting business value from Test Management.

Improve your team development : Team Development; Test Management & Test Professional).

Improve test professional-skills.

Improve Test Automation Implementation: We'd like to hear about innovative test automation implementations.

The knowledge on various frameworks : Data-driven testing, Modularity-driven testing, Keyword-driven testing, Hybrid testing, Model-based testing, Code driven testing, Behavior driven testing.

Improve on Principals of Agile Testing, advantages and disadvantages of Agile Testing and the best practices.

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X Topic Abstract

The value chain (Michael Porter) is part and parcel of every company; values are generatedeffortlessly and frequently. Each software engineer in a software company generates values.

Requirement gathering, designing, development, testing and deployment are some of the values found in a software company. Even within a failed Software Companyevery employee generates value, each employee from the top most rung to the bottom would undoubtedly state that he / she has carried out his / her task diligently. This is not questionable, they would have done a thorough job, however what is questionable is not the task in itself but how the task was carried out, the methodology!

To understand this further we need to study the value web, with an open mind. The Value web is a series of value chains.

Taking in to consideration the value chain of an outsourcing strategies company, let us look in to a practical example; As a general trend, large corporationsoutsource their accounts receivables and Credit management to external partners. Based on the different legislative rules in the different countries , the nature of these external partners may vary. In general they are either professional Collection companies or specialized Law firms (where this is a requirement, such as in Spain and several other countries).

Let’s take a credit management software system developed by a Sri Lankan software company for a Norwegian debt collecting company.

A Norwegian debt collecting company has requested a Norwegian software company to develop a credit management software system. This Norwegian software company in its turn has out sourced the development to a Sri Lankan software company

Speaker Profile

With 10 years of experience in Agile Project-Management and overall fourteen years of work experience I am currently a Senior Manager – Delivery(Senior Program Manager) for Virtusa Pvt Ltd, I have managed around 60 projects in agile (Scrum, Kanban), and am involved in coaching customers and the project team in Agile concepts. I am really passionate about continuous delivery and transformation. I have global exposure of working with customers in Norway, Sweden, UK, Australia, Iceland, Netherlands and Maldives. My academic record includes BSc computer science (Colombo) and MBA (USJP). In addition I am a Post-graduate lecturer at the ICBT Campus and The institute of Charted Accountants, Si Lanka.

X Topic Abstract

The objective of the use of software is to continuously deliver the business value. Most companies are creating Software for one main reason - to make money. In order to make money. However, very little progress has been made in years to reduce the cost of information systems.

Companies should keep up with speed rates and changes in the digital business or revenue lose risk, decline in performance efficiency and market share. Therefore, the need of the hour is to accelerate the launch cycles while ensuring the agility to meet.

Accelerate the speed at which organizations must carry out. Launch cycles are monthly, weekly, daily or even hour; Companies like Facebook and Amazon operate at incredible speeds through hourly communications.

The role of software tester has changed. This is not the traditional "Software Tester" you thought. If you want to be on the verge of your company's software testing hierarchy, being only a software tester that creates test cases and runs; they will never make an experienced person. The first step to move away from traditional testing is that you should not be addicted just for test cases. Write test cases and run, but go a little further. People today are going beyond. They think Out of the Box. Once you start exploring more, then you become a more successful tester.

In this talk we will see how TDD and CI / CD reduce the cost of ownership and improve the time of commercialization and to satisfy the demand for faster "Product-to-Market".

Speaker Profile

Umanga Buddhini Wackista-aratchie is a result driven Software Quality Assurance Manager with over 14 years of industry experience in diverse areas of Software Testing, Business Analysis, Test methodologies, Agile Testing, Test team management, Stakeholder Management and Customer support.

She is amongst the first and only qualified Certified Manager of Software Testing (CMST) in Sri Lanka who became seventh in the world and her achievement has been ratified by Software Certifications (Administered by QAI Global Institute, USA).

She has also been selected to speak at many world and local conferences on many topics and participated as an invitee in first International Research Symposium in Sri Lanka.

She thinks like a chess player and with boundless curiosity while testing and also by setting the levels and standards that exceed expectations. She is a person with fun attitude and she is a lifelong learner who loves to share knowledge.

Her Blog is ->>

Her Linkedin url :

X Topic Abstract

With the shift towards Agile in product teams, UX practitioners are finding it increasingly difficult to integrate formal usability testing into this faster-paced, iterative approach to software development. The need to maintain the momentum (aka burn-down) in Agile product development challenges the formal usability testing practice. However, usability testing has proven critical in the overall success of the product. Hence integrating usability testing as a part of the development sprints, poses a high demand for modern product owners. "How would an end user respond to our software under realistic conditions?" is given a similar significance just as the velocity of the project.

In my session, I will speak about my previous experience of working in Agile teams as a user experience practitioner. I will discuss the tools and techniques I used to introduce usability testing. I will also elaborate on various approaches I employed, where I failed and what I learnt in finding a common ground to solve this problem.

With this session I intend to help the audience in applying usability testing, that will allow them to gather that critical customer feedback and still keep the team’s momentum towards the overall success of the product.

Speaker Profile

An experienced user experience designer with a proven track record in working with start-ups as well as corporates helping them understand their end users and design products that bring results. As a practitioner of Agile Scrum and UX, I process over 10 years of experience working at companies like 99X Technology and AirArabia. Lately, I founded Amplifyn, a User Experience consultancy start-up, which has severed key brands like PickMe, in local start-up scene. I’m also the co-founder of UX Colombo, a community meetup for UX practitioners in Colombo. I’m driven by the passion for helping Agile teams to implement technology solutions that exploit unique consumer touch points.

