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The Data Visualisation Summit 2017 is a one-day, single-track event focused exclusively contextualized to explore Visualisation tools and tips. Bringing together data enthusiasts who will help you rethink your data imagery to enable easier to interpret, management and action. Join the leaders making informed data-driven decisions.

This summit brings together leading experienced speakers within the Visualisation field to demonstrate how data Visualisation has developed as a skill and tool. Using live demonstrations and interactive presentations to help further your skills and understanding of creating digestible graphics to convert your data into actionable visuals. With an impressive lineup, this event will provide the ideal platform for a deep analysis of the need for organizations to not only invest in, but understand data Visualisation, from breaking down big data and how this is represented to the power and danger of data Visualisation.

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X Topic Abstract

How intelligence analysis practices combined with data visualisations can give you the knowledge to create and improve customer experiences.

Speaker Profile

- CX/UX/UI researcher, strategist, designer, tester, and measurement/analytics expert
- 7 years' experience working in agencies and in house
- Status: SR. UX Designer at Spark NZ
- Jewellery maker: Inspired by user interfaces, I use 3D printers and models to construct my pieces in precious metals. Look for 'Human Interface Jewellery' (@hijewellery) on facebook to seem samples of my work.

I have designed for:

- detectives
- intelligence analysts
- accountants
- students
- disabled and elderly
- blood donors
- gamblers
- hunters
- business owners
- politicians
- children
- And the 2.5 million people who use their phones in NZ.

Every design challenge is a chance to learn and collaborate to do something new. Currently, I am combining my knowledge (and love) of intelligence analysis and analytics to the design of customer and user experiences to create smart, measured interactions.

X Speaker Profile

Design leader, creative, educator and consultant. Business & social entrepreneur, startup-leader, digital professional with more than 17 years industry experience.

I'm on a lifelong mission to promote positive change in NZ through design and creativity, using the power of design to create digital culture within organisations, digital services and experiences people love. I’m a designer by background, and spend much of my time helping executives, across a wide range of industries, using led design to help them address strategic, digital challenges and innovation initiatives.

As XD Director I lead Creative, IA, CX, UX, UI and FED teams for an integrated digital-physical delivery within the ICT and Marketing strategy.

As virtual CDO, I work with CEOs and exec teams to understand the current business digital stage, customer pain points and the vision in order to develop fast interventions adding business, customer and employees value.

X Topic Abstract

With the rapid development of easy to use tools, data visualisation, analytics and insights have become hot topics of significant discussion and debate. It is clear, however, that investment in an analytics platform doesn't, of itself, deliver the organisation with any of these outcomes.

While every company is different, has a unique culture, specific processes and its own history, the issues encountered with analytics and visualisation tend to be common. It is possible to accelerate the adoption process, increase the value realised and have your analysts create useful insights in an engaging way to leave the walls of tables and figures behind.

Speaker Profile

I have a strong professional background in Information Technology, and a personal interest in design, user interfaces and human perception. My niche is the intersect of these three areas.

Since my move to New Zealand 2.5 years ago I have been working to help our customers use their data, more easily whenever they need it. Although a lot of my time is spent conceptualising and implementing back end solutions, creating the output for Business Users with visualisations is one of the most interesting parts. In my role as a Senior Consultant at Webranz I work with some of the largest corporations in the country to help them to access their data, make sense of it and ultimately profit from it.

What challenges me is the conflict between "old world" and "new world", between "I need to see my exact figures" and "Can we show it as a pie chart?".

X Topic Abstract

Data visualisation is not reserved for only those with natural talent. Like any skill, it can be improved with education and practice. This presentation will look at some visualisation basics and how these, when used in conjunction with storytelling, can help engage a business user with data.

Speaker Profile

Kat works with analyst teams, helping communicate their insights to business users. She has over 10 years’ experience working in analytics, both NZ and internationally. With both science and design degrees, she’s happiest when making data come to life.

X Topic Abstract

Throughout history, humans have been using pictures to aid in storytelling. Today it’s no different, and in business more than ever the need for data visualisation is becoming evident. Data Visualisation is a tool which businesses can use to help make the complex simple and bring their data to life. Whether it be charts, maps or an infographic, data visualisation adds impact and clarity which text and tables of data cannot.

This presentation will discuss how data visualisation can be used within businesses to gain more credibility and enhance communication and decision making.

Speaker Profile

Olivia has over 12 years' experience in analytical roles across a wide range of industries, including telecommunications, grocery/FMCG, retail, ecommerce and media. Starting her career at Telecom NZ (now Spark), Olivia then spent several years in the United Kingdom, working first for leading analytical consultancy EYC and later for global giant eBay. Olivia's strengths lie in marketing and insight analytics; specifically around customer profiling, segmentation and geo-spatial analysis. She is passionate about transforming data into actionable insights and helping businesses lead data driven strategies. In her role at Data Insight, Olivia leads a team of analysts and works collaboratively with clients to help them discover the insights hiding beneath their data and empower them to make both tactical and strategic decisions backed up by data.

