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The CSM course will cover the following topics (among others) through two days of interactive exercises, lecture, and discussion

· Introduction to Scrum· Scrum Roles and Responsibilities· Agile Requirements Analysis· Estimating and Prioritizing Product Backlogs· Sprint Planning, Execution, Review, and Retrospectives· What does "Done" mean?· Technical Debt and other pitfalls· Release planning based on empirical measurement· Scrum in multiple-team organizations

 Q & A

What is a ScrumMaster?An agile project manager emphasizes facilitation, leadership and communication over traditional command-and-control activities. In the Scrum framework, this role is called “ScrumMaster” as a constant reminder of the differences between agile and traditional project management. The ScrumMaster’s role is to maximize the team’s efforts toward its goals while removing the impediments that stand in its way.

Scrum Advantage:The advantage of the Scrum is that is a very simple process skeleton that could be also very efficient IF and ONLY IF the context allow that or can be adapted to meet the pre-conditions.

SCRUM can help you plan your projects in parts. That will ensure that you will definitely have some deliverables at a given stage.

All attendees who complete the training course and pass the Scrum Alliance CSM online exam will become Certified ScrumMasters (CSMs), and will be listed on the Scrum Alliance website's CSM registry. Certification is based on full attendance and active participation in the course, and successfully passing the exam. There is not an option to take the exam without first having completed the CSM course. There are no pre-requisites for attending (other than about 60 minutes of assigned reading prior to the class, which will be provided upon registration.)As Certified ScrumMasters, attendees will receive a certificate and individual license from the Scrum Alliance, a version of the course training materials to use with their own teams, various planning tools and other materials, and they will have access to the Scrum Alliance website's ScrumMaster restricted areas.

Certification ProcessA new version of the CSM exam has been developed and beginning 1 April 2012, anyone wishing to become a CSM will need to achieve a passing score on the exam.

The new web-based exam has 35 questions and no time limit but must be completed within 60 days of taking a CSM course. You will be able to bookmark questions, change answers to questions, and even stop the exam, returning to it to complete the questions at a later time within the 60-day period.

After completing the exam, you will be shown any questions you answered incorrectly, but will not be shown a list of possible answers. This is an effort to balance the integrity and security of the exam questions with the opportunity for people to learn through the exam process.

If you do not pass the exam on the first attempt, you may retake it any time during the 60 sixty days following your CSM course. You may even re-take the exam immediately if you would like.

If you fail the exam a second time, you will need to pay a $25 exam fee to the Scrum Alliance before taking the exam a third time. The Scrum Alliance recommends that anyone who fails three times, re-take the CSM course before attempting the exam a fourth time.


Course content:

The training deepens the important aspects of Scrum and, compared to the Scrum Essentials training, goes into more detail on the Scrum Roles (particularly the Scrum Master), the artifacts and the meetings. In addition, many valuable tips and advice from practical experiences are given, which are helpful for Scrum introductions or for the phase after a pilot. Note: We will not deal with the Scrum basics in this training.

  • Agile Principles and Values
  • Empirical Process Control
  • Scrum Values
  • The Scrum Framework
  • The Scrum Roles
  • The Product Backlog and User Stories
  • Scrum Meetings
  • Scrum Master & Scrum Meetings
  • Backlog Grooming
  • Agile Estimation Techniques
  • Teambuilding
  • Self-organization
  • Technical Debt
  • “Ready” and “Done”
  • Release Planning
  • Introducing Scrum
  • Scaling Scrum
  • Scrum with distributed Teams


Agenda (for both the days)

The training lasts two days; full attendance is mandatory for being registered for certification. The training will be held in English language, presentation material and handouts are in English, too.

  • 08:30 AM Welcome and Registration
  • 09:00 AM Starting the class
  • Two breaks with refreshments: one in the morning around 11 AM, one in the afternoon around 3 PM
  • 01:00 PM  Lunch break



Nicole Belilos

Nicole Belilos is an Agile coach and Certified Scrum Trainer based in The Netherlands.  She helps organizations, teams and individuals on their journey to Agility. She is an experienced change agent, has strong communication and interpersonal skills, and is appreciated for her hands-on, no-nonsense approach.  Nicole has a background in Mathematics and Computer Science. She started her career as a C-programmer in the waterfall world. In 2005, she was introduced to Scrum and the Agile community. From then on, she has been an enthusiastic adept of Agile. Among the companies she has helped to transition to Agile are Philips, NAVTEQ, Ericsson, Essent and Rabobank. Nicole believes in education and learning. She frequently teaches Agile courses and workshops. In Amsterdam, she is a co-trainer of the CSM with Jeff Sutherland and the CSPO with Arlen Banksten. She has co-created the Advanced Scrum Master training and the Agile Coach training. She contributes actively to the Agile community. She is a frequent speaker at Agile conferences. Her interactive workshops, often spiced with theater elements, are highly appreciated by the audience. Nicole is part of the Who Is Agile initiative by Yves Hanoulle and she has contibuted to Diana Larsen's book Liftoff: Launching Agile Teams & Projects. In her spare time, Nicole enjoys her family, her acting classes, music and theater.  Chocolate, tea and Chardonnay wine are her favorites. 

