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Analytics Olympiad 2018

20 Dec

 Analytics And Big Data

About Analytics Olympiad 2018

The 5th edition of the biannual corporate quiz contest on Analytics, Analytics Olympiad 2018 is back!!. Purpose of this contest is to identify India’s most knowledgeable Analytics Professionals. This year, the format has changed with a different list of topics. Will you bring laurel to your organization and to yourself?

Analytics Olympiad will be organized by UNICOM in 2018.

Over 5000 IT professionals from 1000+ companies in India and abroad would be participating, with experience ranging from 6 months to 25 years and professionals in Analytics

Analytics Olympiad 2017 Winners

1st Prize – Team Brillians –Rajiv Chemudupati & Vadiraj Deshpande, Brillio Technologies

2nd Prize– Team Knowledge Seekers- Mayank Goel & Anushree Maheshwari, Vodafone

3rd Prize – Team Livewire, Anupama Gangadhar & Chiranjiv Roy, Mercedes Benz R & D India

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Analytics Olympiad 2016 Winners

1st Prize – dh Team -5-Santanu Paul, Data Scientist & Satendra Kumar, Analysis Manager, Dunnhumby India IT Services Pvt Ltd Gurgaon

2nd Prize – SAPHans, Harshil Singhal, Associate Business Process Consultant & Lavanya Lakshmi, Business Process Consultant, SAP,Bangalore

Analytics Olympiad 2015 Winners

1st Prize – Rama Gurubaran V, Business Analysis Sr Analyst, Dell Bangalore

2nd Prize – Anuradha D Shenoy, Manager, Information Systems, BPCL Ltd. Mumbai

3rd Prize – Vinesh Gaonakr, Business Analysis Advisor, Dell Bangalore

List of Topics that will be covered in Analytics Olympiad:

Big data
Business analytics
Business Intelligence
Complex event processing
Data mining
Data presentation architecture
Learning analytics
Game Plan:

Qualifier Round 1: Online on Feb 09, 2018 – Duration 30 Mins [Time: 4:00-4:30 PM] FREE

Link to take the quiz would be sent to nominees via email 2 days before the quiz
Quiz can be taken from anywhere – office / home / browsing centres, etc.
This round will be for 30 minutes. You will have to answer 40 Multiple Choice Questions
Questions have been designed to be generic covering all areas of Analytics. Most delegates will find questions to be easy.
Based on performance selected teams will be qualified for Round 2.
Selected Candidates will be informed via Email & will have to pay a nominal fee of Rs 15,000+GST per team to participate in semi-finals. This fee includes Complimentary pass for India Analytics Summit 2018.

Semi-Finals in Bangalore (08:00 am to 08:30 am) PAY

Format – Pen and Paper based quiz.

This round will be for 40 minutes. You will have to answer 40 Multiple Choice Questions and 2 Situational and Subjective Questions

Top 4 teams will go to finals.

Certificates will be provided to all semi-finalists

Finals with 4 Teams in Bangalore (Time 4:30 PM to 5:00PM) in Bangalore

Format – Oral quiz to be held on stage

Quiz will have Audio and Video Rounds with Live scoring. Contest Format will be explained at the beginning.

This round will be for 40 minutes. You will have to answer 40 Multiple Choice Questions and 2 Situational and Subjective Questions

Result will be announced at the Venue by 5.30 PM. Winners and Runners-Up Teams will be given Prizes by our Chief Guest.

What’s the Best Analytics Team taking home?

Winning Team – Gold Certificates and Gold Medal to both players in the team

First Runner Up Team – Silver Certificate and Silver Medal to both players in the team

Second Runner Up Team – Bronze Certificate and Bronze Medal to both players in the team

Winners shall be facilitated with the awards on the same day of conference in Bangalore at the India Analytics Summit.

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Analytics And Big Data-(Business Analytics with R – Instructor-led Online Training)

05 Dec

Analytics And Big Data
Business Analytics with R – Instructor-led Online Training

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Tech must be the servant rather than the master

26 Sep

People and communities are putting new technologies to use in solving social problems

IT conferences , IT summits

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Technological innovation often starts with a promise of empowerment — plans to make the whole world’s information accessible (Google), to give people the power to build community (Facebook), to share ideas instantly (Twitter), or simply to enable them to do more (Microsoft).
However, as technology companies have grown, many people have a sense of disenfranchisement and powerlessness. Their data are collected and traded — often hacked — in ways that are difficult to monitor and control. Smart cities are covered in sensors but the information is not necessarily freely available. People fear that robots will take their livelihoods. Social media can be an arena for bullying rather than free speech.

