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What is Data Visualization ?
Data visualization is a general term that describes any effort to help people understand the significance of data by placing it in a visual context. Patterns, trends and correlations that might go undetected in text-based data can be exposed and recognized easier with data visualization software.

Why Data Visualization ?
A primary goal of data visualization is to communicate information clearly and efficiently via statistical graphics, plots and information graphics. Numerical data may be encoded using dots, lines, or bars, to visually communicate a quantitative message. Effective visualization helps users analyze and reason about data and evidence. It makes complex data more accessible, understandable and usable. Users may have particular analytical tasks, such as making comparisons or understanding causality, and the design principle of the graphic (i.e., showing comparisons or showing causality) follows the task. Tables are generally used where users will look up a specific measurement, while charts of various types are used to show patterns or relationships in the data for one or more variables.

Data visualization is both an art and a science. It is viewed as a branch of descriptive statistics by some, but also as a grounded theory development tool by others. The rate at which data is generated has increased. Data created by internet activity and an expanding number of sensors in the environment, such as satellites, are referred to as "Big Data". Processing, analyzing and communicating this data present a variety of ethical and analytical challenges for data visualization. The field of data science and practitioners called data scientists have emerged to help address this challenge.

Because of the way the human brain processes information, using charts or graphs to visualize large amounts of complex data is easier than poring over spreadsheets or reports. Data visualization is a quick, easy way to convey concepts in a universal manner – and you can experiment with different scenarios by making slight adjustments.

Data visualization can also:
- Identify areas that need attention or improvement.
- Clarify which factors influence customer behavior.
- Help you understand which products to place where.
- Predict sales volumes.

Unicom Shall be Organising 1 day Event on Data Visualization on September 01st in Mumbai. This event is desgined after lot of research, advise from industry experts and voice of customer.

This event will bring together industry professionals and thought leaders from the field of Data Visualization. It will help you in understanding and implementing data visualization in your business/for your client . It will also provide an excellent opportunity to interact and network with some of the top minds.

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X Topic Abstract

In today's information age having a trusted source of information is absolutely necessary. Most of the organizations today consider data as an important asset. It is therefore absolutely important to hold the data to highest standards of quality.

Asking the question, "Is Your Data Fit?" is too broad based and reactive. Evaluating data quality and moving to a proactive capability requires thoughtful data quality metrics. Improving data fitness requires using short, repeatable processes and a thoughtful set of metrics to measure progress.

Once the measures are defined the next stage is to establish a system of accountability to make right decision for information management and related processes. The Data Governance defines Who, What, When and How to manage data and realize value from it, minimize costs, manage risks and ensure compliance.

Data Governance drives business led ownership, a long-term and continuous change journey supported by the right mindset, tools and information At Accenture, we effectively use Data Visualization to align data quality metrics to business KPIs (Key Performance Indicator) to increase business user awareness, identify the real issues that impact cost, revenue, profit or other important business metrics. This enables the data owners to understand the quality of enterprise data, its impact to business and help drive the business case for investment in data quality improvements. As an outcome Data Governance is more effectiveness in improving the enterprise data quality

Speaker Profile

Vasuprad is working as an Associate Director with Accenture with over 20 years of experience in Information Technology and Outsourcing

- Heading Data Quality Centre of Excellence
- Leading Accenture’s Data Quality as a Service platform
- Experience of managing large and complex multi-year contracts with globally distributed delivery teams
- Experience of successfully executing large IT outsourcing deals,
- Responsible for developing account strategy, building capabilities, providing IT solutions to customer’s business problems, and developing IT roadmaps contributing to customer's IT strategy
- Good track record of adherence to SLA and above average customer satisfaction
- Data Quality and Analytics

o Heading the Data Quality Center of Excellence since 2014
o Directed and supervised large Data Quality programs for major Telcos

- Business Intelligence & Analytics

o Directed, supervised and led projects and programs in the implementation, upgrade and support of BI tools and infrastructure
o Supervise Data Integration and Virtualization project using Informatica for a large Information Security company

- Managing large and complex development programs
- Managing large application outsourcing programs
- M.Tech. from Indian Institute of Technologies, Kanpur specializing in Finite Element Analysis
- Diploma in Business Management, ICFAI University
- B.E. from University of Pune in Mechanical Engineering
- Certified CSQA and PMP

X Topic Abstract

Visualisation plays a very important role for not just big industries but also for small buisnesses and start up's. Tables and plain simple bar charts could show you the numbers but little can they help you on deriving the trends between various data points. Visualisation in todays fast paced industry helps to derive actionable insights.