Heitor Roriz Filho : Heitor Roriz Filho is an "agilero". He currently works as an Agile Coach and Trainer worldwide, based in Sao Paulo. He is a writer, speaker and trainer in the area of Technology Management. He has been dealing with Agile since 2004 and in addition to speaking for Agile/Scrum, Six Sigma and PMI conferences, he is the founder activist of the ScrumAmazonia user group. He is also the co-founder and Agile Coach of Massimus ( a company focused on APM (Agile Project Management) training and coaching. He holds a M.Sc. in Information Technology from the University of Stuttgart, Germany. Has worked and gathered experience in companies like Itautec-Philco SA, DaimlerChrysler AG, Fraunhofer Institut, FPF (Fundação Paulo Feitoza), among others. He worked for 3 years as a ScrumMaster and Product Owner for FPF and Siemens-Mobile where he also coached teams to implement and improve Scrum in projects. During 2+ years he worked as Information Manager for the local government at Municipal Institute of Urban Planning where he applied Scrum outside of software, in architectural and building projects. He participated as a research assistant in projects belonging to LBA (Large-scale Biosphere-atmosphere Experiment in Amazonia) at INPA ( in cooperation with JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency) and NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Agency). Heitor is a passionate for Agile and Scrum. He truly believes Agile can change the way we work achieving excellence levels of precision and performance. He is very interested in Agile Leadership and Agile Project Management as levers of improving our ways of work.

  Ethan Huang: Agile Coach, CST, CSP, CSM, CSD, CSPO and PMP. Agile and Scrum enthusiast. Knowledgeable in both traditional project management methodology (PMBOK) and Agile (Scrum). Rich experience in adopting various software process management technologies, e.g., Scrum, RUP, and MSF. 10+ years hands-on experience in managing IT project full lifecycle from pre-sales/product visioning to project closure. Specialties: Certified ScrumMaster training, Certified Scrum Product Owner training.   Zuzana Sochova: Zuzana Sochova has over 15 years of commercial experiences in IT, beginning as a software designer/engineer and moving up into project management, program management, and into executive management at a company provides SW services for international customers (USA, Germany, Austria, Great Britain, …) that operating in mission critical and life critical sectors – i.e. air traffic control management systems, extensive healthcare applications, and public safety systems. She started with Agile and Scrum back in 2005, where she was involved in implementing the Agile methods at Medtronic, USA. From that time, she was responsible for Agile transformation and implementation of Agile and Scrum to many companies and teams. She works as Agile coach, consultant and trainer for both large and small organizations. She is regular speaker at Agile international conferences. She is also a founder of the Agile Association (Agilni Asociace, Czech Republic, organizing the Agile Czech community and annual Agile Prague Conference (     Steve Spearman: He is a founder and Principal at Swift Ascent, LLC.  His focus is on Scrum training & Agile coaching at the enterprise and team levels.    Steve has over 30 years of experience in corporate software development as a software developer, architect, project manager, Scrum coach, and multiple management positions.  His enterprise experience spanned Bell Laboratories, Lucent, Avaya, and Cisco Systems.    Steve has a BA in Psychology and a Masters in Computer Science.   His certifications include: Certified Scrum Trainer (CST), SAFe Program Consultant (SPC), PMI-ACP, PMP, Certified Scrum Product Owner, and Certified ScrumMaster.   Madhur Kathuria:

Madhur is a Scrum Alliance Certified Scrum Trainer (CST) and Certified Scrum Coach (CSC). Starting his career as a technologist, He has traversed various roles in his industry journey including that of a Programmer, Test engineer, Business analyst, Scrum Master, Process Consultant, CMMi appraiser and Consulting lead.

He is also an OD and Behaviour coach focusing on helping individuals and organizations realize their full potential through focused training programs, Executive and leadership training and coaching and 1:1 mentorship and counselling both at personal and professional level.

Having worked with 300+ teams across 60 organizations, trained 12000+ Associates, He brings these experiences as part of his training and coaching regimen to ensure that the learning is not just theory based, but has a pragmatic insight into the real world. He focuses learning through various activities thereby participants are able to quickly grasp concepts and relate to real world.

He has been passionate about Scrum, Agile Trainings, Consultancy and had been speaking in Agile conferences in India and other parts of globe, participating in community activities through India Scrum Enthusiasts Community (ISEC), Agile Pune, Agile and Lean Forum of Asia (ALFA) and many more. He had been invited as Chair person and speaker at various national and international conferences including Software Development Forum 2012 in KL, Malaysia, Regional Scrum Gathering India 2014, Scrum Gathering India Regional 2013 and Agile Tour events in India.


