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last update : 08/08/2016


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ITIL v2011 is designed around the concept of the service lifecycle – 5 phases – from service strategy through to service design, transition and operations with continual service improvement ‘plugging into’ each of the main phases.

The fee includes the below:

·         Instructor Led Training

·         Foundation Exam

·         Elearning Material

·         Course Material

·         Refreshments

Each successful participant will be awarded ITIL V2011 Foundation Certificate which will be helping the individual to go for further advance courses for the same.



  • Detailed understanding on ITIL life cycle phases, process areas and functions within ITIL v2011   framework
  • This course will prepare you to take ITIL V2011 foundation exam
  • Enable you to take initiative and implement service management best practices and standards in your respective organization
  • Course completion certification for all the participants

Who should Attend:

The course is designed for meeting the requirements of the following audience :-

  • Service Team , application management team, QMS team, project managers, service delivery managers, business managers , service desk team
  • Anyone who wants to pursue a career in service management.


Course Content

Introduction to ITIL

Service Management Basics – delivering and modelling the services to focus on delivering customer value and business outcomes

Service Strategy – a look at the overall customer, business aims and expectations to ensure that the service strategy maps onto these, and delivers value

Service Design - takes new or changed business requirements and develops a solution designed to meet the service requirements whilst creating value delivery

Service Transition - covers the management of changes, configurations, risk and validates the service design against service requirements

Service Operation - covers the business as usual processes and activities to operate the services and infrastructure

Continual Service Improvement - an overall view and guidance on ways that processes  and service provision can be improved.


Instructor Bio

Our qualified pool of faculty has more than a decades industrial work experience, with hands on experience in training for ITIL V2016 Foundation. Our Trainers carry rich blended experience from industries like Energy, construction, IT, Retail etc. fulfilling the requirements of most of our clients.

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What is an ITIL qualification?

ITIL stands for: Information Technology Infrastructure Library.

The ITIL Certificates are designed as - IT Service Management - qualifications . They are aimed at all personnel who wish to become familiar with the best practices for IT Service Management, as defined in the OGC IT Infrastructure Library guidelines.

What does having ITIL certification mean?

The holder of the Foundation Certificate in IT Service Management should be aware of the techniques, processes and functions in the core ITIL publications of Service Strategy, Service Design, Service Transition, Service Operation and Continual Service Improvement. He or she should be able to relate this knowledge to wider IT issues and to their own work environment.

How do I get recognised in ITIL?

To get recognised in ITIL as an individual you need to achieve certification by taking an ITIL examination through a recognised exam centre. There are several levels to ITIL certification and which one aim to reach will depend on your current career level and your aspirations for the future.

For companies wishing to adopt ITIL, the route tends to be slightly different. The biggest decision is deciding if ITIL is right for you, and that requires an investment of time, collecting and reviewing information from the marketplace.

Why do I need an ITIL Qualification?

The majority of people that consider ITIL as a qualification do so for career and personal development reasons. Often this is driven by a change of job or career, where you notice that to get to the top of the CV pile, you need to have an extra qualification like ITIL (even if you have been involved in service management successfully for many years without it). In many advertised positions ITIL has become a prerequisite.

The majority of companies that implement ITIL also encourage their employees to take the exams. If your staff have accredited ITIL qualifications, then you can present your company as using ITIL. This works particularly well where you tender for or supply to any large IT organisations or outsourcing companies.

How much is the ITIL Foundation exam fee?

Exam fees for ITIL Foundation is Rs 6000 + tax.

Is the ITIL Foundation exam included in the fee?The ITILV3 Foundation Certification Examination cost is already included in the Course Fees. What is the ITIL Foundation Course fee?The ITIL V2011 Foundation Training & Certification Course Fee is INR 13000 + 12.36%ST.

What Does ITIL Comprise of?

ITIL consists of a library of five books:

Service Strategy – Guidance on defining the types and levels of service that you wish to provide to your users and/or your customers.

Service Design – Guidance to shape the way in which your service strategy will become a reality.

Service Transition – Guidance on the implementation of these services.  Moving from the previous state to the new state.

Service Operation – Guidance on the day to day management and measurement of your services.

Continual Service Improvement – Guidance on how to periodically reviews your portfolio of services to ensure that they are as good as they can be and still of value you to your clients.

In addition, ITIL is supported by a comprehensive qualifications scheme, accredited training organisations, and implementation and assessment tools.

Can I use the ITIL Manuals only to study?

For foundation level you can, as the ITIL manuals contain pretty much everything you need. However it is hard work, and often your own interpretation of ITIL may be different to that required. If you are working on a shoestring budget, then this may be the only option open to you, but with all the extra study involved, your time may be better spent learning using an accredited course.

For the intermediate or diploma levels it is compulsory to attend an accredited training course.

What languages are the ITIL examinations available in?

The Foundation examinations are available in English, French, Spanish, German, Portugese, Chinese, Japanese and Russian. The Practitioner examinations are available in English only. The Service Manager examinations are available in English, German and Russian.

If I take ITIL Foundation in another language do I still have to learn the ITIL terms in English?

Yes, you have to learn them in English. In the examinations you will find both the English as well as the translated terms. The ITIL terms can be found in the exam requirements.

What is Pass Warranty?A Pass Warranty is a scheme which ensures that in case you fail in the first attempt, you can take part in another examination session, free of cost.

What happens if I fail an exam?

If you have opted for "Pass Waranty" in the unfortunate case you failed an examination, you can take part in another examination session, free of cost. This does not necessarily have to be at the same examination centre.


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