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The Blockchain Summit, organized by the UNICOM will take place on 08th December 2017 Sydney. The Blockchain Conference 2017 will bring together a diverse range of experts who will discuss all the opportunities, challenges and exciting possibilities in innovation and disruption that can be leveraged in Sydney using this technology.

Blockchain is a revolutionary technology that minimizes fraud and maximizes efficiency, security & transparency in supply chains, healthcare, global money systems, financial technologies, democratic elections, auction of public assets, energy trading, electronic record authentication, delivery of Government services, IoT and much, much more. Blockchain technology in the information age represents the critical intersection between the financial rails, social networking, and powerful decentralised networks. It is critical for stakeholders to formulate careful legal and business strategies around novel business models as the technology and infrastructure, as well as the corresponding market appetite and regulatory structures, evolve rapidly in disparate global markets.

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It is expected that over the next 30 years Artificial Intelligence and technological change is expected to revolutionise the workplace - not just in the areas impacted by previous technology transformations such as the more blue collar sectors but more so in - white collar sectors such as accounting and the law. This paper explores the implications of the disruption that is arguably already taking place as we speak, and the expected increase in change that will see a loss of 800,000 jobs in Australia over the next 10 years and the 5,000,000 jobs expected to be lost globally due to the digital revolution (according to the CEO of LinkedIn). The min focus of this paper is the context of the changes, the technologies especially the so-called blockchain, artificial intelligence and the strategic issues facing 'the law firm' and industry that will need to manage these issues if they are to remain competitive and indeed survive.

Speaker Profile

An accomplished international executive and leader - Stephen has a long record of delivering, and inspiring others to deliver, highly successful outcomes. He has 30 years of strategic advisory, management consulting and complex acquisition integration management experience across multiple industry sectors. He has consulted independently since 2009, prior to which he was Vice President, Financial Services (practice manager and lead for the business consulting solution) at Gartner Consulting (Asia-Pacific). He has substantial international business and management experience, having lived and worked in East Asia, the UK, Europe and the United States (holding global and multi-geography responsibility).

Stephen also has a long standing humanitarian interest (especially in the area of Human Rights under International Humanitarian Law in post conflict zones). He is an active volunteer International Human Rights advocate and International Relations researcher & analyst. His specialised areas of concern are the Middle East & Africa and East Asia.

X Topic Abstract

Blockchain has the potential to disrupt many industries, venture capital is no exception. Many companies bypass VC through an ICO. Leading VCs have created liquidity in their funds using tokens. What will the future look like? What is the best route for founders? How can we participate and be protected as investors? What is the appropriate level of regulation?

Speaker Profile

Paul Fox has worked as an investor, strategist, business builder, and technologist. He is currently focused on helping boards and executives to capitalise on business model and technology disruption. He has been fortunate to have direct experience in multiple industry sectors which are now converging.

He was instrumental in creating the New Energy business at AGL Energy Limited, where he introduced lean product management, made several technology investments, and supported the rapid deployment of new products including zero-down solar, home batteries, smart air conditioners, virtual power plants and blockchain enabled P2P trading.

He is also a venture capitalist at the California Clean Energy Fund (CalCEF) and spent 14 years working in Silicon Valley. In 2009 Paul was selected to join the prestigious Kauffman Fellows Program, which identifies, develops and networks the next generation of global leaders in venture capital.

Paul was also founding CEO of SC Power Systems, a smart grid company using superconductor technology from Australia. In other roles, Paul was a vice president at electronics manufacturer Flex; the CEO of a fuel cell company; built the first mobile phones in Hungary; was a strategy consultant in telecoms, financial services and infrastructure; and was national operations manager for one of Australia’s largest construction organizations.

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Owing to the attributes of smart contract, enterprises are likely to engage, store and manage their administrative, common business contracts and even employment agreement in an exponentially cost-efficient and confidential manner. Such technology may enhance enterprises’ competiveness in the markets in light of deducting cost of administrative expenses while increasing managerial efficacy.

It is however, while we perceive that conventional contract disputes as in differences of interpretation of the context of the contract are largely diminished by the smart contract codes. The codes themselves are conceivably posing challenges for in-house legal counsel.

Speaker Profile

Lucius was a senior in-house legal specialist of a Taiwanese listed technology company, who is specialised in legal risks management, disputes resolution and strategies analysis for business.

He is the Co-founder of FinTech Taiwan which is a professional community that aspires to connect Taiwan to global FinTech ecosystems and regulatory trends.

We aim to provide community members with the following:

- A gateway to stay abreast of global regulatory trends and novel regulatory thinking;
- An observatory to keep track of developments and events in major FinTech cities; and
- A platform to exchange thoughts and knowledge among community members.

X Topic Abstract

Dr McKenzie's pertinent and inspirational presentation: The 3 Forces Of The New Economy Business™ - How To Future Proof Yourself, Profession Or Business In This Age Of Unprecedented Disruption, is a "call to action" for professionals, entrepreneurs, founders and business leaders, so as to be relevant, valuable and sustainable in the longer term…

1. ReWire - you must challenge the status quo, old paradigms and critically, your own mindset
2. Disrupt - you must become the disruptor of your industry otherwise you will not survive
3. Engage - you must build a presence that not only engages but is sustainable

The 3 Forces Of The New Economy Business™ draws on insights and real world case studies based on Dr McKenzie’s core expertise across the six New Economy Focus Areas:

1. Discovery, Innovation & Growth
2. Digital Transformation
3. Global Strategic Partnerships
4. Artificial Intelligence, Robotics & Automation
5. Entrepreneurs & Startups
6. FinTech & Blockchain

Speaker Profile

Futurist | Speaker | Author | Educator | Startup Mentor | Entrepreneur | Founder | FinTech, Digital Transformation, AI, Robotics & Automation Innovator | Company Director | Advisory Board Executive | Social Influencer | Microsoft Global Brand Ambassador | Leading Expert Authority On The New Economy Business

Dr McKenzie has held senior executive positions in global corporations, across US, Europe and Australasia, leading significant enterprise transformation in disruptive business models including “SMAC” (Social, Mobile, Analytics & Cloud) technologies.

Today, as the Founder & CEO of The Startup Business, The Business Centre of Excellence, The Fair Trade Group, and Director at Phykon Global Outsourcing Solutions, Dr McKenzie and his group of companies, continue to assist businesses with their transition to The New Economy through business & technology education, entrepreneur coaching & mentoring, startup business advisory and global strategic outsourcing, as well as facilitating crowd funding for startups to bring new emerging capabilities such as “AIRA” or Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and Automation, into the market place.

In addition, Dr McKenzie has established global partnerships that include DiG Business Learning (Discovery, Innovation & Growth), based in Paris, and an offshoot of INSEAD Business School, that provides disruptive innovation education for corporate leaders (

As an active user of social media, he has built a strong presence on Linkedin with over 60,000 followers and on Twitter with over 280,000 followers sharing insights daily. This social media influence also led to Dr McKenzie becoming a Microsoft Global Brand Ambassador where he is asked to speak at events sharing insights to business leaders


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Stephen Pitt-Walker

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Integrated Strategy Services

Paul Fox

Managing Director

Corran Toohill Capital

Lucius Ma

Legal Specialist


Dr Ross McKenzie

Futurist | Startup Mentor | Entrepreneur | Company Founder, Director & Advisor | Speaker & Author | Social Media & Digital Strategist


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