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National banks and regulators, exchanges and investment banks across the world are taking seriously the financial innovation of distributed ledger or block chain technology. The block chain, aka Trust Machine underpins "crypto currencies" such as Bitcoin; but it goes beyond digital money. It provides a shared, trusted, public ledger that everyone can inspect, but no single user controls. It is at the cusp of revolutionising international money transfers, trade finance, syndicated lending and collateral management, among other applications. As it allows for almost instantaneous payments and settlement, the potential impact on the role of traders, quants and other financial technologists cannot be underestimated.

This conference brings together Block Chain technologists in the finance sector, regulators, industry commentators, computer science researchers and others involved in financial innovation; these experts explore some of the technology and the many applications of Block chain in Financial Services in Singapore.



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X Topic Abstract

Blockchain technology continued to see its adoption grow with highly publicized enterprise and consortium pilots while the cryptocurrency market had a banner year in 2017 thanks to the meteoric rise in bitcoin prices and the huge popularity of initial coin offerings as a new way of fundraising. Companies, mostly start-ups, raised close to $3 billion by issuing new digital tokens in 2017, resulting in more than 1,000 virtual currencies in existence today. However, we're just at the beginning of the this new token economy.

And, startups as well as enterprises have the opportunity to leverage this new medium of value creation and exchange for competitive advantage.

Speaker Profile

Floyd DCosta is the co-founder of Block Armour and Blockchain Worx. With a background in Management Consulting, Floyd has over 16 years of international professional experience in setting up and growing international business practices as well as advising senior clients executives on decisive topics. His experience includes eleven years at Capgemini and spans a variety of industry sectors and technology platforms. Based out of Singapore, Floyd helps institutions harness the potential of Blockchain technology for competitive advantage.

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Speaker Profile

X Topic Abstract

There is an epidemic surging through the world today – and most don’t know it. It’s called the tech epidemic. The upcoming digital revolution for the future of work is said to be the widest and deepest. Its impact is already starting to be seen today – where displacement of jobs is commonly seen. This talk will mention on today’s sociology behavior in known theories of consensus theory, conflict theory around human capital and reputation systems, and how Blockchain will impact and solve them by the introduction of ICOs, distribution and decentralized consensus. It will also touch on what Blockchain as a technology can and cannot solve to spark an investigation on the survival of humankind to combat potentially threatening technologies like artificial intelligence.

Speaker Profile

Daniel Shen has more than 10 years of experience in investment banking, Fintech, and Human resource touching on next-generation high-tech projects like Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence and Robotics. Dan is especially well-versed in process re-engineering, innovation, human capital and started his discovery into Blockchain by planning and executing proof of concepts with a self-created team in J.P. Morgan. With battle-tested project management expertise, he is able to execute projects with top quality and obtain remarkable results. As a founder of Soqqle, Daniel is passionate about bringing human capital to maximum potential for the upcoming digital revolution in the future of work. He believes this can be done through challenge-driven incentives to motivate and guide Millennials / Gen-Z to self-discover passions and what they can achieve.

X Topic Abstract

There are few things in today’s technology landscape that promise to be more transformational than the mainstream adoption of Blockchain in various industries. Smart contracts have the potential to change the way in which applications are built within the enterprise. From their ability to securely execute business logic, to the automation of business transactions across a blockchain network, smart contracts represent a huge opportunity for organizations deploying this technology. Join this session to learn more about smart contracts, and their applications within an enterprise/permissioned blockchain deployment.

Speaker Profile

Anshul is a Solutions Architect at TIBCO who also works as a technology evangelist to spread the TIBCO connected intelligence message across partners and customers. Through thought leadership and customer engagement, he enjoys helping businesses remain competitive in the ever-changing digital landscape. He is passionate about Blockchain, IoT, APIs, Cloud, Microservices, Machine Learning, and AI.

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Speaker Profile

Mr Eric Chua is the Managing Director of Private Wealth Asia Society. The business is a non-profit industry organization that connects private investors with wealth industry practitioners in Singapore, Hong Kong, China and Indonesia on their premier community platform.

