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last update : 08/01/2016


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ERP May 2014 Results - UNICOM Achieves 76% success.Unicom is pleased to inform that 56 students of UNICOM have cleared ERP May 2014 Exam.

If you are taking ERP certification exam, here is an opportunity to check your preparedness 1 month before the actual exam. This is like doing rehearsal before the main event. There will be two different mock tests designed by experts in Energy sector in accordance with ERP syllabus, to give you a hint of what will be in store on the D-day. It will check your level of preparedness. Mock tests will help you in building confidence and providing last minute thrust to your preparation.

Unicom's ERP mock test exam is conducted online at a time local to the test taker from 9 am to 6 pm.

We believe that taking this test will give you an experience that will bestow a leap in your preparation. Apart from practising 180 questions, you will also get a taste of sitting for 8 hours and trying your best to crack those 180 questions. Please note that ERP is a tough exam and hard work along may not be enough. Taking our preparatory tests and then going through our test result analysis and advises, will fill that void that may be missing in your preparation so far. Take a leap in your preparation and get ahead of the competition.



Mock ERP exam will be conducted via Online mode only. Each of the three mock test will have different set of questions designed at a difficulty level same as that of ERP.

The mock ERP Exam has 180 multiple-choice questions.  There will be 90 questions in the morning session and 90 questions in the afternoon session.

The mock ERP Exam will take 8 hours: 4 hours in the morning and 4 hours in the afternoon with a 60 minute break in between.

Please note that mock tests will be allowed to be taken only once and once given, there is no option to give it again.




This mock ERP exam will be administered online.

The mock ERP Exam has 180 multiple-choice questions provided in two sessions.  There will be 90 questions in the first session and 90 questions in the second session.

The mock ERP Exam will take 8 hours: 4 hours in the first session and 4 hours in the second session with a 60 minute break in between.

*Please note : Timing of test will be from morning 9:00 AM to 6:00 Pm with an hour break in between. 

The test timing will be local time of an individual's country. For example if a participant is from US, it will start at morning 9:00 AM US time.

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This mock test has been prepared by Unicom India's Board of Trainers who excel in Energy Risk Management. Unicom ensures that the pattern of Mock ERP test will be similar to what one will get in actual examination.

Evaluation of your answers will be done by our Board of Trainers and the result will be provided to you individually via email.

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