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India Testing Awards 2018 – Bangalore

21 Mar

India Testing Awards will recognise those organisations and practitioners that have stepped away from legacy tools and processes to create Testing programs that define the future of IT Software Development, services and support. Executives and teams leading IT and testing at these companies will be recognised among their peers at the India Testing Awards ceremony co-hosted with World Conference Next Gen Testing 2018 on Thursday, 19th July 2018, in Bangalore.

Entering The India Testing Awards is an opportunity for the market as a whole to be acknowledged and recognised, as well as bringing high levels of exposure and acclaim for individuals, teams, and organisations. This is a unique platform that provides an opportunity to network, interact and gain knowledge.

A Leadership forum enabling complete reach and engagement to showcase some of the best capabilities from India’s top brass software testing fraternity.

> A win at The India Testing Awards gives a seal of approval to your activities and is a sign of quality and high standards within your business
> Just being shortlisted can boost your brand awareness and promote your business.
> The India Testing Awards recognises the hard work and achievements of your employees, helping to boost staff confidence.
> Being shortlisted can impress your business partners, clients, investors and potential investors.
> Winning awards boosts your hiring stature within the market, helping to attract the very best talent.



1. Testing Lifetime Achievement of the Year 2018 (Honorary)
The veteran Testing Thought leader whose contribution to the industry is memorable. The jury, comprising of CIOs of end user companies and celebrated thought-leaders, shall chose the winner.

2. Testing Leader of the Year 2018
This will be awarded to the most outstanding software Testing leader.

Jury will be looking for:

> Excellent people management and communication skills
> Evidence of achieving project aims and targets through effective leadership
> Proof of commitment to the wider testing and QA community
> Examples of procedures put in place to ensure high quality results
> Evidence of a commitment to high quality and standards
> Demonstration of self-evaluation, commitment to self-learning and improvement
> Evangelise modern test practices, methods and find new ways of doing things – Ex: Usage of machine learning tools, analysis et al


1. Testing Project of the Year 2018
Awarded to the most outstanding testing project
Jury will be looking for:

Evidence of working closely with stakeholders to deliver the project on time and within budget
Demonstration of a successful software testing project utilising a best practice method/technique
Verification of project goals, importance, achievements and successful results
Evidence and evaluation of overcoming project challenges/obstacles
Detailed discussion around project methodology and justification of resource choices
Evidence of commitment to industry best practices and standards
Evidence of cost savings, revenue generation or any value generated to the customer (internal, external)

2. Emerging Technology in Testing of the Year 2018
Awarded to the most outstanding Emerging Technology in Testing
Jury will be looking for:

Detailed discussion around project methodology and justification of Emerging technology choices and application
Cutting-edge and fit-for-purpose technology was correctly and effectively used Evidence of working closely with stakeholders to deliver the project on time and within budget
Verification of project goals, importance, achievements and successful results
Evidence and evaluation of technology being used to overcome project challenges/obstacles Evidence of commitment to industry best practices and standards
Evidence of adoption of technology and that resulted in significant business benefits (cost savings or revenue generation)

3. Testing Team of the Year 2018
Awarded to the most outstanding overall testing team of the year.
Judges will be looking for:

Evidence of a cohesive team identity and unity
Outstanding communication demonstrated within the software testing team and with other stakeholders
Evidence of achieving project aims and targets through effective team work
Commitment to the wider testing and QA community
Evidence of a strong team ethos
Proof of continued commitment to improving, up-skilling and self-development
Evidence of teams creating or contributing to open source, intellectual property like publications, or testing community contribution
4. Testing Tool/Product of the year 2018
Awarded to the most outstanding testing tool/product
Judges will be looking for:

Did the product provide cost saving or revenue generation to the organization?
Did it improve productivity of the testing teams?
Did the product provide any “wow” factor that impacted customer (internal/external) business?
How did the product perform in terms of product adoption, ease of use, implementation Is it referred/used in community and usage at various levels of eco system in the industry?

Award submission guidelines:

1. More than one submissions are allowed in any category.

2. There can be more than one submission from a company.

3. A nominal fee will be a onetime payment per category to ensure serious nominations

4. All submitted proposals shall be refered to jury members who shall be selecting the best 5 proposals in each category.

5.Your project will be evaluated based on the information you provide. We hence request you to spend comprehensive time in filling out the details pertaining to your project.

