ERP® Certification

The highest professional designation for energy risk management.


The Energy Risk Professional (ERP) is the first globally recognized designation for energy market professionals. The ERP designation signals a mastery of the knowledge and tools required to successfully navigate the challenges of the rapidly changing energy markets. ERPs are employed globally by oil and gas companies, crude oil refinders, power generators, electric and gas utility companies, commodity trading firms, investment banks, consulting firms with energy practices, and regulatory agencies.


The ERP Certification signifies an energy professional’s ability to identify and measure risk across the energy value chain. Developed by leading energy practictioners, the course links practical, real-world knowledge of energy commodity markets with an understanding of price formation, financially traded energy products, and tools used to assess and manage energy risk


Comprised of senior practitioners and academics in the field, Energy Oversight Committee oversees the creation of the Exam and program content.

  1. Dr. Lawrence Austen, Trafigura
  2. Ben Baglin, ERP EDF Trading
  3. Stuart Chaplin, Shell Trading and Supply
  4. Gordon E. Goodman, NRG Energy
  5. Dr. Vince Kaminski, Rice University
  6. Glenn Labhart, EOC Chairman Labhart Risk Advisors
  7. Alessandro Mauro, MKS (Switzerland) SA
  8. Peter J. O’Neil, Ancher Daniels Midland
  9. Dr. John Parsons, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  10. Jonathon C. Stein, Hess Corporation
  11. Andrew Sunderman, Direct Energy
  12. Dr. Chris Strickland, Lacima Group
  13. Dr. Glen Swindle, Scoville Risk Partners
  14. Gary Taylor, British Petroleum


ERP Exam Part I
4 hours/80 Questions


ERP Exam Part II
4 hours/60 Questions


Demonstrate 2 years
Related Work Experience


Mandatory Continuing
Education 40 hours/2 years

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There are currently more than 1,400 practicing ERPs across 75 countries

Nearly 1,800 candidates have registered for the ERP exam in 2016.

ERPs are employed by more than 140 companies around the world.

More than 90% of candidates who sat for the ERP Exam since 2009 have indicated they would recommend the ERP Program to a friend or colleague.








Creating a Culture of Risk Awareness®

The ERP program is administered by The Global Association of Risk Professionals (GARP), the only internationally recognized organization dedicated to the education and certification of risk professionals. GARP’s mission is to elevate the practice of risk management at all levels, setting the global standard for the industry through independence, expertise, and leadership. As the energy industry expands, the global ERP community continues to grow, matching the market’s demand for more highly skilled risk professionals.

About the training

Why ERP ® ?

As global energy markets become increasingly interconnected and awareness of the importance of risk management grows, it is important to distinguish yourself and your ability to add value to an organization. Earning the ERP ® signals to employers that you are committed to the energy industry and risk management, and that your knowledge of the physical and financial energy markets has been validated against industry standards. By joining the ERP ® community, you will become part of an elite group of skilled professionals sought after and employed by leading global energy companies, financial institutions, commodity trading firms, consulting firms, and market regulators.

To help you pass the ERP ® exam we have below offerings:

Energy Risk Professional (ERP ®) Instructor Led Online Training
Energy Risk Professional (ERP ®) Online self-learning sessions
Energy Risk Professional (ERP ®) Practice Test series


ERP Exam Part I

Crude oil and refined product markets

Physical properties of crude oil
Exploration and production
Transportation and storage economics
Crude oil refining

Natural gas and coal markets

Physical properties of natural gas
Global natural gas markets and economic fundamentals
Transportation and storage economics
Physical properties of coal

LNG Market Fundamentals

Market dynamics and pricing
Contracts and shipping

Electricity markets (includes Renewables Generation)

Physical properties of electricity
Electricity market economics
Investing in generating capacity
Electric energy markets and trading
Liberalized (deregulated) wholesale power market design
Global electricity markets and economic fundamentals
Emission reduction programs and regulation

ERP Exam Part II

Measure & Model Market Risk in Energy Markets

Value-at-Risk (VaR) and other risk measures
Risk metrics associated with option contracts (“Greeks”)
Quantitative tools for risk analysis
Energy commodity price formation
Modeling energy prices
Model risk management

Measure & Model Credit/Liquidity Risk in Energy Markets

Liquidity risk management
Credit risk measurement
Counterparty risk measurement and management
Country and sovereign risk metrics and management

Apply Financial Energy Products to Manage Risk

Hedging mechanics and cash flows
Energy derivative contracts
Structure and operation of OTC and exchange markets
Physical energy commodity markets
Physically versus financially settled transactions

Risk Governance, ERM and Capital Planning

Economic capital frameworks and capital allocation
ERM frameworks and risk governance
Control and validation
Financial statement analysis
Decision analysis and decision quality
Business ethics and the GARP Code of Conduct

Training Details

Online self-learning sessions

Brush your preparation with our recorded sessions. These recorded sessions will not only help you cover the chapter in short time but will also help you in understanding the topics you find hard to cover up. These recorded sessions are taken from our live instructor led online training.