Ram Srinivasan

Ram Srinivasan has a very unique distinction of being a Certified Scrum Trainer, an Innovation Games® Qualified Instructor and a Professional Coach who specializes in coaching teams and organizations. His mission is to help his clients build great organizations and he does this by focusing on people, process and product development.

Ram started as a developer and later moved to hold various roles including software architect, Project /Program Manager, and executive coach. He has coached, mentored and consulted from teams to organizations of all sizes across many industries (finance, insurance, retail, banking, media, telecom, etc.). The depth and breadth of this experience gives Ram the ability to view clients' challenges from different perspectives and provide pragmatic solutions.

"Continuous Learning" is one of his personal values and is currently pursuing a certification on conflict management. Other certifications that he has earned include PMP, PMI-ACP, SAFe Program Consultant, and Gamification Designer.  Few of his other interests include Agile Accounting, Agile HR (people and performance management), Emotional and Social Intelligence, Change Management, Organizational Culture, System thinking, Complex Adaptive Systems, and Human Systems Dynamics.

Ram believes in giving back to the community. He leads the webinar team for PMI-Agile Community of Practice. He also frequently talks at local meetups, PMI chapters and conferences (Agile 200X, Agile India, Agile DC, ADC conferences, PMI Symposiums, etc.)  on various topics like people engagement through gamification, conflict management, brain science based coaching, product development using lean start-up principles, and applying lean principles for portfolio management. l. From time to time, Ram also runs free coaching circles and book clubs.

He holds a Master’s degree in Engineering from The University of Arizona and is currently based out of New Jersey.


Kiran Thakkar, PMP,CST: Kiran Thakkar, an IT professional with 25 years of experience in global application development and leadership, is a Project Management Professional (certified by the PMI) and a Certified Scrum Trainer (certified by the Scrum Alliance) and a Certified Large-Scale Scrum Practitioner (certified by The Less Company); Kiran also holds an MBA and an MS in Computer Science.  Kiran worked at Siemens Medical Solutions and played an instrumental role in one of the largest agile/scrum implementation in the world. Kiran was an overall program release manager at Siemens for a very large-scale, globally distributed, and FDA compliant agile initiative (40+ teams, over 500 members, part of overall 120+ teams). Kiran laid the groundwork for agile practices still in use and highly effective in Siemens today. Kiran brings real life scrum implementation experience to his class. He also pioneered implementation of the agile practices and mentored scrum masters globally.  He was one of the early adopter of enterprise level large-scale agile/scrum. He is also an adjunct faculty at Penn State Great Valley, DeVry/Keller University, and University of Phoenix teaching in online and traditional 'on-ground' environment.

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What will be method of delivery?

We will apply the experiential activities to discussion of advanced topics such as how to use Scrum in multiple-team organizations, how to measure progress empirically at a macro level, release planning to maximize ROI, and why such a simple framework disrupts organizations to be the best they can be.

Who is the Certification Agency?

ScrumAlliance is the certification agency. Upon successful completion of the course, attendees will receive official designation as Certified Scrum Masters by the Scrum Alliance along with a  two year membership to the Scrum Alliance.

Are there any prerequisites to attend this program?

There is no prerequisite to attend the training, except for a 60-minute reading assignment which must be completed in advance of the course (full details are sent about 2 weeks prior to the course date).

Who should take this training course?

This course is useful for anyone who wants to be successful using Scrum. It's not just for ScrumMasters – but will benefit anyone who is involved in a Scrum Project and in any of the Scrum roles.  It’s strongly recommended for Product Owners, Product Managers, Project Managers, Functional / Departmental Managers, Development Team Members (including Architects, Designers, Coders, Testers, and others), and Executives involved in transitioning to Scrum within their own organization.


Will this training / certificate help my career?

The Certified ScrumMaster course is the industry-standard for preparing you to be successful with Scrum, and people who take UNICOM's Certified ScrumMaster course rate it as "worth the time and money, and something that will help them to apply Scrum and Agile concepts in Project delivery to the delight of customer". 

Till when can I avail early bird rate?

Early Bird is valid if you register and pay 30 days before the event and is given to first 10 registrants only. Contact us today to check if you are elligible.

Is Service Tax included in the price?

Local Taxes are applicable in above rates+

How can I make payment?

Payment can be made via Cheque / DD / Online Funds transfer / Cash Payment.Cheque should be drawn in favour of "Unicom training and Seminars Pvt Ltd" payable at Bangalore

NEFT Payment:Account Name: UNICOM Training & Seminars Pvt LtdBank Name : State Bank of IndiaBank Address: Ground Floor, K V Plaza, Green Glen Layout, Outer Ring Road, Bangalore.A/c Number : 31729010535IFSC : SBIN0012706A/c Type: Current+

What does Registration Fee include?

The Registration Fee includes the following: Study Material, Scrum Master Certification Exam, 2-years membership in Scrum Alliance, lunch on both days.

What is Course timing?

0900 – 1700 each day


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