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Innovation Games® Certified Collaboration Architect Program

We’ve designed the “Innovation Games® Certified Collaboration Architect” program to promote and facilitate the use of serious games in the business world.  The program enables companies to identify the Collaboration Architects they need (based on experience, industry expertise, language and more) and helps Collaboration Architects promote their skills and experience and get more work– a win-win for everyone!



What is an Innovation Games® Certified Collaboration Architect?

An Innovation Games® Certified Collaboration Architect (CCA) is someone who facilitates and/or produces Innovation Games®, Gamestorming and other supported games.

CCAs earn credits that qualify for different certification levels.  At the moment, there are three ways to earn credits:

Sign up for an Innovation Games Online account and start facilitating games!

Produce and/or facilitate in-person Innovation Games, Gamestorming and other approved techniques and submit an in-person game credit report.

Take a training class.

Why do I want to be an Innovation Games® Collaboration Architect?

As the use of Innovation Games and related techniques have grown, the need for experienced and skilled individuals to deliver serious games services has expanded. Certified Collaboration Architects will be able to demonstrate their expertise and earn higher rates because clients will pay for the best talent!

This Certification Program’s design rewards and develops better Collaboration Architects through experience and demonstration of skill. This means better games and thus better results for companies. Better results means more projects for you.  Please click on the following to learn more about different parts of the program:



Martial arts styled “belts” which identify the most active and skillful members of our community.  You earn belts through gaining Experience Credits and paying a certification fee.  The highest level belts are reserved for CCAs who produce games.

Experience Credits

Experience Credits are a measure of your progress in our community.  Everyone is different! You may earn credits by taking training classes, facilitating games and/or producing events.  Higher-level belts have minimum requirements for facilitating and producing games.


An overview of the program’s policies.



Whether it’s a two-day course or a two-hour workshop during a conference, all Management 3.0 events are designed to make a lasting impression.

Management 3.0 has 8 major topics, and these are continually improved and supplemented. The most important goal for Management 3.0 events is for people to be inspired and take action to improve organizational management. This means you can expect events to adhere to the following principles:


  • a 
simple memorable structure
  • theory and practice in small chunks
  • use of clear, effective visuals
  • use of metaphors and stories
  • plenty of games and exercises
  • group and individual contributions
  • concrete practices, tangible results

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What is a Collaboration Architect?

A key strength of Innovation Games® is the power of collaboration.  People who play our games work together to develop ideas and solutions that would be impossible by themselves.  Companies use our games to collaborate with customers to build better products and services.  You do not simply “facilitate” a game — you design an experience that maximizes the collaboration between all participants.  We are now referring to all people who facilitate or produce these experiences as Collaboration Architects.

Why is being "Certified" Collaboration Architect important? 

We created the Innovation Games® Certified Collaboration Architect (CCA) Program to help companies using Innovation Games find the experienced partners they need to have successful engagements, and help you market and promote yourself to those companies.  Certified Collaboration Architects will be able to create public profiles in Innovation Games Online, enabling companies to find the CCA with right experience, background, and skills to deliver the insights they need.

What roles are currenty eligible for "credits" in the Certified Collaboration Architect Program?

A facilitator: someone who facilitates or leads players through the games. There may be more that one game played.

A producer: someone who produces an event where there are multiple facilitators and/or games.

I am an Innovation Games Trained Facilitator - what does this program mean for me?

The Certified Collaboration Architect (CCA) program replaces the old Innovation Games Trained Facilitator (IGTF) program.  We are granting retroactive experience credits for training classes completed and online games facilitated after January 24, 2011.

I am an Innovation Games Trained Facilitator - what does this program mean for me?

In recognition of your contribution to the Innovation Game Community, we are granting all (Innovation Games Qualified Instructors) IGQIs Orange Belt status for as long as you remain in good standing.

Innovation Games Qualified Instructors may also claim in-person credits for Innovation Games (and other approved techniques) that are taught as part of your IGQI courses. Contact us for more information.

We are granting retroactive experience credits because of your status as IGQI,  as well as any  training classes completed or online games facilitated after January 24, 2011, so your actual certification level may be higher than Orange.


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