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Exclusive Interview with Lifetime Achievement Award Winner Mr. Ashok Soota

29 Mar

Interviewed by Sneha Betharia | 29th March | UNICOM


 Mr. Ashok Soota is the name many of you will recognise as one of the pioneering leaders of the Indian IT Industry. He is a serial entrepreneur and presently, the Founder & Executive Chairman of Happiest Minds.

 Mr. Soota was honoured The First Agile Lifetime Achievement Award in 2015 held in Vivanta by Taj, Bangalore. After honouring the award on 19th June, 2015 we caught up with Mr. Soota and interviewed him to find out more about him after winning the award and his successful journey.

Agile Lifetime Achievement Award Winner Mr. Ashok Soota

Agile Lifetime Achievement Award Winner Mr. Ashok Soota


Here is the interview with Mr. Soota: 

UNICOM: Please share your thoughts when you were informed that you have conferred the first Lifetime Achievement Award at India Agile Awards?

Mr Soota: There was a special feeling and honour because it was the first Lifetime Achievement Award at India Agile Awards.  There are so many great achievers in the Industry and it was a matter of pride to be conferred the very first award.


UNICOM: What, in your opinion, are the ingredients of your personal success story?

Mr. Soota: Converting every problem into an opportunity, planning for the good times during bad times and vice versa.  On a personal basis continuously striving to achieve my potential and helping others to achieve theirs.


UNICOM: What was the significance of winning this award to you/your organization?

Mr. Soota: As a young company, Happiest Minds needs all the recognition we can get.  Even though this was a personal award, it enhances the image of Happiest Minds.


Ashok Soota

Ashok Soota

UNICOM: How did your friends, relatives and colleagues respond to your receiving of Lifetime Achievement award? Would you like to share any particular comment you received from your colleagues or company? 

Mr. Soota: My friends and relatives had a tongue-in-cheek comment: “You have now reached the right age for getting Lifetime Achievement Awards.  May this be the first of many such lifetime recognition awards”.


UNICOM: Who are your icons you seek to emulate?

Mr. Soota: My icon is Warren Buffet who, at 84 is still going strong.


UNICOM: What message you have for those reading your interview?

Mr. Soota: Please keep raising the bar in your search for excellence and success will follow.


‘Internet of Things’ poised to change the face of connectivity

06 Nov

IoT Main Banner

“India Internet of Things Week”- 2014, with the theme “Link your World” powered by UNICOM Learning was recently organized in three major metro cities viz. Bangalore, Mumbai and Delhi. The event also hosted the prestigious contest for startups – “IoT Tech 10” to identify select ten IoT startUps based in India. The contest was aimed to identify India’s most innovative and successful start-up company in the field of Internet of Things (IoT). EXILANT, INVENTROM, CARIQ, ALTIUX, TAGPLUG, EPSILONELECTRONICS, COOEY and INFOZECH were the 8 start-up companies that were selected and also grabbed the Certificate of Honour & Memento from the organizers and knowledge partners – IBM and Intel.

IoT week also identified and explored how the Internet of Things will re-shape interactions with the real and virtual world in the coming years. The 3 day conference brought together leading IoT companies, start-ups and the developer/ professional community to exchange their ideas with the practical application and utilization of Internet of Things under one roof. It also focused on the ways in which Machine-to-Machine technologies (M2M) and the Internet of the Things (IoT) can be utilized to vastly improve business processes, minimize risk, spur innovation, and drive revenue.

” The IoT conference was a necessity considering that it is a field that has a lot of futuristic potential. Thanks to Unicom for doing a fantastic job addressing the need of the software industry with conferences and events in such niche fields. It is always a pleasure to present at a Unicom conference and I look forward to more such events in future.” said Sujit Balan, Director Engineering from Globologic

According to the recent IoT policy in India, government aims to create an IoT industry of USD 15 billion by 2020 in India which will increase national device connectivity from the current 200 million to over 2.7 billion by that time. The number of internet-connected devices (12.5 billion) surpassed the number of human beings (7 billion) on the planet in 2011, and by 2020, Internet-connected devices are expected to be between 26 billion and 50 billion globally.

“The Internet of Things (IoT) may sound like a business buzzword, but in reality, it’s a real technological revolution that will impact everything we do. The main objective of our initiative was to stimulate and promote entrepreneurial drive in INDIA in the area of IoT and help new IoT Product Technology start-ups to emerge. This also included, extending support to the venture from the idea to the launching stage, promoting and rewarding the start-up projects and companies” said Nitesh Naveen, CEO, UNICOM Learning.

This event created a platform for potential start-ups to meet IoT experts to attend keynote presentation, participate in the interactive sessions and network with experienced Business and Technical practitioners from start-up companies involved in production/processing in the area of M2M and Internet of Things i.e. application providers, platform companies, and device manufacturers participated in the conference.

“The Internet of Things (IoT) is a gigantic wave of new possibility that is destined to change the face of technology and IoT is poised to give a whole new meaning to the adage “Work smarter, not harder” added Nitesh Naveen, CEO, UNICOM Learning.

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