The Recorded Sessions can be purchased for either Part I or Part II or both Part I & II.

Practice Test series

If you are taking ERP ® certification exam, here is an opportunity to check your preparedness 1 month before the actual exam. This is like doing rehearsal before the main event. There will be two different mock tests designed by experts in Energy sector in accordance with ERP ® syllabus, to give you a hint of what will be in store on the D-day. It will check your level of preparedness. Mock tests will help you in building confidence and providing last minute thrust to your preparation.

Instructor Led Online Training


52 Hours of Instructor Led Online training covering the entire syllabus of May 2019. This training is delivered via Citrix Go To Training.

2 Practice Tests with 100 questions for Part I and 80 questions for Part II
These tests will give you the feeling of D-Day.

Recorded Sessions access- 24*7 Till May 2019 examination
Our online training is recorded and we share this with you for your revision purposes.
You can use this if you have missed the training for any reason or would like to revise what you have learnt.

Doubt clearing session
Dedicated doubt clearing session for each portion.

Study Group
ERP ® preparation is incomplete without a study group. We help you create a study group with people from different parts of the world preparing to pass the examination at the first go.

What you need to attend this training?
A Broadband Connection (256 Kbps Minimum)
Audio Equipment: Headset (Recommended)

Training Date for May 2019 ERP ® Exam

Part I Training Dates
23 March 2019
24 March 2019
30 March 2019
31 March 2019
06 April 2019
07 April 2019

Part II Training Dates
13 April 2019
14 April 2019
20 April 2019
21 April 2019
27 April 2019
28 April 2019

04 May 2019 Doubt Clearing Session - Part I (2 hours)
05 May 2019 Doubt Clearing Session - Part II (2 hours)

P.S. The duration of the training each day would be 4 hours. 8 PM to 12 AM/Midnight IST

Local Time :

India UK New York Saudi Arabia Ghana Netherlands
7:45 PM 2:15 PM 9:15 AM 5:15 PM 2:15 PM 3:45 PM
8:00 PM 2:30 PM 9:30 AM 5:30 PM 2:30 PM 3:30 PM
12:00 AM 6:30 PM 1:30 PM 9:30 PM 6:30 PM 7:30 PM

PRACTICE TEST 1 - Part I (Access to this test will be given as per your choice)
PRACTICE TEST 2 - Part II (Access to this test will be given as per your choice)

*Training Price list - Part 1

Instructor Led Online Training

Super Early Bird (Till January 15, 2019)
USD 1000
Early Bird (Till March 31, 2019)
USD 1500
Standard (Till May, 2019)
USD 1800

Online self-learning sessions

Super Early Bird (Till January 15, 2019)
USD 600
Early Bird (Till March 31, 2019)
USD 700
Standard (Till May, 2019)
USD 800

Practice Test series

Super Early Bird (Till January 15, 2019)
USD 100
Early Bird (Till March 31, 2019)
USD 150
Standard (Till May, 2019)
USD 200


*Training Price list - Part 2

Instructor Led Online Training

Super Early Bird (Till January 15, 2019)
USD 1000
Early Bird (Till March 31, 2019)
USD 1500
Standard (Till May, 2019)
USD 1800

Online self-learning sessions

Super Early Bird (Till January 15, 2019)
USD 600
Early Bird (Till March 31, 2019)
USD 700
Standard (Till May, 2019)
USD 800

Practice Test series

Super Early Bird (Till January 15, 2019)
USD 100
Early Bird (Till March 31, 2019)
USD 150
Standard (Till May, 2019)
USD 200


*Training Price list - Part 1 & Part 2

Instructor Led Online Training

Super Early Bird (Till January 15, 2019)
USD 2000
Early Bird (Till March 31, 2019)
USD 2500
Standard (Till May, 2019)
USD 3100

Online self-learning sessions

Super Early Bird (Till January 15, 2019)
USD 1100
Early Bird (Till March 31, 2019)
USD 1300
Standard (Till May, 2019)
USD 1500

Practice Test series

Super Early Bird (Till January 15, 2019)
USD 200
Early Bird (Till March 31, 2019)
USD 250
Standard (Till May, 2019)
USD 300


* - Please Note

  • Instructor Led Online Training comes with complimentary access to Recorded Session videos, PPT and Practice Test.
  • Recorded session videos and PPT`s can be accessed/viewed as many times as you want till May, 2019 exam.
  • Part 1 has 24 hours of recorded session videos + 2 hours of doubt clearing session. Same applies for Part 2 as well
  • Total 100 practice test for Part 1 and 80 practise test for Part 2. Correct answers and explanations are shared after you write this test.
  • Study materials are shared within 24 hours (working hours) of your registration. It is advisable to enrol yourself for the training as early as possible. You pay less and get extra time to prepare.
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