05 Aug

How about starting this blog post with this as I cannot stop myself saying it. WCNGT by Unicom Learning was the best conference that I have attended so far. What do I mean by best? Well, that’s a great feeling inside my heart. Be it organizing committee or be it the participants, everyone were lovely. And not to forget that the food was insanely delicious. Usually, I always used to feel like “When will the conference end? / Let me get out of this and hang-out with friends or let me do something else”, but here it was very unique experience where my heart wanted to stick around with people. There was so much love shown by participants after my talk and before the talk. I made many friends.

Something that made my heart beat so fast with the happy tune was, many people shared their business cards with me and this was first time that I did not go to people proactively and shared my card and asking for one. That’s a heuristic for me that, my talk was loved literally by people. I met some great human-beings like Avinash from Sasken, Prasanth from KPMG, Natarajan from Chennai, Buddhini from Sri Lanka, Anand Bagmar from Thoughtworks, Aparajitha, Ashok T from Stag and many other people.

After the Day 1 Conference

I was sitting in the lobby of Le Meridien and there were few groups which came and talked to me. Some people said, we missed your talk and my instant response was, “No, you did not!” I made the lobby as stage and gave 1ish hour talk on Hacking and Life (That’s the beauty of my talk, I have mixed thoughts that come up during my technical talk. I see how I can relate certain things to life while that acts as motivation). I even spoke about my life as it is without having conditions apply, the only reason I share things about my life is, “It makes me feel lighter and may be it helps someone who was or is in same hard-ship”.

Now, let us rewind a bit. It was 10:30 AM and my talk was scheduled at 10:30 AM. When I entered, I was asked to hurry up and I said, I never like to hurry in my life. And then I heard, “You got to hurry and manage”, and my response was “I do not want to manage, I want to rock”. I was asked if my talk can be re-scheduled, I said “Why not? Please do”. People have always judged me and I am thankful to them that they spend their time on me thinking about me. Isn’t it lovely?

Now, is the time for my talk and I wanted to rock. Well, it did happen! My talk appeared to be motivating, inspirational, informative, enthusiastic, fun / humorous etc. This is not what I am telling, but the people who gave feedback. Here are some pictures that you can have a look at

Now, let us forward a bit. I came home and I was so happy to have been at the conference; I logged into my Facebook account and I see so many friend requests and also some people had pinged me to convey that my talk was great / awesome / fun etc. Beautiful!

A trainee at Le Meridien appreciated by talk

Now, I was happy to see a message by a Trainee at Le Meridien who appreciated my talk. Here is the message by Mr. Mukesh Priya Darsan [No editing done, copied and pasted as it is].

“Hi sir I am Priya darsan… I am a Trainee in le Meridien bangalore.. I heared ur speech…. awesome bit funny too.. I was working and listening to your words… I was near by u putting water in the glass.. I think u dint knw… hope c u back sir…. #YouHackedMe”

During Day 2 Conference

The intention was only meeting people and also sharing by business cards as I call myself “I’m a BASTARD of Marketing”. I met some awesome people and had long conversations. Some people complimented for my talk which was on Day 1 and I was thankful to them as it bought smile on my face.

After the conference

Some more messages started landing in my inbox and there is this girl known by this name, and she is Monica A N Kumar [Facebook Profile:] who wrote this post

Here is goes, [No editing done]

“When I announced the next speaking session on the stage at ‪#‎WCNGT14‬ I noticed Santhosh Tuppad and honestly for a minute wondered “WHAAAT!! HIM? I MEAN SERIOUSLY!!” Being from technical background but not really liking it much i jus sat n listened to ds person on stage!! What a speaking session that was!! U jus conveyed the technical knowledge in a very non-technical way!! This s exactly how a Mentor shud be!! You proved tat a Mentor need nt necessarily be old or not necessarily look geeky…All tat matters is conveying the subject in an interesting way.. I oly wanted to listen more..U jus changed de definition of conference totally tat day to me…! I would definitely not think oderwise if given a chance to attend ur speaking session!! We want Mentors like U!! Thank you once again”

I just loved it and made me smile. At times motivation from other people is bonus for me however, I rely on self-motivation always. One of the beautiful thing about Monica A N Kumar is, she conveyed it while many people don’t like to do so thinking that, Why should I? What’s in it for me? When I speak good about people [Well, I only speak good and don’t like to speak bad], it gives me happiness. Sometimes, I find my motivation in motivating others.

Few words about conference

Sexy, Awesome, Lovely conference.
Organizing committee – Wow!
Participants – Lovely people. Never felt so good meeting people.

And hell yeah! I am going to make it to the future conferences for sure based on my priorities. WCNGT ROCKS! Thanks to Unicom Learning.


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