X Speaker Profile

Nick is the Managing Director of FIRN Analytics Ltd, a boutique cloud analytics company specializing in developing bespoke analytical applications for large and small organisations. FIRN Analytics Ltd is the local partner for industry leading tools such as Tableau, Alteryx & Snowflake. Nick has been designing and implementing Analytics solutions for over 20 years within organisations such as Vector, Vodafone, Auckland Council, Pfizer and The University of Oxford. More recently Nick has had a significant input into the growth of Tableau and data visualisation within New Zealand and can talk through the different aspects of effective methods and approaches that has benefited him in the past.

X Topic Abstract

Data visualisations are everywhere, tools and services to create them have increased in number and popularity. The uptake of data visualisation as a communication tool is trending.

Yet creating a compelling visualisation is a challenge—all too often we find ourselves dazzled with endless possibilities: countless chart types and templates, powerful and good looking systems, apps and libraries, ever evolving websites, blogs and services.

But what if our data doesn't seem to fit any of the visualisation types on offer? How can we do our data justice—and make our visualisation tell a story? How do we get started? We can't afford to misrepresent our data for the sake of dying in beauty. After all, we want to arrive at actionable information.

So what is it that makes our visualisations come alive? We'll discuss some approaches to planning and designing data visualisations, make sure they are fit for purpose, and discuss review and feedback mechanisms.

We don't (necessarily) want to work for our visualisation—we'd like it the other way around.

Speaker Profile

Andreas Mahn is a Wellington based data visualisation designer with a background in GIS, cartography (especially thematic mapping)—and film making. Andreas has worked with and for corporate and research clients in New Zealand, the USA and Germany.

Andreas' strong suit is to turn structured numerical data into intuitive images that tell a story. His data visualisations attempt to bring order to the chaos of information; to make sense of data without oversimplification so that it becomes actionable information.

Go to his website,, for more details.

X Speaker Profile

I am an entrepreneur and a senior digital marketing manager with more than 15 years of experience. Since 2001, I have been working in several industries (food, travel, mobile, health, wellness, renewable energy, etc.) as manager, consultant, copywriter, trainer and marketing coach. I also own two companies in the digital marketing field. Our customers are big companies (like IKEA, Nestlé, RAI, Jobadvisor, IBM, MTv, Ferrero, Compaq and many more), small business and students (university level).

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X Topic Abstract

R is a statistical computing and graphics language. R has different types of packages that have been used for data Visualisation. We can use R graphics for comparing data, finding the relationships between different fields, check the data composition and data distribution. This will help us to have a better perspectives regarding business data. In this session I am going to show how to use R Visualisation inside Microsoft Power BI (self-service BI) for four main reasons : data comparison, data distribution, relationship, and composition. Moreover, I will demonstrate how to have more interactive dashboard using R inside power BI.

Speaker Profile

More than 10 years experience in database Systems
Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence Architect, Consultant
Lecturer and Tutor of Database Concepts and BI
International Speaker


MS SQL Server
Business Intelligence, SSIS, SSAS, SSRS
Dimensional Modelling, Data Warehouse
DMX, Data Mining ...
Power BI `

X Topic Abstract

Data is everywhere! Is it sexy? … not always, right?
As every organisation focuses on being data-driven, a great emphasis is put on collecting and pulling data to show trends, prove a project’s success, highlight an issue, support business cases, etc.

In this increasing flow of information, it makes sense to not only know how to fetch the data, but also how to present it in the most effective way. However more often than not, data visualisation seems to be the poor parent of analysis, and often gets overlooked. This presentation highlights why it deserves more attention, what sexy data means, and how to achieve it. Filled with playful analogies, and before/after examples that spark Aha! moments, it forces audience to re-think how to best present data in order to effectively convey a message, and also proves that good visualisation is obtained not through creativity but through critical thinking.

Speaker Profile

Salome Serieys works as a Senior Insights Analyst at Southern Cross Health Society, NZ’s leading Health Insurer. For the past 5 years, she’s immersed herself in the realm of data. Passionate about visual communication, and determined to improve businesses one graph at a time to truly reveal the stories that lie in their data, she’s constantly on the hunt for ways to transform reports from mere table of numbers, to insightful visualisations and dashboards that engage emotionally with their audience. Drawing inspiration from extensive reading on the subject (Stephen Few, Cole Nussbaumer Knaflic, Manuel Lima, David McCandless), attending conferences, watching TED talks, and experimenting in data visualisation using a vast array of data as her sandpit (sales, marketing, clinical, financial, contact centre, etc.), she’s designed “Sexy data”, a 45-min. entertaining presentation which goes back to the basics of data visualisation, in order to democratize its principles, proving they can be applied by anyone, and that their adoption have a tremendous impact on how data is perceived, and whether it is used at all.


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Amelia Diggle

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Spark NZ

Leila Etaati

Data science Consultant


Olivia Winterbourne

Head of Insight

Data Insight

Nicholas Lupis

Managing Director

FIRN Analytics Ltd

Luca Catania

Digital Marketing Manager & Senior Conversion Rate Optimization Expert


Kat Greenbrook


Rogue Penguin

Pablo Dunovits

Digital Strategy & Experience Design Director, Independent CX strategy & Digital Transformation adviser


Salome Serieys

Senior Insights Analyst

Southern Cross Health Society

Alexander Waleczek

Senior Consultant (Business Analytics)


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