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Open Stack Summit, Bangalore is the second official OpenStack Conference by Unicom on November 27th, 2015. At this event decision maker, developers, administrators and users of OpenStack Cloud Software can get informed on the latest developments and practical implementation of OpenStack Cloud Software in India.


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OpenStack Neutron : Behind the scenes

Software Defined networking - An overview
Openstack Neutron Overview
Openvswitch - Overview
Neutron-Gre-OVS : behind the scenes
Neutron-VXLAN-GRE : behind the scenes
Packet flow to external network
Packet flow from VM to VM

Making Ironic Baremetal Deployment More Secure and Reliable

This presentation would provide information on various new features added to the baremetal provisioning service (Ironic) to make it more secure and reliable during Kilo and Liberty releases of OpenStack.
Few of the security and reliability challenges in Ironic Baremetal provisioning were:-
Ironic was relying on PXE/tftp for baremetal provisioning which are neither secure nor reliable.
One had to perform manual configuration of hardware properties of a baremetal that could be used during node selection.
The baremetal never used to be cleaned before being initial deployment or re-deployment.
This presentation would describe how some of these things being addressed and additional security features being supported in Ironic.

The pressing need for a vendor neutral Enterprise Cloud services platform

Openstack today has come a long way, as an opensource cloud computing ecosystem driven by leading tech organizations and large developer communities. Enterprises today prefer to rely on-premises deployments to maintain privacy, or to leverage their existing capital investment in data-centers.
While Openstack provides some of the fundamental blocks to build such a cloud, It can still not be called a cloud management platform.
Enterprises also need strong governance, process management, sophisticated Analytic's, and advanced automation capabilities. Also there needs to be a clear hybrid cloud strategy to be able to harness the power of public clouds, and vendor neutrality to avoid long-term lock-in with any single cloud platform vendor
We would like to talk about Openstack transformation from a Cloud software to a true Enterprise Cloud service platform.

Software Defined Storage - Open Stack Data Mobility with CoprHD

Geo-redundant storage is a compelling but, often complicated, requirement for 24/7 business operations. In this session, we will cover how Openstack in integration with CoprHD (an open-source SDS controller) and EMC VPLEX can be used to meet advanced storage use-cases, such as data availability and mobility, in a simplified manner that is fully compatible with OpenStack. We will also discuss the CoprHD community, how you can become involved, and some future plans on working more closely with the OpenStack community.
2 key questions (non-generic) which would be covered in the conference
a) How Openstack community can leverage CoprHD for advanced SDS usecases like Data Mobility?
b) How customers can get benefit of Openstack integration with CoprHD?

Workshop : Openstack Private Cloud Administration

Lab 1: Create Projects and Users
Lab 2: Create Security Groups & Key pairs
Lab 3: Create Networks, Routers and Floating IP
Lab 4: Launch an instance & Allocate floating IP
Lab 5: Take a remote session of your instance
Lab 6: Create a cinder volume & attach to your instance

Auditing in Cloud Computing Solutions with OpenStack

This presentation will walk through how auditing works in a Cloud environment. We will touch upon things like Cloud Auditing Data standard (CADF), the auditing challenges in a distributed cloud platform like OpenStack and how they are overcome using pyCADF
The presentation is of Intermediate to Advanced level and is ideal for audience who already have a basic understanding of Cloud Computing and OpenStack. This talk will immensely benefit those who are already in the Cloud Computing space and are working on technologies related to OpenStack. This is purely a technical talk, ideal for technical audience in their mid-career to senior career

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Anil Bidari

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Cloud Enabled

Shivanand Tendulker

Technical Architect

Hewlett Packard

Nagaraj Shenoy



Santos Kumar Das



Divya K K

Advisory Software Engineer


Mallari Kulkarni

Senior Manager


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Open Stack Summit in Bangalore is open to anyone who has an interest in Cloud, Open Stack and works in the Open Stack Eco System, cloud applications or any related field.


Yes, all conference attendees must register in advance to attend the event.

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Hotel Novotel
Opposite RMZ Ecospace Business Park, Marthahalli - Sarjapur Outer Ring Road, Bangalore, Karnataka 560103

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