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The term "DevOps" typically refers to the emerging professional movement that advocates a collaborative working relationship between Development and IT Operations, resulting in the fast flow of planned work achieving the value stream that is between the business (where requirements are defined) and the customer (where value is delivered). It is a new way of looking at development altogether.

This conference "World DevOps & Microservices Summit" brings together leading practitioner-organisations who have achieved Continuous Delivery and organisational transformation. Companies going through Mergers and Acquisitions will inherit these systems too and be faced with similar situations and need to find out the many initiatives that increase the efficiency and agility within the enterprise and balance system uptime and stability while bringing alignment between Dev and Ops.

Learn more about DevOps skills, Delivering Processes, Tools for building and deployment, Legacy Challenges, Security Integration, Cross-team engagement and many more.

Manager's Olympiad 2017

The 4th edition of the biannual corporate quiz contest Managers Olympiad 2017 is back!!. Purpose of this contest is to identify India's most knowledgeable Manager. This year, the format has changed with a different list of topics. Will you bring laurel to your organization and to yourself?

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X Topic Abstract

Like Ashta Pradhan( Eight Ministers of Shivaji - The Maratha King) , the author discusses the first of its kind a unique 8 C framework which has 8C s and its assessment framework to create a DevOps Readiness Score.. this score will enable organizations and enterprise to transform their organizations in a steady manner.

Speaker Profile

Dr. Shankar Ramamoorthy is currently working as Chief Customer Success Officer at Harman Connected Services , helping the Software Enabled Business of Harman. He was earlier Quality Business Partner –at Amdocs. - where he evangelized and implemented 40 patented Test Management Framework machine using BI/Analytics.

Dr Shankar is a TQM ( Total Quality Management) professional, who has spent much of his 26-years career managing change and improving software Quality Engineering efficiency through Data and Metrics driven Quality Management Systems.

He believes in evangelizing , coaching and mentoring test teams through inspirational leadership.

Shankar has a vast experience in setting up Test COE( Centre of Excellence),and has successfully carried out 6 rollouts on TPI/TMMI/Test Maturity frameworks for several companies.

He has handled the entire gamut of testing landscape right from Pre- Sales, Sales, Delivery and instituted a process temper in his earlier assignments.

He was Vice President of QA for Golden Source Corporation managing the Product Assurance Practice . His earlier assignments were as Director of UST Global running QA Labs at UST Global in India. Prior to this he served as Vice President –Testing/Release Services at Rave Technologies-a Northgate Subsidiary (UK) and before that, he was serving in Bharti Telesoft( Airtel) as Vice President for Customer Advocacy group and ensuring customer experience using Outcome driven Models.

He was a Director of TQM for Genband Technologies , where he implemented the Outcome Driven Business Model for operational efficiency using the New Normal –Quality Engineering Techniques.

He has pioneered the Objective Question Metrics (OQM) Model which was his thesis topic at IIT-Delhi. This model provides guidance to Software Companies to install Objective driven Metricized Systems to improve Critical Success Factors for Organizations in general and Test Organizations in particular. This model has been implemented by him in some of his earlier assignments. He is a frequent Guest speaker at Engineering Colleges/Management institutes and speaks at seminars and workshops on various topics pertaining to Business Excellence, QA, QC and Test Management Frameworks. He is on the advisory panel of Agile Test Alliances, Devops ++ Alliance and TMMI member, and Jury , panel member , screening committee member for various IT conferences in the country.

Dr. Shankar is a computer science engineer from NIT Tiruchirapalli and is armed with a PhD in Software Quality Engineering from IIT Delhi, M. Tech from IIT-Delhi in Technology Management Systems, and an PGDM from AIMA( All India Management Association) -Delhi Dr Shankar also has a P.G.Diploma in Business Management and Industrial Administration, Personnel Management and Industrial Relations and in Marketing Management .

He is a lead auditor of ISO 9001, CMMI Assessor, Lead Auditor of ISO 27001, TMMI trainer and certified TMMI professional from ISQI Germany. He has 25 papers and 4 publications to his credit and frequent Keynote speaker at all Testing /IT Conferences.

X Topic Abstract

Taking a case study of a Voice + Video SaaS product (Cisco Spark - ), this talk will cover the approach taken to enable DevOps (and the challenges) and then quickly move on to the complexities of applying Machine Learning techniques for SaaS Cloud operations and the lessons learnt thereof.

Speaker Profile

I have 23+ years experience in Software Development of which 8+ years are based off Agile Scrum methodologies with ~3.5 years in DevOps.

My current work encompasses Cloud-based Architecture and Development for the Cisco Spark-Call SaaS offer (, for which I have global responsibility for Serviceability, Monitoring, Troubleshooting/Diagnostics, Analytics and Machine Learning for Anomaly Detection and Classification of issues. I also have significant past expertise in Systems, Network and Element Management Software Architecture and Development for Large Scale Private Clouds/Data Center Infrastructure, and Telecom Equipment. I have a keen passion for continuous learning, innovation and adoption of new ideas from lateral technology domains resulting in 10 patents that cover diverse areas across IPv6, SDN and Systems Management. I also have significant expertise in building architecture/technical teams and helping shape organizational structure for their success.

