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Analytics And Big Data


last update : 25/08/2016

IoT Analytics & Security

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IoT Analytics & Security

IoT Security And AnalyticsWhat is IoT? • Definition and Characteristic of IoT • Things in IoT • IoT Protocols • Logical Design of IoT • IoT Enabling Technologies Securing IoT • Basic security principles applicable in IoT ◦ Confidentiality ◦ Integrity ◦ Availability ◦ Non-repudiation • Security layer implementation in IoT • Access management and controls • Cryptography • IoT device setup • Gateway configuration • Device Data encryption based on MAC ID • Session token based communication through gateway • Device and gateway profile creation on Cloud • Device and Gateway identification using Cloud • Full hands on secure data tarnsfer at each and every level of IoT Architecture

Analytics with IoT data • Introduction to Data Analytics and tools used. • Basics of Python for Data Analysis ◦ Why learn Python for data analysis? ◦ Python Data Structures ◦ Python Iteration and Conditional Constructs ◦ Python Libraries • IPython environment configuration and features • NumPy Basics • Getting started with pandas • Data Loading, Storage, and File Formats • Data Wrangling • Plotting and Visualization • Data Aggregation and Group Operations • Time Series • IoT data application on fixed set of data.

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IoT Analytics & Security


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