My objective is to show how startups are using visualisations to make better decisions and how something simple as your phone's data could be used for visualisation and completely change your perspective on the horizons that visualisations of such data opens up.

Speaker Profile

Mohammed Topiwalla is a Data Analyst at Servify a platform that works as a personal assistant to all electronic gadgets and appliances that a customer owns. Previously, Mohammed worked at Tech Mahindra. He has graduated from Narsee Monjee college with a degree in Information Technology and has completed a post graduate diploma in data analytics from S.P.Jain

X Topic Abstract

Data Visualization Tools till recently have been very human-centric. The tools generate graphics but a human still is required to tell the story and provide insight; we are now seeing some advances wherein tools are creating these stories rather than human

Speaker Profile

Currently, CEO / C TO at MaexaData (pronounced mek-za-data). Apart from being a Big Data Analyst (covering Hadoop, Java Map Reduce, Pig, Hive, Impala, Hbase & Sqoop) I am a qualified Data Scientist (covering Exploring Data, Data Visualization, Statistical Inference, Regression Analysis, Machine Learning & ShinyApps using R-Programming). Also a BI expert with industry knowledge of SAS, Tableau & QlikView.

Thirty plus years industry experience with extensive domain expertise in Data Management, Messaging & Infrastructure. Information Technology expert with hands on experience in Product Management, Release / Delivery Management, Software Development, Management Information Systems. Track record of success in platforms covering Java, LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP), .Net & Android; creating robust architectures & infrastructure.

Have been a certified lead auditor for ISO-9001 and ISO-27001. Completed training for Certified Ethical Hacker, Blackblot Product Management, Mobile Application Development, Big Data Analyst (covering Hadoop, Java Map Reduce, Pig, Hive, Impala, Hbase & Sqoop), Data Scientist Specialization (covering Exploring Data, Data Visualization, Statistical Inference, Regression Analysis, Machine Learning & ShinyApps using R-Programming). Also completed advanced training for BI Tools QlikView, SAS & Tableau.

Apart from development of analytics related projects, have conducted training workshops for
- S P Jain Institute of Management & Research
- Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies
- Welingkar Institute of Management Development & Research
- St Francis Institute of Management & Research
- DBS Bank

Firmly agree with Zig Ziggler when he said “It is not your aptitude but your attitude which determines the ultimate altitude”.

X Topic Abstract

The focus of the presentation will be advent of data visualisation techniques in beverage industries in the recent years and how are marque beverage companies using data visualisation in overcoming challenges in distribution and production

Speaker Profile

Rahul Dharashivkar has a been an IT evangelist since past 17 years. He has done his B.Tech degree in Polymers and has done his advanced diploma in Computer Science from Centre for Development of Advanced Computing, Mumbai.

Rahul Dharashivkar has spent over 17 years in developing and implementing IT solutions for manufacturing industry. He has a deep understanding of data needs of these industries and has been instrumental in bridging the important gap of "Business to IT" connect in data analytics and reporting requirements for such organisations.

He was working as a deputy head for Oracle deliveries in a large MNC for many years and has recently taken over as a Chief Technology Officer for another US based IT organisation. In this role, his primary goal is to act as an advisor for large manufacturing organisations in their data analytics and digital transformation requirements.

X Topic Abstract

Power BI is a new software product from Microsoft that helps you find meaning in your data. It's used to take in, transform, analyze, and visualize data in new and exciting ways.

