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Software Testing


last update : 18/01/2016

ISTQB Certified Foundation Courses

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The ISTQB Test Engineering Foundation Level Test course provides test engineers and test managers with the essential ideas, processes, tools and skills they need in order to set themselves on a path for true testing professionalism

  • Explain the effects and harm bugs can cause
  • Articulate the necessity of testing
  • Describe the role of testing in quality assurance
  • Identify the common objectives, principles, and purposes of testing
  • Introduce structured, pre-planned testing processes
  • It is the Online Testing Course with the unlimited access for 3 Months; you can access the training anywhere according to your convenient Time and Place.



Explain the reasons for maintenance testing and how maintenance testing differs from new application testing. Understand the value, importance and use of static techniques and static analysis, and the difference between static and dynamic techniques, explain the phases, roles and responsibilities of a typical formal review, and contrast different types of reviews. Understand the factors for successful reviews. Understand and perform a quality risk analysis to serve as the basis for testing, using the factors of likelihood and impact to determine the level of risk. Write test designs, cases, and procedures, relate them to each other, and trace these items to the test basis.Understand the benefits and drawbacks of independent testing; select different team members for inclusion in a test team. Know the tasks of typical test leader and tester. Understand and write various types of test plans depending on the project, levels, and targets. Estimating testing via metrics and expertise, and recognize the factors that affect an estimate. Understand, use and interpret common metrics to monitor test preparation and execution Test. Adapt software development models to the context of the project and productSelect and implement appropriate levels or phases of testing, with the proper participants, objectives, targets, and items under test for each test level or phase, Select and plan for major test types or targets, including functional and non-functional tests, structural tests, confirmation tests, and regression tests.Who should Attend:

  • Test analyst
  • Test Manager
  • Software Tester
  • Test lead
  • Test Advisor
  • Test Specialist
  • Test Practice Managers
  • Test Excellence Managers
  • Test automation Manager
  • Test Environment Analyst
  • Test Associate
  • Test Automator
  • Heads of Software Engineering
  • Programme Managers
  • Test designer
  • Test Engineer
  • Test Architect
  • Test Team Leader
  • Test Consultant
  • Programme Tester
  • Head of Testing
  • IT Managers

A number of other courses are offered on our website under a similar arrangement.


Instructor Bio

Our qualified faculty has been associated with IT Industry for more than three decades. He has conducted more than 300 training courses in area of Project Management, Quality Assurance & Control, and Process Improvement in UK, UAE and India. He has conducted more than 300 training events in Software Project Manager, Quality and Processes within India as well as outside India. He has worked with diverse and cross functional large teams in multiple domain.

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