6. Once the proposal qualifies for the final nominations, the same shall be informed to you.

7. All the final nominees should be present on the awards day.

8. Winner’s name shall be declared on the awards day.

9. Winner’s trophy shall be handed over a gala ceremony on the awards day.

Submission Deadlines:

Early Bird Submission : 1st June 2018
Standard Submission : 10th July 2018

For More Information :

Contact Mr Gokul by telephone at +91 95388 78795 or by email at /


Events List:


Contest > Software Testing > India Testing League 2018

15 Feb

About India Testing League 2018:

The 6th edition of the annual corporate quiz contest India Testing League is back!! Purpose of this contest is to identify India’s most knowledgeable Testers. This year, we have revised the topics to make it a little more fun and competitive. Will you bring laurel to your organization and to yourself?

India Testing League will be organized by UNICOM & KPMG.

Over 2000 IT professionals from 400+ companies in India and abroad would be participating, with experience ranging from 2 years to 20 years.

Winners of India Testing League 2017, 2016, 2015:

ITL 2017 Winners:

Winners: Rapid Value- Adarsh and Abhilash

Frist Runners-Up: ZEQA from ZEOMEGA- Priya and Darshan

Second Runners-Up: Test Diva from Manhattan Associates- Pratibha and Bharti

2016 Winners:

Winners: Mrinal Chatterjee & Dipan Lahiri from Tech Mahindra

Frist Runners-Up: Vivek C B & Renjith R Nair from RapidValue Solutions

Second Runners-Up: Ramyashree Gowda & Shivakumar Balur from Samsung Research India

2015 Winners:

Winners: Roopesh & Athuliya from Manhattan Associates

Frist Runners-Up: Arun & Sudip from Zyme Solutions

Second Runners-Up: Baishampayan Roy & Anisha Maitra from TCS

List of Topics that will be covered:

Manual Testing
Test Automation
Agile Testing
Mobile App Testing
Device Testing
Testing Tools
Test Management
Test Processes
Test Strategy


Qualifier Round 1: Online on May 23, 2018 – Duration 30 Mins [Time: 4:00-4:30 PM] FREE

Link to take the quiz would be sent to nominees via email 2 days before the quiz

Quiz can be taken from anywhere – office/ home/ browsing centers, etc.

This round will be for 30 minutes. You will have to answer 40 Multiple Choice Questions

Questions have been designed to be generic covering all areas of Testing. Most delegates will find questions to be easy.

Based on performance selected teams will be qualified for Round 2.

Only top 10% candidates will be selected for Semi-Finals.

Selected Candidates will be informed via Email & will have to pay a nominal fee of INR 15,000+ GST per team to participate in semi-finals. This fee includes a Complimentary pass for World Conference Next Generation Testing 2018, Bangalore (Only Day 1).

Semi-Finals in Bangalore at the conference venue on 19thJuly(08:00 am to 08:30 am) PAY.

Format – Pen and Paper based quiz.

This round will be for 40 minutes. You will have to answer 40 Multiple Choice Questions and 2 Situational and Subjective Questions.

Top 4 teams will go to finals.

Certificates will be provided to all semi-finalists.

Finals with 4 Teams in Bangalore at the conference venue on 19th July (Time 4:30 PM to 5:00PM).

Format – Oral quiz to be held on stage.

Quiz will have Audio and Video Rounds/Multiple Choice with live scoring. Contest Format will be explained at the beginning.

This round will be for 40 minutes. You will have to answer 40 Multiple Choice Questions and 2 Situational and Subjective Questions.

Result will be announced at the Venue by 5.30 PM. Winners and Runners-Up Teams will be given Prizes by our Chief Guest.

What’s the Best Testing Team taking home?

Winning Team – SmartWatch, Gold Certificates and Gold Medal to both players in the team.

First Runner-Up Team – Silver Certificate and Silver Medal to both players in the team.

Second Runner-Up Team – Bronze Certificate and Bronze Medal to both players in the team.

Winners shall be felicitated with the awards on the same day of the conference in Bangalore at the World Conference Next Generation Testing 2018, Bangalore.



India Testing Awards 2015: Interview with Test Leader of the Year Award Winner Renu Rajani

22 Mar

“My company carried my award story on our Talent front page for a week and also Capgemini’s Facebook page. I felt like I was Ms Universe in Testing World”- says Renu Rajani, Vice President at Capgemini (Testing Global Service Line) and the winner of Test Leader of the Year Award-2015.


Renu Rajani, won the ‘Test Leader of the Year Award’ at the India Testing Awards 2015. The award recognizes practitioners and companies who have created Testing programs that define the future of product development, services and support. The felicitation ceremony was part of the ‘World Conference Next Gen Testing’ that witnessed participation from senior executives across global IT companies. 