X Topic Abstract

Monoliths are a thing of past and the question would be how do you split that monolith?. In this session speaker would cover, how to split a monolith application to microservices, share best practices on building microservices application based on the twelve factors principles, reactive principles and fault tolerant patterns . A microservice that follows the reactive system principles would have qualities like message driven, resilience, responsiveness and scalability. End result, a scalable, resilient and fault tolerant application

Speaker Profile

Stephen Cherian is a Development Architect with SAP Cloud Platform . He has close to a decade of experience in software design and development, and is based at SAP Labs India. Stephen’s focus is on SAP Cloud Platform, Cloud Foundry and SAP HANA. He is a regular speaker at SAP Tech Ed.

X Topic Abstract

This talk is about the implementation of CI-CD pipeline for Java and nodeJS micro-services and how to establish this as a scalable model for teams to re-use. The creation of Continuous Integration and Delivery pipeline is a challenging task that requires complete understanding of the application development cycle, as well as the requirements to establish a safe and reliable product to deliver to the customer. It is equally important that the pipelines are ‘self-service’ model that other applications can replicate. The above topics will be covered with working examples in the session.

Speaker Profile

Adarsh is an PGDIT from IIIT-Bangalore, BE computer Science with an overall IT experience of 12+ years. He is a DevOps Lead & has been transforming the IT in complex, large enterprises since last four years. He has risen from the ranks of .NET developer followed by Solutions Architect to ALM consultant and then graduated to undertake DevOps transformations. He plays the dual role of wearing the client hat in defining & driving the DevOps upliftment across People, Process, Culture & tooling areas and simultaneously vendor hat implementing DevOps across own landscape.

X Topic Abstract

All of us have adopted Docker and the micro services container architecture in some capacity or the other. Are these containers today just splitting our applications into smaller components or do we have the ability to scale up and scale down these independent components. Many of us use Docker containers today, but we fail to configure them to auto scale based on application workload. In this talk get to hear about how you can power your entire cloud infrastructure on Docker and use AWS, Google Cloud Platform, Azure or IBM Softlayer to automatically and dynamically scale-up and scale-down your containers to automatically meet your applications demands.

X Topic Abstract

While there's a lot of literature about monitoring, most applications must be made observable by developers and the Sysadmins in order to ensure the smooth running of the application. I'd like to talk about the culture of observability, it's importance in the age of microservices and some tips and tools to improve this aspect in any application.

X Topic Abstract

iOS development requires XCode and OSX/macOS. While okay on, anything beyond, that is CI, infrastructure availability, setup and automation are most often painful, to say the least. In this talk, we share our set of problems and solutions for automating CI infrastructure for iOS apps.

X Topic Abstract

Continuous Delivery is gaining significant traction in all enterprises striving to become Digital enabled or Digital ready . Continuous Delivery Pipelines are the essential enablers of these enterprises striving to achieve continuous delivery. This session will cover the basic building blocks of delivery pipelines and how to transform them into Continuous delivery pipelines. Difference between delivery Pipelines and Assemblylines. Role of pipelines in various Enterprise DevOps Models like – Federated , Distributed and Centralized DevOps. Best practices and methods for scaling such practices will be covered as part of the session. The session will also introduce the audience to the concept of "building a pipeline in 20 mins" and simplifying a pipeline creation for a POC . As a give away , a sample CD Pipeline assessment instrument along with guidelines will be shared.

Speaker Profile

M Madhu Madhanan is a "Physicists by education , Agilist by profession and Software engineer by Passion" . He is the Global head for DevOps - Process Re-engineering in Wipro and works actively in the DevOps CoE for building frameworks , best practices and methods for Large scale systems engineering (LSSE) and High Performance Software Engineering (HPSE) models. He is one of the key members of the Wipro DevOps Evangelist council and holds three patents (Applied) in the Agile-DevOps space. He also heads the Research and Development ( RnD) program in DevOps - Process re-engineering & Simulated Learning platforms. He currently working on Applied Artificial intelligence in DevOps and Augmented learning platforms for Behavior analytics.

X Topic Abstract

How do you know which debt requires attention? The focus of continuous delivery is smaller changes in a sustainable and faster manner. And anything that is slowing down this flow can be considered to be harmful and needs fix.

The usual complaint is, the situation is somewhat doomed and how can it be paid off?

It is similar to Bangalore traffic. One can make it worse by taking shortcuts and through rash driving. But one can also improve if by being careful and respectful to others. And when that one becomes many, a lot of impacts can be made.

