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Agile, Testing and DevOps: Are they a separate conversation or a progression of capability?

DevOps, Testing and Agile have shared environments that facilitate working together. Spurred by greater demand for excellence, these three methods are more than simply adopting new tools and processes. The synergy involves building an evolving and a stable Continuous Integration (CI) Infrastructure, as well as an automated pipeline that moves deliverables from development to production to meet users’ expectations.

This event will help you uncover how to develop a transparent build process to support development and operations. This transformation depends on: significant changes in culture; roles and responsibilities; team structure; tools and processes.

Topics covered:

  • Adopt a “build-and-run” teams concept
  • Automation and SAFe
  • Agile and DevOps – moving with flow based awareness
  • Testing: “Measure twice, cut once”
  • Improve DevOps with SAFe
  • Automating for improved flow
  • The agile release train and continuous integration
  • Scrum board Gamification
  • Modern Software Testing
  • Sustainable Test Automation
  • Mob Programming
  • Team leadership
  • Individuals and interactions over process and tools

7+ Professional Speakers

50+ Delegates

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Our speakers

  • Ritu Arora


  • Mukesh Bansal


  • Rahul Kumar Gupta


  • Sachin Thukral

    Royal Bank of Scotland

  • Neeraj Arora


  • Arun Sharma


  • Deepak Chopra


  • Amita Gulia

    Bechtel Corporation

  • Preeti Arora

    IHS Markit | Technology



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Arun Sharma, General Manager - Enterprise Cloud, Paytm

Topic Abstract

What is DevOps?
It is a mindset, a culture and set of technical practices which provide communication, integration, and automation. It also implements close cooperation among all the people needed to plan, develop, test, deploy, release, and maintain a solution. It is all about team outcomes.

DevOps is directly descended from Agile and Lean. Also define the culture of collaboration and experimentation. In DevOps frequent feedback fuels innovation and automation helps in growth and deliver value to business. As per scaled agile framework (CALMR) Culture, Automation, Lean Measurement, Recovery Players of DevOps (Dev+Ops) which means Dev, QA, Ops, Security, Sales/BA

What is SAFe?
SAFe enterprises implement DevOps to breakdown silos and empower each Agile

Release Train and Solution Train to release feature on demand to users. Throughout the entire lifecycle separation between dev and ops will get reduced and trains operate with automated CI/CD pipeline.

It helps to develop, deploy and release small batches of functionality to the business in a flow process called Continuous delivery pipeline.

Ritu Arora, Director, Altran

Mukesh Bansal, Director, Altran

Topic Abstract

Blockchain technology is poised to change the culture around development in upcoming years and bring in a revolution. We have seen transitions from Waterfall to Agile to DevOps to DevSecOps. Together, Blockchain and DevOps can join hands and bring in advanced business solutions which can be groundbreaking. To stay competitive and sustain through disruptions in industry, we all need to be ready to sail through technology transformations and keep our deliveries and top line sane. By Integrating Blockchain and DevOps, the objective is bring in benefits of Blockchain in DevOps by increasing the overall security, transparency and auditability. Code development will remain the same, whereas overall experience of Users and Developers in managing platform and end to end Development/Deployement will evolve to next level. Blockchain can help enable and expidiete organizations to adopt DevOps at enterprise level. This can also be called transparent DevOps. Would love to share some Use Cases on this handshake of DevOps and Blockchain and how it can benefit the upcoming era of Cloud

Amita Gulia, Software Quality Lead, Bechtel Corporation

Topic Abstract

Automated Testing is often the dream for any technical person who steps into the world of software testing. While the world \has evolved and the importance of software testing is no more a myth, Automated Testing comes along with own set of challenges. Now, in the era of "Changing Requirements" which we call "Agile", testing itself cease to exist as a core need. Thus, Automated Testing is not spared of it's myths and challenges when working in an Agile team.

