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UX Designcon aims to be a platform to build and sustain the implementation of design thinking, and drive innovation and business by design. You’ll mingle with design driven and successful individuals, influencers, business leaders and consumers to the conference, plus hear stories outlining the impact that design thinking has on business, and on customers. UX Designcon also takes a look at design’s positive contribution to people, processes, practices and organizations.
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X Topic Abstract

The world of business has never been more volatile or unpredictable. Sources of competition and disruption can appear anywhere - not just disruption in products, services, and technology, but also in channels to market, policy, talent, brands, and supply chains. Alternative digital heavy business are emerging and before the big companies realize their market wallet shares are getting affected. These small businesses are trolling all over these legacy companies and giving them nightmares. Disruption in not really improving a product bit bit and taking new tech trends and incorporating it. It is creating value underserved market. This underserved market can be business users.

Speaker Profile

Priyanka today is one of the most sort after UX Strategist in the country. With several accolades on her back she currently runs one of the most successful Design Agency in the country, Fractal Ink Design Studio. In a recent survey conducted across the country by POOL magazine, her Studio was judged as India’s Best UI-UX design Studio.

Fractal started with a modest team size of 7 people in 2010. Under her able leadership in the last five years it has gone ahead to become one of the largest design Studio of the country housing close to 65 designers spread over Mumbai and Bangalore.

With 15+ years of international and national experience she has been instrumental in shaping up digital journeys for many of the top brands. Under her leadership fractal saw a huge leap in the strategy design sector where she helped large corporates and banks transform their digital offering. She works closely with some of the largest banking and technology companies to help them bring build digital experiences like Microsoft, Nokia, Samsung, Axis Bank, HDFC, ICICI Direct etc.

X Topic Abstract

A design is only useful if it’s accessible to the user: any user, anywhere, anytime. Designing an interface for everyone combines good design and usability with accessibility to create inclusive design. Accessibility is all about people. The talk will be centered around accessibility and its importance. We will discuss key areas and different accessible UX principles and guidelines.Common Assistive Technologies Used to Facilitate Accessibility for web and mobile will be discussed and shared during talk. We will also try to highlight in brief about why it is important to understand the Social Needs for Accessibility in UX Design.

Speaker Profile

A versatile UX designer and an artist by heart who believe in philosophy 'Simple is Beautiful' , which helps me in simplifying complexities in design. In my total IT career I have juggled between multiple roles. Starting my career as a QA Analyst I discovered my passion for design and moved to UX field. Current role and responsibility is of UX consultant with Umber UX, Pune.

I have special interest in Accessibility. I believe a design is only useful if it's accessible to the user - any user. I enjoys evangelizing User Experience and Accessibility.

I am also Founder of creative group called 'Creative Doodle' in Pune which works with a vision to encourage and sensitise creativity and design in all ages.

X Topic Abstract

Importance of designing Consumer experiences in Enterprise solutions today, is much more of an acceptable phenomena as is the fact that the sun rises in the East. The evidence is in the interactions we experience with the enterprise applications today than the ones we had before Web 2.0.

There is however room for a lot of improvement and awareness on the design practices and thought process that both - Customer and Designers need, while creating the experience. There are also new technologies like IoT, Virtual and Augmented Reality, wearables and Artificial intelligence that will influence Enterprise computing solutions.

We need to be aware of the choices we have and how they can be used wisely for designing an enriched and easy experience. This session will share the Best practices, Person Roles involved and Technologies to adopt for designing future Enterprise computing solutions.

Speaker Profile

Priti Saini has led Client Engagement for UX strategy, design, and user research for web and mobile applications for consumers, small businesses, and enterprises, in diverse industries and domains. Working collaboratively with Clients, multidisciplinary and multi-cultural development and UX teams, she has envisioned and realized holistic UX design solutions for innovative, consumable enterprise products that delighted users, achieved success in the marketplace, and delivered business value.

