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last update : 18/01/2016

Six Sigma Blackbelt-4 Days

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Six Sigma is a rigorous and disciplined methodology that uses data and statistical analysis to measure and improve a company's operational performance by identifying and eliminating ‘defects’. Six Sigma certification endorses an individual's capabilities with respect to specific competencies. Most of the MNCs have either implemented or are implementing Six Sigma and there is a huge requirement for certified Six Sigma professionals today.This training will provide knowledge and hands-on practice on Six Sigma Black Belt topics, train on Minitab usage and verify competence through certification process.



In addition,  after just four days, you will walk away with the Black Belt participation  Certification - something  that most  quality professionals  can only dream  about.  We cover the key concepts  of the Six Sigma Body of Knowledge, but then  we go even farther with new organizational  concepts  and "hit-the-ground-running" step action  plans.  We focus on team-based case  studies  that  makes  use  of all of the  concepts  (much  more applicable  to the work environment). Class room training with highly interactive sessions including run through Minitab training, case studies, practice sessions and projects. Participants can bring their own laptops, on which demo Minitab software would be loaded.This approach  has proven to be more effective  for  students  while saving them an incredible amount of time and money.

At the  end  of this  course,  you can obtain  your Black Belt certification  with a successful submission of project and exam.

Who Should AttendThis is a course recommended for:

  •     Professionals interested in improving their processes in the organization
  •     Working executives who would like to give a boost to their career
  •     Graduates who are working in any organization in any industry with minimum Experience of 6 months
  •     Executives who would like to change to process excellence as their profession
  •     Consultants who would like to start consulting in Six Sigma
  •     Trainers who would like to become Six Sigma Trainers
  •     Professionals willing to try unique and usual methods to change things now with lasting results
  •     Professionals who want to make the difference using the DMAIC methodology



UNICOM conducts a 4 day training program leading to Six Sigma Black Belt Training certification. The participants are also guided to complete one improvement project of their choice. Additional 4 days of one-on-one project guidance is available after the training alongwith unlimited on-line support for 2 years.Workshop Highlights    Introduction to Six Sigma    Six Sigma Roadmap in organizations    Team Building    Roles of Six Sigma Team    DMAIC    Tools in Define phase – SIPOC, Project Charter    Techniques in Measure Phase – Data Collection    DPMO, Sigma level calculation    Tools and Hypothesis Tests used in Analyze phase    Improve phase tools    6 Hats technique    Control Charts    Communication    Presentation and Team Effectiveness    Change Management



Instructor Bio


Our qualified pool of faculty has more than a decades industrial work experience, with hands on experience in training for ITIL V3 Foundation. Our Trainers carry rich blended experience from industries like Energy, construction, IT, Retail etc. fulfilling the requirements of most of our clients.

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What is a black belt / coach / six sigma expert?A black belt (depending on companies and providers also known as a coach, expert, catalyst etc.) is a practitioner of six sigma tools. These individuals drive business results through the application of tools on projects. Typically they will work projects full time for the first 4-6 months of participating in the program. After the initial project work they may remain in the organization as full time process improvement experts or utilize the tools in other functions.What is a six sigma champion? Six sigma champions are used in many organizations to provide "program management". Champions support project and candidate selection and handle any administrative, reporting related activity. They act as an interface to operational leadership.How do lean manufacturing and six sigma relate? Both tools kits support the reduction of waste in businesses. Lean manufacturing focuses on "making value flow", i.e. providing an easy to follow, uninterrupted product flow with minimal waste. Six sigma focuses on variation related or lack of process knowledge related waste such as quality issues, tampering leading to amplified variation in the product delivery process etc. If applied in an integrated fashion the tools are complementary and should be used in a "hand and glove" approach.What implementation options are there for six sigma and lean manufacturing?There are multiple implementation methods for six sigma and lean manufacturing. The appropriate method that drives the highest ROI for a client organization depends largely on the business and the business environment that is being operated in. The following questions are often worth considering prior to deciding on the appropriate implementation model:

  •     What performance level is the organization currently achieving?
  •     What is the goal for performance?
  •     What is the required time frame?
  •     Which level of the organization is supporting the initiative?
  •     What kinds of results are targeted?
  •     What kind of talent is available in the organization?
  •     How concentrated will the effort be?
  •     What are the key leverage points in the organization?
  •     What are the key business metrics for the organization?
  •     Which implementation method best supports breakthrough improvements for those metrics?
  •     What is the budget (monetary as well as resource related)?

Based on the answers, one of the following implementation methods will prove to be the most effective:

  •     Organization wide training and project work
  •     Target area (like engineering, manufacturing, billing etc.) training and project work
  •     Target candidate training and project work

Does this program build analytical skills? The program builds analytical and logic skills simultaneously. It is used by many organizations as the platform to generate analysts that generate business results of multiples of their salaries consistently.Does this approach build future leaders?The Masters Program is used particularly to groom future organizational leaders. The Masters program gives individuals the opportunity to improve large-scale cross-functional processes with an integrated tool kit at exceptional speed. It therefore provides future leaders with:

  •     A clear understanding of the business across functional areas
  •     A framework and tools to deliver breakthrough performance
  •     Exposure to current leadership in the organization
  •     Change Management experience through leading organizations through rapid change
  •     Confidence through driving business results
  •     Mentoring and coaching network

Is this applicable to mid sized and small companies?Yes, six sigma and lean manufacturing is applicable to smaller organizations. Although popularized through the implementation at GE, AlliedSignal, Motorola and Xerox, Six Sigma Systems brings tremendous value to smaller organizations. As additional larger companies, such as Ford, move towards six sigma as a key platform for process improvement, we have also observed an increased requirement put on to suppliers to "participate". A key difference in the application of Six Sigma in small businesses is the type of implementation model that is most appropriate. While many large organizations favor a company wide initiative, this approach may be sub-optimal for smaller organizations. (Also see our section on Implementation Methods).Does six sigma apply to administrative operations?Six sigma is applicable to administrative applications. One key issue associated with administrative processes is that a key source of variation in system performance is the human factor. While most employees desire to deliver high performance, leadership needs to provide a process that fundamentally enables high performance. Furthermore, many processes with humans as primary processors and measurement tools require a robust process specifically addressing "human" noise since the presence and impact of noise in such a system is significantly amplified. Lean manufacturing and six sigma provide the tools to improve existing administrative operations and supply a robust process. It is also complementary to High Performance Work Team environments providing the tools to address more complex issues.How much is the Black Belt Training & Certification fee? The total cost for Course is Rs. 22000+12.36%ST.  What are Course timings?Class Room: 9.00 AM to 6:00PM.What happens if I have to CANCEL?Confirm your CANCELLATION in writing up to 15 working days before the event and receive a refund less a 10% service charge. Regrettably, no refunds can be made for cancellations received less than 15 working days prior to the event. However, SUBSTITUTIONS are welcome at any time and is done at no extra cost. The organizers reserve the right to amend the program if necessary.INDEMNITY: Should for any reason outside the control of UNICOM Training & Seminars (P) ltd (hereafter called UNICOM), the venue or the speakers change, or the event be cancelled due to industrial action, adverse weather conditions, or an act of terrorism, UNICOM will endeavor to reschedule, but the client hereby indemnifies and holds UNICOM harmless from and against any and all costs, damages and expenses, including attorneys fees, which are incurred by the client. The construction validity and performance of this Agreement shall be governed by all aspects by the laws of India to the exclusive jurisdiction of whose court the Parties hereby agree to submit."


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