Please use the sharing tools found via the email icon at the top of articles. Copying articles to share with others is a breach of T&Cs and Copyright Policy. Email to buy additional rights. Subscribers may share up to 10 or 20 articles per month using the gift article service.
Away from the bleak headlines, however, people and communities are still putting new technologies to use in solving social problems, holding authorities to account and overcoming injustice or inequality. Often these projects and innovations happen at grassroots level and on low budgets, practically invisible to the wider public.


Tech lines by Leaders:
Every piece of technology should help embellish the capability of human beings. We definitely want more productivity and efficiency, but we do not want to degrade humanity.

“The ability to really make sure that we’re not only thinking about the person, but the institutions people builds,”

“We think about it at the global scale, but most importantly, for us, it’s not about our technology, it is about what you can do with technology to create your own technology, to have real impact in moving our society and economy forward. That’s what is central to our mission,”

“In fact, technology trends and paradigms will come and go, but what will center us is this sense of purpose and mission?”

This is a time where the profound impact of technology in everything that people do is so much deeper, so much broader, whether one is talking about precision agriculture, or precision medicine, the future of connected products, smart cities or smarter factories.

“There isn’t a single industry that isn’t being transformed.

We collectively have the opportunity to lead in this transformation,”
Tech conferences list, Click here



09 May


India Agile Awards will recognize those organizations and practitioners that have stepped away from legacy tools and processes to create Agile programs that define the future of Product Development, services and support. Executives and teams leading IT and Agile methodologies at these companies will be recognized among their peers at the India Agile Awards.

Please download the application form given below to submit your entry. Do not exceed the word limit. Entries for the India Agile Awards will be judged based on the following criteria:

Measurable Impact on Business Objectives – 20 points
Agile Methods used – 20 points
Innovative tools and techniques – 20 points
Customer centricity – 20 points
People and Team Centricity – 20 points


Entering The India Agile Awards is an opportunity for the market as a whole to be acknowledged and recognised, as well as bringing high levels of exposure and acclaim for individuals, teams, and organisations. This is a unique platform that provides an opportunity to network, interact and gain knowledge.

A Leadership forum enabling complete reach and engagement to showcase some of the best capabilities from India’s top brass Agile fraternity.


A win at The India Agile Awards gives a seal of approval to your activities and is a sign of quality and high standards within your business
Just being shortlisted can boost your brand awareness and promote your business.
The India Agile Awards recognises the hard work and achievements of your employees, helping to boost staff confidence.
Being shortlisted can impress your business partners, clients, investors and potential investors.
Winning awards boosts your hiring stature within the market, helping to attract the very best talent.


Renowned Financial Analyst Dr. Anders Bally to speak in Mumbai at Financial Analytics Summit

07 Nov


ab   During his time as a financial analyst and fund manager in Zurich, Switzerland in the 90’s, Dr. Anders Bally had a vision to connect the world and democratize wisdom of the crowd. Like most innovators, he identified the key obstacles in how financial news was used and assimilated, and found a cutting-edge solution. 20 years later, having built a number of companies, Bally received the 2016 Swiss Fintech Award for bringing his vision to life with Sentifi.

Sentifi has become the most recognized name in crowd-based artificial intelligence for financial information in key markets including Europe and Asia. After seeing the emerging power of the financial market in India, Bally is honored to visit Mumbai, India, as the keynote speaker for UNICOM’s first Financial Analytics & Blockchain Summit on Nov. 10 and 11.

“The world we are living in is changing daily, even hourly,” said Bally. “Globally, there are 2.2 billion people connected to social media, sharing their knowledge, opinions and judgments.” In his keynote speech, dubbed “The Financial Information Paradigm Shift,” Bally will explain the transformation — from traditional media to social media — and how the financial community should address and access this information.

In the workshop “Integration of Crowd-Intelligence in Financial Analyses and Investment Decisions” later in the day, Bally will give an insider’s view on different ways to tap into crowd-intelligence and extracts unlimited information to turn into financial insights that can maximize investment strategies.

“It’s my first time in India, and a great honor to be the keynote speaker for UNICOM” said Bally. “I’m looking forward to introducing Sentifi to the country’s financial markets; as well as connecting everyone to the power of our crowd intelligence technology.”

Established in 2010 with headquarters in India and the U.K., UNICOM hosts a variety of events around the world including conferences, contests, webinars, public workshops, certified training courses and networking events. With this summit, UNICOM hopes to address and ignite conversations about the hottest topics and trends in the financial sector, including big data, market perspectives, blockchain, fraud and cybersecurity.