Over a quick meeting, Unicom team spoke to Renu to find out more about her achievement:

Test Leader of the Year 2015-Renu Rajani

Test Leader of the Year 2015-Renu Rajani


1. What was your approach in filling up the application form?

The award application form has sections on –

  • Background – Objective/Challenge.  The applicant should describe the challenges/ objectives that inspired the Testing Methodology and the key accomplishments relating to the same.  In this section, I focused on testing transformation challenges handled by me in an innovative/unique manner.
  • Top-3 Testing Projects – Here specific experiences from 3 projects where I made a difference. In describing each of my project, I was specific on the outcome I was trying to accomplish with specific method/approach and how I specifically kept in mind customer needs.
  • Testing mindset, philosophy and demonstrable Action on these projects here I specifically listed execution plan, challenges encountered, results and feedback from across stakeholders.
  • Recommendations from Industry – Your leaders may want to nominate you and in such case might want to put recommendations.  Ensure these are fair and unbiased and reflection of your work. In todays social media world, one can use some of the recommendations provided online by your senior industry network contacts over platforms such as LinkedIN and these do carry good weight if coming from a credible source.
  • Measurable Impact – I include specific examples, facts and data points on impact (quantitative and qualitative) my projects, approach/method have created.
  • Why Me – In this section make a compelling reason for you to be awarded.  The justifications should be around impact you have created, thought leadership you bring to the table that is acknowledged by industry, etc.
  • List of Team members groomed by you – this is yet another way to demonstrate the impact.  How have people groomed under you have benefitted the industry and what do they think of you? What does industry think of people groomed under you.  Again, if you have worked at your social media presence, that could speak for itself!

Finally, The award is an acknowledgement of one’s work in the Testing field.  More than preparation or credentials stated in the application, it is the thought leadership of the individual and how his/her work is showcased to the external world, which play an essential role in the voting process. The application response is a reflection of how someone has established him/herself in the field over the career span.


2. Please share the first thought when you realized that you have won the award?

I felt like I was Ms Universe in Testing World and that I had duty to serve as thought leader and role model to the testing universe. Being active in diversity and women leadership initiatives for last many years and having nurtured women careers in testing, I also felt the award being conferred to a woman held even more significance and role modeling for women in IT.


3. What was the significance of winning this award to you/your organisation?

This award acknowledges my professional thought leadership, evangelism in testing space, as well as reinforces Capgemini’s positioning in Testing Community and marketplace.


Renu Rajani

Renu Rajani


4. How did your friends, relatives and colleagues respond to your win. Do you remember any particular comment from your colleagues or company that you would like to share?

My entire team felt it was a great acknowledgement of my work. My manager Govindarajan Muthukrishnan was too pleased.  In my mind the award as much belonged to him as he offered me tremendous platform in terms of my roles that gave me opportunity to demonstrate transformational leadership in testing space.  My company carried my award story on our Talent front page for a week, as well as on Capgemini Facebook page under #betheyou hashtag.  I really did mind myself on the top of the world!


Capgemini Expert Connect is the platform that provides tremendous visibility to global empanelled experts like myself who are brand ambassadors for our companies thought leadership.  The Expert connect platform and Architecture community also widely carried my award news.


5. Please describe your experience of the day the award was held?

On the day award ceremony was held, it was day-2 of the conference event and I was a speaker as well in the event. I had just returned from my international travel, in barely few hours of landing went to the event for my session .  The hotel had trophies displayed without names.  Names of 15 nominees for this award were on the Unicom portal and all were requested to stay in the evening to hear the verdict! I was tired on the day due to travel and was about to leave for the day and when organizers learnt I was leaving for the day, they could not have told me I was the winner of the award.  They gently requested I better wait for 2 hours for the evening ceremony.  I stayed thinking I would congratulate the winners, only to figure out that KPMG and jury had selected me as “Testing Leader of the Year 2015”.  Like I said, when I stood with the trophy, I felt on the top of the world


6. What do you think differentiated you from rest of the nominees? 

One’s Point of View and thought leadership in the field, healthy networks within the industry and visibility of work on social media is important. One has to be an acknowledged thought leader and evangelist for bagging such recognitions.

For my candidature, the application scored the highest with a score of 9/10 points. The jury remarks read:  ‘Overall strength in various aspects of testing including from actual implementation to evangelism with everything in between. Good social media influence’.


7. What message you have for those reading your interview?

2015 has seen focus on Digital with testing Agile/DevOps/Continuous Integration mode becoming mainstay.  The market shifts have new demands on our talent to continue to upgrade and up-skill ourselves to stay relevant in this changing marketplace.

Testing & QA profession leverages the best of individuals’ multi-faceted – business, technical, process, soft skills, domain and industry skills.  Be proud to belong to this profession and value it continues to offer to the industry.





