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Software testing and QA has been set as the best practice to increase the effectiveness, efficiency and coverage of developed software over the past years. Among all other methods involved in Software testing, Automated software testing has long been considered as a critical tool to deliver effective software. With this we embark on how organizations need to brace up to bring agile models to work in order to release higher quality software faster through automated testing

The key focus of this event is to bring together developers, testers, management, and researchers in an exchange of testing practices, theories, and techniques and encourage coordination & partnerships between testing experts at all levels: practitioners, management, and researchers.

This event will focus on covering topics like:

  • Requirements engineering and management
  • Testing (methods, automation, tools)
  • Architecture and design
  • Process models and optimization
  • Delivery, operation and maintenance
  • Testing AI applications
  • Test Strategy, Planning, and MetricsTest
  • Leadership Performance Testing & Monitoring
  • Service Virtualisation Testing: The Challenges you need to overcome
  • Test Automation in Digital World – Leveraging Analytics and Intelligent Testing
  • Testing Today’s Application – Test Automation Tools you can use Mobility Assurance through Automation
  • Automating Load and Performance Testing

Key Benefits of this event involves:

  • Learning how to use Automation testing to optimise speed and accuracy over manual software testing
  • A full day to explore unique challenges at the Testing & Quality Assurance through concrete examples
  • Improve Test Automation Implementation, Team Development & Test Professional skills
  • Gather knowledge on various frameworks: Data-driven testing, Modularity-driven testing, Keyword-driven testing, Hybrid testing, Model-based testing, Code driven testing, Behaviour driven testing.
  • Improve on Principals of Agile Testing, advantages and disadvantages of Agile Testing and the best practices.

7+ Professional Speakers

50+ Delegates

Networking Session


Our speakers

  • Tarun Sukhani


  • Ikhwan Nazaruddin

    SEEK Asia

  • M Rizwanur Rashid


  • Kennedy Lunar


  • Lay Hua Goh


  • Sumit Bera




About Unicom


Sumit Bera, Senior Test Automation Engineer, dahmakan

Topic Abstract

In the world of startup culture and fast pace environment, there are ‘n’ number of ideas and quick decisions which needs to be build and shipped into the market. The whole purpose of quick releases is directly proportional to the growth of organization. When we talk about Agile most companies from startups to billion-dollar companies everyone is in a race to adopt into their software life cycle.

Faster development and deployment need continuous testing in order to achieve product stability. Continuous Integration/ Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) plays a key role in an agile process, where software programs are continuously integrated and deployed to different environments. In such scenario's automation testing is something that makes life easy of whole product team. In agile, QA team always focuses on giving continuous feedbacks to the ongoing implementations. But automation testing makes sure that the quality of the existing features is not affected while introducing new features. This will help QA teams to keep their focus on current releases. The overall discussion will cover some of the modern-day challenges of how automation can be a part of the DevOps cycle & Agile methodology.

  • Example of mobile app or web scenario using automation tools like Appium or Selenium.
  • Quick look at Kanban
  • Continues testing in a Kanban method.
  • Integration of test automation workflows with CI/CD tools like Jenkins or Bitrise.
  • How automated process reduces manual efforts.

Lay Hua Goh, Director of QA, MoneyLion

Topic Abstract

With a fast paced development lifecycle of the fin tech industry, system quality sometimes gets neglected in favour of delivering product deadlines. In this talk, we will discuss the organisation of teams into structures called Pods which can circumvent or mitigate such issues by allowing QA team scalability and increased QA recognition within a product dev flow. We will also touch upon the tools, processes, and framework necessary to help drive the QA OKR within such a system.

Participants join a table to discuss one or more of the Conference themes. Each table has a "Topic Guru" to facilitate the discussion.

Tarun Sukhani, Founder & CTO, Abundent

Topic Abstract

Developing Machine Learning and Deep Learning applications is en vogue today. However, testing methodologies vary with respect to these environments and deployments. My talk will focus on a standardized approach to testing AI applications from functional and unit testing to load and stress testing.

M Rizwanur Rashid, QA Lead, Adform

Topic Abstract

  • Introduction to chaos testing.
  • Few important aspects of chaos testing.
  • Popular tools of chaos testing
  • Alerting with Graphana.
  • Monitor chaos testing results with Graphana.
  • Q&A

Ikhwan Nazaruddin, Quality Coach, SEEK Asia

Topic Abstract

      Building the organization on two tracks – customer experience & business process test and software development engineer in test.
      Ensuring whole team approach – Quality Engineering as advocates on agile practices, industry standards and testing activities
      Influencing the organization in ensuring quality is in everyone’s habits – up to support team.
      Evolving testers to advocate and ensure that quality and test activities are done by everyone in the team.


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