Mr Chua has more than 20 years of experience in financial services and technology across Asia with having worked and lived in Singapore, Hong Kong and Shanghai. He has also worked in Royal Bank of Canada, Bank of New York Mellon, International Chamber of Commerce, SWIFT and Dow Jones.

X Topic Abstract

Blockchain as a technology is now being tried, tested and used across various industries and sectors. Governments are looking at how they can use it to transform the way records are kept and how it can also benefit citizens. With the recent uptrend in cryptocurrencies, blockchain and the value that it can deliver, has been outshined and the legitimacy questioned. With all the hype of specific blockchain products that are still in development, the use cases by existing blockchains are going unnoticed. The presentation will give an overview of the various use cases that are either in the proof-of-concept stage, implementation stage and in use across industries.

Speaker Profile

Anisha Kundu is an AVP at Marvelstone Capital. She comes with over 8 years in the financial services industry across spectrum from large corporate to start-ups. She currently consults corporates on innovating with FinTech and blockchain solutions and writes a weekly on the cryptocurrency market, regulation and blockchain adoption. Prior to Marvelstone Capital she worked at J.P. Morgan as a buy-side credit analyst and at CRISIL Limited (a Standard and Poor’s company) managing clients. Anisha holds an MBA from NUS Business School and Fudan School of Management, Shanghai.

X Topic Abstract

Construction industry need a highly collaborative & time sensitive process which had in the past met with challenges in bringing different parties together. It has been solved by the revolution of BIM technology software like Autodesk AEC Collection & Autodesk BIM 360.

There were few legal challenges associated with BIM process like Ownership, modification /distribution rights ,liability of errors & copyright. These can be potentially addressed by using BIM + Blockchain to redefine the future of $67 trillion construction industry.

Speaker Profile

Kannan Solaiappan , a Solution Architect with strong problem solving interest using emerging technologies IoT, MachineLearning, NLP& Blockchain technologies. Emerging Technology Evangelist who has a decade+ experience in designing and implementing enterprise grade applications and have exposure to emerging tech through summits, conferences and hackathons as participant and speaker.

Autodesk, Inc., is a leader in 3D design, engineering and entertainment software.

X Topic Abstract

ICO the path to freedom for all entrepreneurs

Speaker Profile

Eric is a creative director who has successfully implemented the production and campaigns of a client portfolio that includes Samsung, Panasonic, Volkswagen, Elite Models, Fashion TV, BMW, JVC and Daikin amongst others. Eric has worked on the Elite Model Look China, Singapore and International finals since 2005 and is the managing director of EML Singapore since 2010. He has been helping promising talents to develop a professional grade image over the last few years and recognized a similar demand for image and PR management among artists and athletes. Stemming from this experience and aware of the early challenges faced by emerging talents, he decided to spearhead the “Jetcoin Institute”, an organization aimed at financing the development of young athletes and artists through a new cryptocurrency called ‘jetcoin’.

X Topic Abstract

Blockchain governance is the sum total of processes, systems and rules that define how blockchain functions and thus determine how technology, economics and compliance of a blockchain system evolve and change. As such, current governance systems for popular platforms and currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum are broken and need improvement. Imagine an intelligent blockchain which had incentives, communication flows and compliance processes that could self-regulate and optimize itself.

Speaker Profile

Hayk is a business expert, advisor and speaker, He also advises in AI and blockchain to MNCs and startups globally. He worked with and consulted SMEs and MNCs across Europe, Africa, and Asia. Currently, Hayk is in charge of Business Development in APAC at @Nexmo, is EiR at SOSV and partner at PRYSM Group.


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Block Armour and Blockchain Worx Singapore

Daniel Shen



Anshul Sharma

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Hayk Hakobyan

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Anisha Kundu

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Marvelstone Capital

Eric Chua

Managing Director

Private Wealth ASIA

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Solution Architect


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