As a UX Manager at Hexaware Technologies, she has facilitated workshops, training, research and ideation sessions; prioritized product and usability requirements with business; established corporate design frameworks, standards, and guidelines; and innovated hybrid model to integrate UX activities into agile development processes.

Priti is a strategic thinker, and is passionate about creating great user experiences that meet users’ needs and produces business results.

X Topic Abstract

(i) Background:

India is primarily, a service economy; and a emerging digital economy. In the wake of many standardized operations and hence jobs being automated, digitized or robotized, there are emerging opportunities in the field of digital design. Elsewhere in mature economies, Service Design as a concept within Design Thinking has been gaining quite a traction; and today, there are Service designers occupying key positions in futuristic organizations. My presentation will focus on Service Design as a methodology and will further delve into the concept of Tangibilizing services.

(ii) Service Design:

Service Design is the activity of planning and organizing people, infrastructure, communication and material components of a service in order to improve its quality and the interaction between service provider and customers.Service Design is particularly critical in those businesses where humans are being replaced by technology; and as a result, experience perceptions are left to digital interfaces.How then, can these digital interfaces handle the emotions of people interacting with them; and provide seamless communication as actual people would do?

(iii) Service Design case study:

I’ll be walking participants through one of our Service Design case studies to demonstrate and address the concerns raised above

(iv) Tangibilizing services:

One of the key components of Service Design is, making service perceptions tangible. It is only when we make things tangible, that we can understand interactions, measure quality, track it and improve it. Hence, tangibilizing services is not just a perspective that I am brining in, but a necessity for organizations embracing digital way forward.Interactive session: Q&A (I will be involving participants and asking questions around their own service perceptions drawing from their recent experiences)

(v) Tangibilizing services: Examples

- Example 1:
- Example 2:
- Example 3:

(vi) Q&A with participants.

Speaker Profile

Hari Nallan is the Founder and CEO of Think Design, a User Experience strategist, Designer, Speaker and Educator. Think Design is a Leading Design consultancy with offices in New Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad and Bengaluru; and collaborates with visionary organisations to identify, build and materialise innovative products and services.

After graduating from Architecture, Hari pursued master’s in Industrial Design from NID. After a brief stint at Anchor Panasonic, Hari founded Think Design in 2004, with a mission to provide Strategic Design services to organizations and brands in India. Today, Think Design is one of the most successful independent design consultancies in India with a team strength of 100+ people working out of four studios in India. Think Design’s clientele includes global fortune 100 companies, few of the largest Indian business conglomerates, social impact organizations and a few disruptive start-ups.

Hari divides his time among learning, teaching, writing, traveling and initiating new competencies among Think Design’s members.

X Topic Abstract

UX designers new to the field of Capital Markets (and often those who’ve been working for a while in this field) are often lost when textbook approaches fail on real world fintech projects. Drawing inspiration from real world scenarios and challenges most common in the finance domain, we will walk through process flows and examples that illustrate how to come up with creative solutions and solve real world problems with UX.

There are no two Fintech businesses alike. Practical problem solving with UX involves more than just wireframing/visualization or applying the latest lean UX techniques. Therefore it is ideal to understand the “WWW” –What’s for sale, Who are the clients and Why should they buy this. Understanding the business goals, design research and task analysis can mean the difference between a successful app and a catastrophic failure risking significant financial loss to the user. We’ll explore how interactions with numbers and people affect Fintech design tasks. We'll dive into some best practices I've extracted from solving real world problems while working on projects for major banks and insurance companies.

Finally, we’ll explore how insurance is an emerging market in the field of UX, what are some real issues and challenges it faces today and how UX will be playing a major role in taking it to the next level.