This talk is about bringing in the segregation to identify the debt and the tactics of paying off technical debt in a matured, sustainable manner. Yes, it can be paid off provided enough focus is given to it.

Speaker Profile

Leena is the Co-founder and Head of Engineering at Multunus Software Pvt. Pragmatic & Passionate Programmer, Lean Thinker, XP Evangelist who is hooked onto Continuous Delivery.

X Topic Abstract

Are you a enterprise looking to hybrid cloud to deal with "multi-speed IT"? While complexity is still the biggest challenge facing enterprises today, a cloud blueprint from UrbanCode Deploy can help organizations with legacy applications take those first steps toward the cloud.In this session we shall see how enterprise customers are using blueprints to develop their infrastructure and application layers across different cloud environments.

Check out how a process from full stack application design and provisioning to continuous delivery of apps into the cloud. You create a blueprint, you can provision it with minor configuration changes across different clouds.

Today, supported cloud providers include OpenStack (including IBM BlueBox), IBM Softlayer, VMware vCenter and vRealize Automation, Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services.

Speaker Profile

Smith Naik is Cloud Solution architect with IBM having 17 years of experience . For the past several years she has been working with clients build solutions that enable customers to extend their business to the cloud and also improve their devops process. Her interests include software development tools and methodologies - Agile, DevOps, application life-cycle management and automated deployments. She is avid blogger at :

X Topic Abstract

In a distributed world, with large number of moving parts and application instances, failure is imminent. To maintain defined SLAs, having accurate monitoring and management platform is key. Ability to detect problem is only part of the problem, an effective response goes a long way to keep the application running all the time. In the presentation, we will cover how to build your own Autonomous Application Platform

Speaker Profile

Munish Kumar Gupta is a Distinguished Member and Lead Architect with Global EA Practice. Based in Bangalore, India, his day-to-day work involves architecture definition and realization of distributed applications with stringent NFRs. He advises customers on the readiness of cutting-edge, open source technologies for enterprise adoption. He is author of Akka Essentials, has filed 4 patents and a frequent speaker at public conferences.

He is very passionate about software programming and craftsmanship. He is always looking for patterns in solving problems, writing code, and making optimum use of tools and frameworks. He blogs about technology trends and Application Performance Engineering and about Akka.

X Topic Abstract

This will be a demo\work-shop to enable Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment with Microsoft Visual Studio Team service and to Azure Cloud. Implement Infrastructure as code with PowerShell & DSC.

Speaker Profile

Transformation leader for DevOps movement, has 10 years of experience in Agile and DevOps working on Market Research and Retail domain.

X Topic Abstract

This will be a demo\work-shop to enable Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment with Microsoft Visual Studio Team service and to Azure Cloud. Implement Infrastructure as code with PowerShell & DSC.

Speaker Profile

Transformation leader for DevOps movement, has 10 years of experience in Agile and DevOps working on Market Research and Retail domain.

X Topic Abstract

Over the period of time a Monolithic application turned to a big wall of mud, no matter how good it is modelled at one point of time. This is because of multiple domain exists which increases the overall complexity of the application. To make this situation better we opt for microservices. But how will we define the microservices, at what granular level?

By applying concept of Domain Driven Design (DDD), we could identify the microservices and at right granular level. This session is going to highlight the relationship between DDD and microservices and how we could apply the DDD principles.

Speaker Profile

Vinay is founder and Director-Technology of Pingala Software. A technologist by heart, Vinay has over 17 years of experience in software development. Past 11 years he has been practicing Scrum, XP, Lean, Agile, TDD, BDD, Refactoring, Clean Code, Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery and DevOps. As an Agile Technology Coach he has been helping many teams in their adoption journeys with technical flavours and methodologies including Scrum, XP, Continuous Delivery and DevOps. Vinay has trained over 700 individuals in technology practices and has facilitated many workshops to various level of audience.

He is doing research in the field of Software architecture and his 14 papers have been published in various international journals. His two papers are translated in Chinese language by scrum network at China. He had been a Guest Professor at Manipal University in past and now also acting as Guest Professor at BITS Pilani. In leisure time develop mobile and IoT apps and he also received Innovation Award in the year 2014 by Computer Society of India.

X Topic Abstract

Find out how to automate and streamline your build-test-release cycle to achieve reliable and continuous delivery of your product


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Mikhail Advani

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Sanket Sarang

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BlobCity, Inc

Madhu Madhanan

Head - DevOps Process Re-engineering


Narayanan Subramaniam

Principal Engineer & Associate Data Scientist

Cisco Systems

Adarsh Mehrotra

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Arpit Mohan


Bicycle AI

Munish Gupta

Enterprise Architect - GEA Practice

Wipro Technologies

Murughan Palaniachari

DevOps Coach


Dr. Ramamoorthy Shankar

Chief Customer Success Officer

Harman Connected Services

Vinay Krishna

Agile/Devops Coach


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Stephen Cherian

Development Architect


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