05 Aug

How about starting this blog post with this as I cannot stop myself saying it. WCNGT by Unicom Learning was the best conference that I have attended so far. What do I mean by best? Well, that’s a great feeling inside my heart. Be it organizing committee or be it the participants, everyone were lovely. And not to forget that the food was insanely delicious. Usually, I always used to feel like “When will the conference end? / Let me get out of this and hang-out with friends or let me do something else”, but here it was very unique experience where my heart wanted to stick around with people. There was so much love shown by participants after my talk and before the talk. I made many friends.

Something that made my heart beat so fast with the happy tune was, many people shared their business cards with me and this was first time that I did not go to people proactively and shared my card and asking for one. That’s a heuristic for me that, my talk was loved literally by people. I met some great human-beings like Avinash from Sasken, Prasanth from KPMG, Natarajan from Chennai, Buddhini from Sri Lanka, Anand Bagmar from Thoughtworks, Aparajitha, Ashok T from Stag and many other people.

After the Day 1 Conference

I was sitting in the lobby of Le Meridien and there were few groups which came and talked to me. Some people said, we missed your talk and my instant response was, “No, you did not!” I made the lobby as stage and gave 1ish hour talk on Hacking and Life (That’s the beauty of my talk, I have mixed thoughts that come up during my technical talk. I see how I can relate certain things to life while that acts as motivation). I even spoke about my life as it is without having conditions apply, the only reason I share things about my life is, “It makes me feel lighter and may be it helps someone who was or is in same hard-ship”.

Now, let us rewind a bit. It was 10:30 AM and my talk was scheduled at 10:30 AM. When I entered, I was asked to hurry up and I said, I never like to hurry in my life. And then I heard, “You got to hurry and manage”, and my response was “I do not want to manage, I want to rock”. I was asked if my talk can be re-scheduled, I said “Why not? Please do”. People have always judged me and I am thankful to them that they spend their time on me thinking about me. Isn’t it lovely?

Now, is the time for my talk and I wanted to rock. Well, it did happen! My talk appeared to be motivating, inspirational, informative, enthusiastic, fun / humorous etc. This is not what I am telling, but the people who gave feedback. Here are some pictures that you can have a look at

Now, let us forward a bit. I came home and I was so happy to have been at the conference; I logged into my Facebook account and I see so many friend requests and also some people had pinged me to convey that my talk was great / awesome / fun etc. Beautiful!

A trainee at Le Meridien appreciated by talk

Now, I was happy to see a message by a Trainee at Le Meridien who appreciated my talk. Here is the message by Mr. Mukesh Priya Darsan [No editing done, copied and pasted as it is].

“Hi sir I am Priya darsan… I am a Trainee in le Meridien bangalore.. I heared ur speech…. awesome bit funny too.. I was working and listening to your words… I was near by u putting water in the glass.. I think u dint knw… hope c u back sir…. #YouHackedMe”

During Day 2 Conference

The intention was only meeting people and also sharing by business cards as I call myself “I’m a BASTARD of Marketing”. I met some awesome people and had long conversations. Some people complimented for my talk which was on Day 1 and I was thankful to them as it bought smile on my face.

After the conference

Some more messages started landing in my inbox and there is this girl known by this name, and she is Monica A N Kumar [Facebook Profile:] who wrote this post

Here is goes, [No editing done]

“When I announced the next speaking session on the stage at ‪#‎WCNGT14‬ I noticed Santhosh Tuppad and honestly for a minute wondered “WHAAAT!! HIM? I MEAN SERIOUSLY!!” Being from technical background but not really liking it much i jus sat n listened to ds person on stage!! What a speaking session that was!! U jus conveyed the technical knowledge in a very non-technical way!! This s exactly how a Mentor shud be!! You proved tat a Mentor need nt necessarily be old or not necessarily look geeky…All tat matters is conveying the subject in an interesting way.. I oly wanted to listen more..U jus changed de definition of conference totally tat day to me…! I would definitely not think oderwise if given a chance to attend ur speaking session!! We want Mentors like U!! Thank you once again”

I just loved it and made me smile. At times motivation from other people is bonus for me however, I rely on self-motivation always. One of the beautiful thing about Monica A N Kumar is, she conveyed it while many people don’t like to do so thinking that, Why should I? What’s in it for me? When I speak good about people [Well, I only speak good and don’t like to speak bad], it gives me happiness. Sometimes, I find my motivation in motivating others.

Few words about conference

Sexy, Awesome, Lovely conference.
Organizing committee – Wow!
Participants – Lovely people. Never felt so good meeting people.

And hell yeah! I am going to make it to the future conferences for sure based on my priorities. WCNGT ROCKS! Thanks to Unicom Learning.