Interview with the Winner of India Quality League 2015 – Mrinal Chatterjee and Dipan Lahiri

15 Mar

Mrinal Chatterjee and Dipan Lahiri – Pre Sales and Test Manager, TechMahindra was the winner at India Quality League 2015, an annual contest that is held every year and attended by thousands of participants in India. After their success as a winner on 24th Febraury,2015 among 1020 participants,  we caught up with Mrinal and Dipan, interviewed them to find out more about their process behind his winning the contest.  We also gained an insight on what influenced him and what advise he would give to the Participants in India to be a part of India Quality League 2016.

India Quality League 2015 - Winner

India Quality League 2015 – Winner


1. Did you need to prepare for the contest? If yes, how did you prepare?

Mrinal & Dipan:

The topics for the contest were already published, so it was a good heads-up for us. We surely did have to pull up our training references for some of the specific topics, for others it was very much our day to day working topics, so we were confident that would make through the initial rounds J


2. Imagine the moment when contest’s finals was starting and you were amongst the top 4 finalists. Were you intimidated by the competition?

Mrinal & Dipan:

When we made through the semis and were announced as finalists, we were initially thrilled and were determined to give it whatever it takes. Post-lunch, when we were actually seated sharing the podium with peers from some of the industry’s biggies, it was then we realized it’s not going to be easy J However, our team – The Dark Horses had the perfect mix as I (Mrinal) was aggressively optimistic and my partner – Dipan was compose and practical


3. Please share the first thought when you realized that you have won India Quality League.

Mrinal & Dipan:

Towards the final round, when we already knew that we were steering far ahead of our peers in points, I (Mrinal) remember texting back to my folks that we are winning it J however we waited with bated breath, restraining our excitement for the winner announcement. And when it was announced that Team – The Dark Horses from Tech Mahindra is the winner of the India Quality League, our joy knew no bound J


4. How did your friends, relatives and colleagues respond to your win. Do you remember any particular comment from your colleagues or company that you will like to share?

Mrinal & Dipan:

Surely, it was a prestigious win and achievement for us, as we had won the Gold for Tech Mahindra, against stiff competition from industry’s biggies. Back home (at TechM), we were flooded with kudos and appreciation mails; and it was something we had dreamt of. Our winning news was also captured in our pan-company corporate newsletter and it was indeed a cherish able moment for us.


5. Quite a few wish to participate again in India Quality League. Will they have to compete with you – winner of 2015? 🙂

Mrinal & Dipan:

Ah, we wouldn’t mind a chance to win it again 😉


6. Please describe your experience of the day the contest was held?

Mrinal & Dipan:

We had a highly professional and competitive experience at the UNICOM WBE Summit 2015. The UNICOM team showed perfect professionalism of conducting the contest efficiently amidst rightly placed speaker tracks. From contest participation to our opportunity of meeting and networking with industry peer groups, it was indeed a wonderful experience.


7. What do you think differentiated you from rest of the participants? What do you think they should have had in breakfast to win?

Mrinal & Dipan:

We believe it was 90% knowledge, 9% confidence and 1% luck, which resulted in our 100% Win.


8. Do you think companies should encourage to participate at the prestigious India Quality League 2016 due in March in Bangalore?

Mrinal & Dipan:

The IQL is a good forum to learn and represent one’s company. So both the employee and the employer stand a chance to win, be it knowledge or laurels.


9. Should cost of participation be borne by individuals or by their companies?

Mrinal & Dipan:

Since it’s a corporate event, it should be borne by the representing company.


10. What message you have for those reading your interview and undecided about participating at the contest?

Mrinal & Dipan:

We will recommend participating the IQL or any of UNICOM events, as you manage to pull off a great competition, by bring in industry leaders in the arena and a fair chance to win it all.


So what are you waiting for? If you would like to take part in this contest, don’t forget that our  Entries is now open!

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