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last update : 18/01/2016


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This workshop takes through a brief tour of the challenges in mobile software testing and then proceeds towards explaining the nuances of it. The increasing the popularity and embracing of mobile technologies, with an eminent importance for Repeatability, Reliability, Robustness and Re-usability, normally termed as 4R's, have revealed a new extensity in the field of mobile software testing. Mobile software testing is in a process of becoming a business-led activity. Mobile applications are becoming extraordinarily. The world is now getting revolutionized around ‘quality of mobile applications'. 

In this workshop, it will highlight testing challenges specific to mobile applications and present mobile testing best practices, testing frameworks, tools and emulators / simulators.




1. Mobile devices to be carried by each of the participant. Either a phone or a tablet.

Preferably one on each OS, Android and iOS.

2. Basic testing knowledge

3. Basic programming knowledge (Preferably Java)

4.Laptop with Eclipse environment for Android and Mac environment with xCode for iOS


Key Takeaways:

1. Getting to know the mobile ecosystem

2. Understanding the testing requirements in mobile space.

3. Building an automation framework customized to mobile app testing.

4. Gotchas in physical device procurement and lab setup.


Agenda   Day1 First half Introduction to mobile application  Types of app Types of devices Types of environment and usage Mobile software lifecycle Introduction to mobile testing  Modes of interactions Installation testing Testing Android Testing iOS UI testing Gesture testing  Battery usage Network connectivity Understanding users and environment Test lab setup  Device selection Cost and ROI  Testing through the cloud Testing outside the lab Day1 Second Half Advanced mobile testing  HIG Memory leaks App download through TestFlight/HockeyApp Testing in the agile environment Testing billing and validation Designing for testability Crowd sourcing Localization testing Mobile Test Automation Basics  Introduction to SDK and software tools Android Architecture and Programming model Emulators and usage Building a test framework     Instructor Bio

UNICOM trainer is an International Software Testing Qualifications Board (ISTQB) Full Advanced Level Certified Professional (Test Manager (CTAL-TM), Test Analyst (CTAL-TA) and Technical Test Analyst (CTAL-TTA)), working on various phases of Test Life cycle. He is also a LONMARK Certified Professional (LCP) and Brainbench certified in Software Testing and Software Quality Assurance.

He is currently work with Schneider Electric on Building Automation products. Previously, He have worked on Capacity Management using Oracle Business Intelligence (OBI) for BT, while at TechMahindra and on MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) in Onco and Cardiac functions of Magnetom Scanners at Siemens.

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