X Topic Abstract

- Building a continuous delivery pipeline is vital need as well as a challenge especially for enterprises which develop large product in multiple distributed teams.

- The first step to build CD pipeline is create transparency to what customer need and how teams going to release the functionality. User story mapping is a simple technique to fulfil this need.

- In this session I will facilitate a hands on session on benefits of user story mapping to be used in their projects

Learning outcomes:
- Introduction to User story mapping
- How user story mapping enables building a strong software delivery pipeline which in turn enables the continuous delivery
- How to create a story map - Exercise
- Tips and Tools to perform story mapping in a distributed environment
- Next steps: How to use story map to build a the continuous delivery pipeline

Speaker Profile

Janani has been serving software development teams since eleven years as a senior software engineer, scrum master, Agile Project Manager consultant & coach for agile teams & leadership. She joined VirtusaPolaris as a senior consultant and now works as an Agile coach to VirtusaPolaris Colombo ATC. She provides training, coaching and consulting for projects through agile transformations to deliver higher business value to customers with a greater focus on continuous improvement.

Prior to join VirtusaPolaris she spent a successful stint of 8 years at IFS R&D International, as a Scrum master/ Senior Software Engineer who worked with dynamically distributed teams.

She is a public speaker, holds competent Leader & communicator status from Toastmasters International. She was a speaker at Colombo Agile Conference 2014 and one of the finalists of the Young HR Minds Awards at the National HR Conference SL 2011 for her case study on Agile Change management.

Round Table Discussion

Participants join a table to discuss one or more of the Conference themes. Each table has a "Topic Guru" to facilitate the discussion.

X Topic Abstract

The emphasis and usage of regression testing has grown over the past decades with the active endorsement of agile development methodologies. This growth is traced to the end user expectations widely and how dynamic the development prospect is in responding to changes required in the product. Since every new software change introduces the potential for new problems, regression tests have become a growing test suite that needs to be run regularly to monitor existing functionality. While moving forward on this process there are many challenges need to be overcome. Hence, today testers are in the phase of finding easier and smarter way of doing regression tests in their agile context. This speech intends to cover the foremost techniques and methodologies of carrying out the regression tests in smarter way.

Speaker Profile

Raveen has been working in the Software Industry for two years after completing his Bachelor Degree in Computer Sciences from University of Colombo School of Computing. With an one year of working experience as a software Engineer, he joined with Millennium Information Technologies as an Quality Assurance Analyst later. He changed his career path as of an enthusiasm towards the software testing. Within the short period of his working experience he was able to become an ISTQB certified tester and now he has initiated training programs in his company about selenium. Rather than his career he is a speaker in Selenium Meet-ups and conducting University workshops for major universities in Sri Lanka. Apart from these careers related things he likes to sharing his knowledge, experimenting new technologies and engage in CSR activities. Also he has inspiring attitudes towards balancing work and the life.

Uthpala is an industry expert with more than 7 years of successful experience in software Testing. Uthpala has begun her career as a Quality Assurance Engineer and has a proven ability to adapting to the fast changing technologies as now she is an excellent technical tester. Uthpala has successfully completed Microsoft Certified Professional Developer (MCPD) Certification, Java Programmer Certification (OCJP) also ISTQB certifications. She holds an MSc in Financial Mathematics from University of Colombo and bachelor’s degree in ICT from University of Colombo School of Computing. Uthpala is a valued speaker on Colombo Selenium meet ups, and also presenting regularly in University workshops

X Topic Abstract

Faster software delivery with higher quality” has been a most-wanted & mission-critical activity. Tools, frameworks and methodologies such as Iterative-process disciplines are at their best to help teams to pursue that at a growing rate. Agile testing and quality assurance has been a mostly vital & demanding essence in this context and, DevOps becoming one of the hugely-helpful, permanent, and mostly-invested paradigms in the software life-cycle, for that.

- The influences of the recent growth and the latest trends of DevOps in Agile Testing
- Latest DevOps Tools and technologies been introduced to produce quality but faster software deliveries
- Positive effects these trends having towards prominent architectural modes such as microservies testing

will be discussed in details in this speech with examples of AWS services. Further, it will be included elaborations on how these emerging trends in DevOps have helped the Agile Teams for easier execution of testing/Quality Assurance, efficient mechanisms for testing software and faster but quality deliveries, with example use-cases.

Speaker Profile

He is a full-stack technology enthusiast in the context of software product development, who's been serving software products for international clients employing in well-reputed local companies for last 10 years. Dhammika's got hands on expertise on J2EE, .NET, JavaScript frameworks, mobile & related technologies as well as in DevOps, Big-data processing, IoT, Data analytics etc. He is a SAFe Agilist and Agile Scrum evangelist, who's been involving in coaching and productive technical-team building on Agile Scrum, as well as helping to implement its best practices in project teams.

He started as a hard-core coder ground-up, through designing/architecting large-scale enterprise products into re-eingineering production software systems to be suited with the best technology choices and business sense. With his current role of VP Engineering, Dhammika is overtaking all technology related matters of his projects, helping the teams to produce quality delivarables to their clients, performing technology management & research activities, and implementing engineering best-practices in the software lifecycle.

Graduating with his first degree of BSc (Hons.) Computer Engineering from Faculty of Engineering, University of Peradeniya, Dhammika is currently reading the latter part of his Masters at CSE, University of Moratuwa.


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Infosoft Lanka (Pvt.) Ltd.

Hasanga Abeyaratne

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Janani Liyanage

Agile Coach/Consultant


Shamira Dias

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Virtusa Polaris

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Raveen Jayawardana

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Millennium Information Technologies

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Millennium Information Technologies

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Calcey Technologies

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