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last update : 02/02/2017

DevOps Fundamental

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While software helps businesses automate processes, these very businesses face impediments due to their processes to release it being too heavy. A wide range of problems can be pointed out of this, from indispensable infrastructure, to lack of automation and collaboration schematics etc.DevOps brings a refreshing change to way of handling operations and development and makes infrastructure a disposable, reusable asset. It enables collaboration between all teams in the technology business unit so that they are able to understand each other’s needs. It helps foster a culture based on trust and collective responsibility not the cross boundary interaction that adds to operational bottleneck. Moreover, it helps operations teams adopt innovative technologies to automate the daily mundane tasks of infrastructure management, monitoring, security audit and compliance.We have courses designed for various maturity and specific domains viz. technology, process, governance and strategy which help organisations ease out stepping into the world of DevOps methodologies with minimal disruptions.

Course Overview

This is a generic course to help an organization be well acquainted with DevOps from a process, culture and technology perspective. It spreads across two days with the following programme structure.Course Objectives

1. Learn about what is DevOps, and why and when it should be practiced2. Get acquainted with how different units can come together in DevOps3. Learn about how to get started with DevOps and what not to do while adopting DevOps4. Introduction about the tools in DevOps space5. Learn commonly used patterns and processes for enabling Continuous Delivery pipelines6. See a live demonstration!Course StructureChapter 1. DevOps Introduction

- Dev and Ops Views- Leading By Example...- What is DevOps?- DevOps and Software Delivery Life Cycle- Objectives of DevOps- Infrastructure as Code- Prerequisites for DevOps Adoption- Aligning transition with the Business Needs- DevOps Collaboration- Agile Testing- DevOps & Release and Deployment- A word about Application MonitoringChapter 2. Initiating DevOps

- Jumpstart DevOps- To Do & 'not' To Do- A word about Infrastructure Assets- Projects to Products- DevOps in the Enterprise- Governance & Risk Mitigation- DevOps Adoption Steps- DevOps Techniques and Practices- Quality MetricsChapter 3. DevOps Tools

- Choosing a Cloud Platform- IaaS for DevOps- PaaS for DevOps- Containerization Tools- System Configuration Automation and Management- Continuous Integration (CI) Systems- Build and Dependency Management Systems- Selecting the right mix of DevOps ToolsChapter 4. DevOps and Agile

- Agile Development- What is Continuous Integration- Setup for Continuous Integration- Scaling up Continuous Integration Process- Continuous Delivery- Where does DevOps fit?- Live Demoo Auto Provisiono Infra As codeo Continuous Delivery Pipelineo Disposable Environments and InfrastructureTarget Audience

- Individuals and organizations seeking a foundational understanding of DevOps - Employees and managers responsible for designing, reengineering or improving process- Employees and managers responsible for technology implementation and operations- Consultants guiding their clients through process improvement initiatives - Internal and external suppliers- Process stakeholders


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Ø  Who is this course for?

This course is for cross-functional teams with representatives from all key functional areas such as Development [including Business Analysts, Architects], Quality [testing], Config and Release management, Operations [including DBAs, Network, security etc verticals]


Ø  What will we learn in the course?

Understand what DevOps is.  Why one may want to consider DevOps in your project or applications. Participants will also get an understanding of how to get started planning for DevOps adoption


Ø  What is the format of the course?

A combination of lecture, discussions of situations, exercises and learning’s from case studies




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