Bengaluru | 17th July, 2019

Effective Problem Solving Workshop for Leaders and Managers

Full Day Hands-On Workshop with Ajay Balamurugadas

Who should attend?

  • Anyone working as a Lead or Manager.
  • Anyone expecting a promotion to Lead or Managerial position.
  • Anyone who finds Leadership fascinating and want to get better at it.
  • Anyone who is a good leader(in his/her own view) but wants to get it validated.
  • Test Leads, Test Managers looking for the solutions to common Test Leadership problems.

Why one should attend ?

Congratulations !!!
Based on your performance for the last year, we are happy to promote you.
Your designation effective today is Team Lead / Team Manager.

If you have been recently promoted to Team Lead / Team Manager, the change is immense. You have team members who look up to you for guidance, conflict resolution, work allocation and help in managing priorities in addition to being the face of the team to the stakeholders.

While you are still figuring out the responsibilities and day to day tasks, you receive a resignation email from one of your team members. What do you do when your manager is on leave? What would you do when other stakeholders start complaining about the star performer of your team who was your peer a few days ago and now reports to you. How will you handle this situation? Your team is constantly working hard but the other team(s) is/are not sticking to the schedule.

Your team members have spent their last three weekends at office. There is no time to even take a compensatory leave. You can sense the symptoms of burnout and you receive an email requesting support for the upcoming weekend as well. The project is crucial to everyone. What do you do?

These are just few examples of common problems when you manage teams

Welcome to Effective Problem Solving Workshop for Leaders and Managers,
where we will talk about many such problems and their solution.
We will focus on one of the key and most neglected agents of problems – THE PEOPLE

What can you expect:

  • Problem definition, problem identification, traditional ways of solving problems
  • Models and techniques to analyse and solve problems
  • Tools to solve problems and how tools generate new problems
  • Common traps in problem solving and common problems in testing
  • Multiple exercises for reflection, group exercises, debrief after each exercise
  • Takeaways discussion and feedback

Event Schedule & Outline

10:00 AM to 6:00 PM on 17th July, 2019 | Bengaluru

Hey, I have a problem! (60 mins)

• How do we identify problems

• Is that the burning problem – Solo exercise

• Why problems are necessary

• What problems teach us

How we usually solve problems (60 mins)

• Common models for problem analysis

• Common techniques to solve problems

• Factors of a problem

• Group exercise

Tools to our rescue (60 mins)

• Simplistic tools to solve problems

• Why tools don’t solve problems without creating new problems

• Group discussion about common problems and tools

Oops, we are trapped! (75 mins)

• Common traps in problem solving

• Group exercise: Simulation of real time situations

• How do we unblock ourselves

Common Problems in Testing (60 mins)

• The Test Estimation Problem

• The Test Coverage Problem

• Applying Gamestorming ideas to solve the testing problems – Group exercise

More Problems(30 mins)

• The New Manager Syndrome

• Team morale issues

• Lack of direction

Summary: (60 mins)

• Takeaways

• Q&A

• Feedback

About Workshop Trainer            

Ajay Balamurugadas

Test Professional & Leader with 12+ Years of Industry Experience. A graduate of Problem Solving Leadership, BBST Courses by AST, Rapid Software Testing, Rapid Testing Intensive workshop, Lean Software Testing Workshop, Ajay Balamurugadas doesn’t hesitate to spend on his learning. Starting his career as a software tester, he continues to be a hands-on software tester along with training new testers, meeting testers in person, presenting at conferences, conducting workshops and sharing his thoughts through his blog and tweets.

Ajay started with testing standalone desktop applications and soon moved on to web applications and mobile applications. His journey was boosted by co-founding Weekend Testing (, Test Maniac ( His short books( are popular with many testers for the practical and ready to use tips.

He considers being inducted into ‘Bach Brothers’ Testing Legion of Merit’, presenting keynote at CAST 2015 ( and attending Problem Solving Leadership workshop by Jerry Weinberg and Esther Derby to be his big achievements till date. He is also happy at the number of testers who have been influenced positively by his interactions.

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