Through this presentation we will cover how to:

- Adopt Agile UX in Fintech
- Address fear in customers using finance applications
- Dealing with abundance of data in enterprise applications
- Handle analytics and reporting
- Leverage the interplay between design and data for your user

Speaker Profile

Pradyumna Madhav is a Lead UX Consultant at Genpact, handling the digital F&A division. He has 11+ years of experience of working in the digital medium, in varied platforms covering B2B and B2C. He is driven by the desire to find solutions to problems – something which has helped him to build a career as an UX consultant. He believes that design sentiments are universal and his experience in communicating that to people across the board has reinforced his belief in the fact.

He believes that design is platform and device agnostic; and lays importance in fluidity of work processes derived through a combination of intuition, experience, and ambition. However, his idealism is strongly grounded in theory, which has accorded him the distinction of being a HFI- Certified Usability Analyst. He is constantly striving to increase his understanding of the field of UX and design in general.

X Topic Abstract

This presentation shares interesting concepts, statistics and basics that make or break a game and are applicable for every product. This presentation not only covers game-theories but important lessons of product management which might come handy to a UX designer while dealing with complex enterprise applications, design issues, prioritization of work and stubborn clients.

Speaker Profile

I am a Senior User Experience Designer @ Synerzip - Pune with more than 6 years of experience in UX.
From healthcare to e-commerce, field management apps and robotic process automation, I have designed super simplified and user friendly applications that are scalable at the same time.

X Topic Abstract

Computers and human beings don’t speak the same language. So, to make interaction possible, we rely on graphical user interfaces (GUIs). But GUIs come with a natural barrier: Users need to learn to use the buttons or controls. But with technology evolving and language recognition and processing improving, we are on a path that could make interaction with digital services more intuitive, more accessible and more efficient through conversational interfaces. Get to know more about what goes behind Crafting an immersive experience.

Speaker Profile

Niharika Manchanda is a User Experience Design Specialist for SAP Labs, Custom Development, where she drives the user experience and design innovation for business solutions. A Master's in Design Graduate from IDC, IIT Bombay, her journey has been creative and exciting covering multiple facets of design world, ranging from Product Design, Visual Design to Human Computer Interaction Design and winning several National and International Design awards, along the way. Prior to working at SAP Labs, Niharika was a Lead Designer at Samsung Research & Development, where she worked on several advanced design projects for Mobility, Digital Home Appliances and Visual Displays.

X Topic Abstract

For every passionate & influential designer in the UX industry, the key challenge is to get the desired conversion rate. In search of the business success, we often tend to forget the purpose behind our design and how it impacts people in their lives day-in day-out.

In this talk, Siraj will take your through a journey of designing with the mindset of Humans and enlighten you about the impact you as a UX designer, can create by practicing human centered design.

The talk is designed to deliver an Impact by Good Design.

Speaker Profile

Siraj is a human experience designer at heart, been a founder & co-founder of startups, business executive, systems engineer & graphic designer. Successfully lead design, dev and tech teams throughout his 20+ years career.

He currently leads a young passionate human experience design (HXD) team at ILM UX Pvt. Ltd. based out of Mumbai. Prior to this Siraj was part of ILM Innovative Solutions Pvt. Ltd. where he lead as a co-founder, UX Practitioner and a strategic thinker. Siraj has spent 10+ years in middle east in a strategic role as a Head of IT for a leading wealth management firm, The Family Office Co. BSC (c) where he contributed significantly to its growth as is still an admired leader.

In his previous roles he has been a Project Manager, System Admin & Graphic Designer for various verticals. Siraj is a perpetual learner and is passionate about listening & telling great stories with a purpose to impact positively as many lives as he can throughout his existence.


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Chaitali Tannirwar

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Umber UX

Pradyumna Madhav

Lead Product Designer

Genpact Headstrong Capital Markets

Hari Nallan

Founder and CEO

Think Design Collaborative Pvt. Ltd.

Abhishek Joshi

Senior User Experience Designer


Priyanka Agrawal

Director & Partner

Fractal Ink Design Studio

Priti Saini

Manager - UX, Architect for Web and Mobile Applications


Sirajuddin Mustafa




UX Designer


Niharika Manchanda

User Experience Design Specialist


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