Microsoft Power BI produces actionable business intelligence in the form of reports, visualizations, and dashboards that can be shared with your colleagues anywhere in the world. Understanding Power BI is fast becoming a job skill that is just as important as knowing Word and Excel: This session will demonstrate the following:

- Gain valuable experience using Microsoft Power BI Desktop
- Learn how to create data derived visualizations, reports, and dashboards
- Discover how to install the software, import data, and create meaningful visualizations
- Learn to load any type of data and combine with data from other sources
- Explore data modeling and the need for consistent relationships among data sources
- Understand how to visualize and report your data in multiple ways

X Topic Abstract

Today, data visualization is increasingly taking its rightful place as an important part of business intelligence. It is being talked about, investigated, requested by people who work with data, purchased by people who hold the purse strings, and used by a growing percentage of people in the workforce, especially analysts.

One of the encouraging new trends in business intelligence is the growing recognition that the greatest benefits of data visualization will come in the form of analytics. Visual analysis software allows us to not only represent data graphically, but to also interact with those visual representations to change the nature of the display, filter out what’s not relevant, drill into lower levels of detail, and highlight subsets of data across multiple graphs simultaneously. This makes good use of our eyes and assists our brains, resulting in insights that cannot be matched by traditional approaches. Static graphs delivered on paper or electronically on a computer screen help us communicate information in a clear and enlightening way, which is a benefit that should not be undervalued, but it is from visual analytics that businesses will derive the greatest benefits

Speaker Profile

Sabrina Shaikh - Sales Analytics Manager - Maersk, 10+ years of experience in Business Intelligence and Data Anlaytics in Sales and Marketing Domain

Aswin Ramdas - Project Manager - Sales Analytics - Diploma in Big Data and Data Science from SP Jain

X Topic Abstract

Interactive Data Visualization: The art of making your data tell a story.

You already know how well can the data speak for itself. As a data scientist, your real motive should be explaining the model to stakeholders. The real comes in presenting data to non-analytics stakeholders. They don’t want numbers, but a beautifully crafted story using numbers. If you are able to accomplish this task using D3, great job.

Speaker Profile

Currently a senior Data Scientist at Eclerx Solutions, Mumbai, I have had about 18 months experience in Data science, ML and predictive Analytics. I have a masters from IIT Bombay, and have worked as a Lead Data scientist prior to the Eclerx position in Credit Risk modelling in a Bangalore Fin Tech Startup. I am a mechanical engineer by Education.

Expertise involves recommendation Engines, Natural Language processing and CR Modelling.

X Topic Abstract

The world of data is ever evolving. There is no stopping to the variety, the volume, the velocity and veracity of data. But is data alone sufficient? Does the buck stop at data itself?

Data and analytics is not an end in itself. Data visualization plays a key role in identifying trends, understanding businesses, and quickly grasping. Data visualization is like the human face emerging out of the numbers and the figures. Data visualizations is often the key pivot that enables the entire transition from numbers to strategy. Is not data itself, but its visualization, that has the power to shape business decisions on a daily basis.

What then is visualization? What are the various types of visualizations? What are the best ways to look at data in a manner that is clean, simple and easy to understand? This talk will cover such aspects.

Speaker Profile

Vaibhav Sharma has been extensively working in Business Analytics, Business Intelligence and Big Data for over three years now. He is currently working with Citi in prevention of Financial Crimes unit, after being with Fractal Analytics for a while working in the domain of Supply Chain analytics. In terms of visualization, he is proficient in making visuals in Spotfire, Tableau and R apart from MS Office. Vaibhav graduated out of IIT Delhi in 2014 with a Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering.


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Vasuprad Kanade

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Vaibhav Sharma

Assistant Manager - Big Data and Advanced Analytics

Citi Bank

Mohammed Topiwalla

Data Analyst


Cyrus Lentin



Merwin Dmello

Senior Developer Project Lead


Arunabh Majumdar

Senior Data Scientist


Sabrina Shaikh

Analytics Manager


Rahul Dharashivkar

Chief Technology Officer

Prodware Solutions

Aswin Ramdas

Project Manager


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Refresh your tactics - easy-to-digest best practice techniques will allow you to improve decision-making processes and increase productivity

Enhance your customer experience - uncover insight from both structured and unstructured data so that you can adapt quickly to customer preference and optimize your campaign spending.

Discuss common Visualisation challenges - with over 200 viz devotees in attendance, you are sure to expand your network and identify emerging trends

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