A Nandini

India Head - Delivery Assurance of GlobalLogic

With over two decades of experience in IT, product development services and delivery

A Nandini leads Delivery Assurance for GlobalLogic India. With over 6500 engineers spread across 5 locations, India is the largest delivery centre for GlobalLogic worldwide.

With Digital slowly becoming the D'fault, businesses are Re-imagining their processes, products, models and the way they engineer.

Today, with the capability to transform businesses and offer superior customer experiences, the need to innovate rapidly demands that the QA and engineering functions evolve.

Re-imagined Quality rests on three pillars:
Process, Technology and People. Processes made agile, with Technology enabling intelligent and ML powered test automation, along with which People adapt and are taught new skills. Learn Unlearn and Relearn, the new Re-Imagined way of assuring Quality in the digital era.