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Renowned Financial Analyst Dr. Anders Bally to speak in Mumbai at Financial Analytics Summit

07 Nov


ab   During his time as a financial analyst and fund manager in Zurich, Switzerland in the 90’s, Dr. Anders Bally had a vision to connect the world and democratize wisdom of the crowd. Like most innovators, he identified the key obstacles in how financial news was used and assimilated, and found a cutting-edge solution. 20 years later, having built a number of companies, Bally received the 2016 Swiss Fintech Award for bringing his vision to life with Sentifi.

Sentifi has become the most recognized name in crowd-based artificial intelligence for financial information in key markets including Europe and Asia. After seeing the emerging power of the financial market in India, Bally is honored to visit Mumbai, India, as the keynote speaker for UNICOM’s first Financial Analytics & Blockchain Summit on Nov. 10 and 11.

“The world we are living in is changing daily, even hourly,” said Bally. “Globally, there are 2.2 billion people connected to social media, sharing their knowledge, opinions and judgments.” In his keynote speech, dubbed “The Financial Information Paradigm Shift,” Bally will explain the transformation — from traditional media to social media — and how the financial community should address and access this information.

In the workshop “Integration of Crowd-Intelligence in Financial Analyses and Investment Decisions” later in the day, Bally will give an insider’s view on different ways to tap into crowd-intelligence and extracts unlimited information to turn into financial insights that can maximize investment strategies.

“It’s my first time in India, and a great honor to be the keynote speaker for UNICOM” said Bally. “I’m looking forward to introducing Sentifi to the country’s financial markets; as well as connecting everyone to the power of our crowd intelligence technology.”

Established in 2010 with headquarters in India and the U.K., UNICOM hosts a variety of events around the world including conferences, contests, webinars, public workshops, certified training courses and networking events. With this summit, UNICOM hopes to address and ignite conversations about the hottest topics and trends in the financial sector, including big data, market perspectives, blockchain, fraud and cybersecurity.