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Software Testing


last update : 18/01/2016

Software Estimation Techniques

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Software Estimation is responsive to the widespread problems the software industry has experienced in creating meaningful effort, cost and schedule estimates. Estimation of project effort, duration and cost has posed major challenge to the software community in the past and even today. Software Estimation techniques provides a comprehensive set of tips and heuristics that software developers, technical leads, and project managers can apply to create estimates for different types of projects (development, maintenance) and project life cycle models(Incremental, Agile type ).

Workshop take away:o Training Course material.o Case Scenario with solutions.o References and articles on the topic.



At the end of training: Participants will be able to get awarenesso Software estimation in projects, get an overview of different Size, Effort and Cost estimation methodologies.o Type of estimation techniques used in software, pros and cons and their applicability for various types of projects.o On how to decide or choose an estimation technique to enhance their skills further in the form of in-depth training, coaching, in-depth study or application to projects.o On fundamental estimation techniques and specific estimation challenges. It explains how to avoid common pitfalls.Contents:o Why do we need to do estimation? When to do estimation?

Who should attend?o Developers, Senior Developers .o Designers .o Technical/ Test Leads .o Program Managers, Project Managers, Senior Project Managers.o Quality Managers, Quality leads/Engineers.o Pre Sales personnel.


Overview :o Analogy Based.o Model Based ando Metrics Based estimations.Overview of Various Estimation Techniques such aso Expert Judgement Method- Delphi Wide Band Technique.o Lines of Code estimation .o Three Point estimation technique,o Work break down structure based estimation.o Task complexity Based estimation.o Function Point Estimation .o Use Case based Estimation .o Estimation in Agile Projects .o Cost Estimation using COCOMO-II .o Understand the pros and cons of each technique .o Applicability to Business Applications, Client-Server, Porting and Maintenance projects etc.


Instructor Bio

The Trainer, has around 17  years of professional experience and  2 years as a Consultant  in Agile Consulting and Training, Software Estimation, Project Management etc.  He has extensive implementation experience in, Agile –Scrum, CMMI  and SQA Processes etc.Key Accomplishments during Professional Experience:During his professional experience, he implemented Agile and traditional projects, designed and conducted several trainings in Symphony University and anchored all process trainings.  When he was in Philips Software Centre, during his 10 years stint, he led various software improvement initiatives such as Defect Prevention, Technology Change Management, Process Change Management, Defects predictions modelling. He played key role in Philips to reach CMM Level 5 while he was heading Philips Health Care Quality division.He has published and presented papers on Software Size, Software Project Risks Management in International Conferences such as SEPG, 18th World Congress for Quality and also been invited as guest speaker in IIM, Bangalore, Yahoo Software.Key Accomplishments in Consulting and Training :His main interests are providing Consulting, Coaching, Mentoring  and Training  in  Agile Methodologies, Transitioning to Agile Successfully, Scrum Project Management, CMMI-Agile(Hybrid Process Model adoption), Project Management, Software Estimation Techniques, Project Management (Traditional and Agile).1)    He has been Re- certified as Certified Scrum Master (CSM) and   holds Certified Scrum Practitioner (CSP) certification from Scrum Alliance. 2)    He has been a Consultant to eRevMax  Software in Kolkota. He has coached, consulted on Scrum implementation and conducted Scrum workshops in this organisation..3)    He has been a Consultant and Trainer  to Ion  Idea for Agile –Scrum process adoption and development of Agile project management in-house tool4)    He is also a Consultant, Coach and Trainer to IpInfusion for Agile-CMMI process Hybrid model definition and implementation5)    Currently he has been identified as regular trainer for Agile in Yahoo Bangalore for 1 year.6)    Regular Trainer for Oracle in Agile7)    Regular Trainer for Symphony Services in Agile, Estimation etc.

The Trainer has conducted more than 100  training workshops  since 2 years,  to various IT Companies in the areas of  Agile Methodologies (Scrum Project Management), Agile Estimation and Planning, Agile Requirements Analysis,  Software Estimation Techniques(Function Point Analysis, Use Case Point Estimation etc), to various clients in Bangalore, Kolkota, Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad ,Mohali and Mumbai and also to International Clients in USA.He has conducted several public workshops and in house Trainings on 1) Agile and Scrum Project Management Methodology, 2) Agile Estimation and Planning , 3) Software Estimation ( Use Case Points,  Function Point Analysis and Software estimation techniques overview)Following is a list within and  outside India, where UNICOM has executed Consulting and Training Assignments.•    Infosys•    Yahoo Software India ( 6 training)•    Oracle (3 Trainings)•    GE and GE- Health Care•    Mindtree•    Mphasis•    Hewlett Packard•    Capgemini•    Computer Associates•    ITC Info Tech•    Tata Communications•    Sling Media Pvt Ltd( 3 times)•    Keannen Associates(US Client)•    Symphony Software Services(7 times)•    Pace Micro Technology•    Vital Images(US Client)•    eRevMax ( 2 times)•    Zyme Solutions•    Goodrich Aerospace•    John Deer Technology•    Ion nor  Solutions•    Infinite Computers•    Ion Idea software•    Collabera•    Point Cross

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