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The term "DevOps" typically refers to the emerging professional movement that advocates a collaborative working relationship between Development and IT Operations, resulting in the fast flow of planned work achieving the value stream that is between the business (where requirements are defined) and the customer (where value is delivered). It is a new way of looking at development altogether.

This conference "DevOps Summit" brings together leading practitioner-organisations who have achieved Continuous Delivery and organisational transformation.

Learn more about DevOps skills, Delivering Processes, Tools for building and deployment, Legacy Challenges, Security Integration, Cross-team engagement and many more.

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Our speakers

  • Naveed Umar Ahmed


  • Martin Sheridan

    BNP Paribas

  • Chhavi Raj Dosaj

    Adactin Group Pty. Ltd

  • Abhishek Tiwari


  • Adrian Smolski

    Asia-Pacific at Mesosphere

  • Kris Raven


  • Khoa Bui


  • Arun Ramakrishnan

    Genworth Australia



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Naveed Umar Ahmed, Quality Assurance Lead, Boral

Topic Abstract

Test Transformation in Agile world thru Meta Testing - The Art and Technique for Success Abstract: What skilled testers are turning into? Let’s go back to basics to identify the difference between Quality Assurance & Testing. Due to the negligence in differentiation let’s see what skilled testers are turning into? An Intro to "Meta Testing" as introduced by James Bach that explains

  • Testing of a testing process
  • Creating testing without doing testing
  • Making testing better without doing testing? In simple reality of new ear of software development, Test Management without test managers.
  • Martin Sheridan, Enterprise DevOps Strategist/Agile Coach, BNP Paribas

    Topic Abstract

    Welcome to my IT Leadership Hacks series where I take typical challenges facing IT leaders today and explore ways that they can improve their chance of success. My goal is to share my ideas, knowledge and experience to receive feedback and to continuously learn and improve from you.Here, I’ll discuss some of the critical success factors for a successful DevOps transformation, enjoy!


    Topic Abstract

    This session will cover some of the practical use cases of AI in the field of Quality Assurance and DevOps. It covers how we can leverage big data, data analytics and machine learning to provide insight and enable a higher level of automation. What type of problems AI can solve? How AI techniques can be used to analyze big data from various IT and business operations tools, to speed service delivery, increase IT efficiency and deliver a superior user experience. The future of AI and how it will enable new efficiencies for IT teams and help them adopt complex next-generation technologies that cannot be managed using traditional solutions.

    Participants join a table to discuss one or more of the Conference themes. Each table has a "Topic Guru" to facilitate the discussion.

    Abhishek Tiwari, Head of Engineering, Isentia

    Topic Abstract

    Pods in Kubernetes are a key building block for higher-level patterns. One such pattern is sidecar pattern in which the functionality of the main container is extended by a sidecar container without strong coupling between two. The sidecar container is co-scheduled with main application container inside a pod. In this talk, we will discuss how sidecar pattern has emerged as the swiss-army knife for microservices. Using a reusable sidecar container you can inject endpoint security to observability to service discovery into your existing microservice deployment without changing a single line of code. With sidecars, possibilities are endless - endpoint security, observability, traffic management including resilience and much more.

    Adrian Smolski, Field CTO, Asia-Pacific at Mesosphere

    Topic Abstract

    The talk will go through the advancements made in the open-source community around container orchestrations and management and talk best practises around security, networking and storage. In Addition, the talk will talk about backend needs for containerised applications and how to run stateful distributed databases in containers.

    Kris Raven, Senior QA Automation Engineer, Bambora

    Topic Abstract

    A report was released in 2018 that highlighted the large differences of service delivery between the elite and low performing organisations. Amongst the stats, performance metrics and recommendations is a valuable message; an integral part of becoming an elite performing organisation is creating, and using meaningful Automated Tests. Automated Testing is usually thought of something that is testing the Functional Requirements of something. However, it can also for testing the Non-functional Requirements of a system. And more recently, can be used in enhancing synthetic monitoring.

    This talk focusses on two areas that are an often overlooked aspect of software delivery; security and synthetic monitoring, and how both of these relate to the quality of a product. And more importantly how "shifting left and right" on these two areas can increase the quality of a product - increasing value for customers and the software development team, as well as benefitting the wider business.

    Khoa Bui, Senior Developer, CompliSpace

    Topic Abstract

    There are many challenges working as a software developer in legislation environment. You have lawyers who lack the technical knowledge and understanding of what you do. You have deadlines which you are expected to build and deploy software quickly and effectively. You also have the challenge of gathering requirements from a boardroom filled with managers, CEOS, sales people, lawyers and associates. In this talk, I’ll discuss the technical / non technical solutions I used to build software in a legalisation environment which enabled me to go from a PHP developer to a Business Systems Analyst within 12 months.

    Arun Ramakrishnan, Lead Automation Engineer, Genworth Australia

    Topic Abstract

    This session will cover what is CI / CD current market capability, What are the realtime practical implementation best practices and pitfalls? Walk through of a real time case study with Tools and techniques used to implement a successful DevOps Model


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