Rahul Kumar Gupta, Sr. Director Technology, PublicisSapient

Topic Abstract

Presentation will talk about the challenges in Security challenges in Cloud and Dockerization. Also how can we make left shift and include security.

Deepak Chopra, Vice President | Global Lean Digital Transformation Leader, GENPACT

Topic Abstract

Over the recent years, unceasing disruption has become the ‘new’ normal. Today almost every known business and function has either already begun to be disrupted or is about to be disrupted soon. One of the key grounds for this is the advent of powerful digital technologies, including IoT, mobility, robotics, machine learning and artificial intelligence that harness the power of large data, advanced analytics and ridiculously fast connected computing power.

For the IT world, traditional waterfall way of working got disrupted and agile emerged as a way to develop innovative digital solutions sooner and iteratively using self-organizing teams. Following this, ‘DevOps’ got coined with an attempt to extend agility and automation beyond development and into the IT operations. DevOps since then has been felt to successfully help address this growing business asks cohesively.

Change being the new constant, the current era of software development world is now again at the brink of getting nibbled by its own remedy. The big question is that can AI be applied to propel the way we do IT development and maintenance? This talk aims to share speaker’s view on how artificial intelligence in Agile and DevOps can be applied effectively, what are the key challenges in doing so and key industry best practices on how these are being overcome. It aims to discuss that is this unsettling of current Agile and DevOps with Artificial Intelligence just a transitional myth or a true incremental reality!

AI-powered project management can be implemented and what can be the various benefits to it.

Sachin Thukral, Head of Technology Platforms - Transaction Banking, Royal Bank of Scotland

Topic Abstract

Agile is not a need any more it has become an expectation to improve the quality, faster release time with reduction of time to market and enabling companies to release their products/services much faster to the end customers. It's quite an easy approach to carry out Be-Spoke development and setup an agile journey with the latest technologies embedding CI/CD journey. But when it comes to rationalisation and simplification of existing legacy platforms this journey becomes much tougher hence it's important the start is from Customer Journey while addressing the existing pain areas but thinking more from Customer perspective and then selecting the right product to be integrated with the latest technologies.

Neeraj Arora, Sr. Director Program Management, PublicisSapient

Topic Abstract

The session will examine the role of continuous integration in enabling continuous delivery of value to business through the continuous delivery pipeline. Ability to build, integrate & test code produced by several scrum teams, which are part of the ART is fundamental to achieving release on demand. On the face of it, all these things appear basic and are considered as table stakes, the ground realities may be far from it. Digital native companies have changed the game when it comes to leading with consumer experience, keeping consumer at the center of any digital platform. As a result, consumer expectations from brands have elevated significantly. The bar continues to be raised with new entrants, free from the baggage of legacy ways of working, leading with innovation, taking the stage. However, meeting these changing expectations continuously is not an easy task for businesses who have grown accustomed to traditional ways of working and have resisted change for far too long. Technology today has enabled creation of new generation experiences blending both online and offline world seamlessly and at the same time the solution architectures have become more complex to build, requiring new generation skillsets and processes. The good news is , help is at hand and that’s where SAFE Agile and Automated Dev-Ops processes come in and provide the much-needed knowledge and ways of working to ensure an uninterrupted delivery of value to end-users.

Preeti Arora, Director, Software Engineering, IHS Markit | Technology

Topic Abstract

In this session I will talk about different types of metrics that can be used by a team adopting scrum methodology to track its own progress, productivity in a sprint and during the release - how to correctly interpret such metrics and the key role that scrum masters can play to work with product owners and scrum team members to together achieve the critical go to market goals of major releases while at the same time nurturing lot of team work and positively impacting team's productivity. This session will also touch upon the key underlying mindset shift that needs to occur that scrum metrics are NOT for managers to micro manage and/or measure individual performance. These are essentially team metrics to enable continuous improvement and the focus has to be on understanding trends than putting in non-value adding effort to analyze individual data points.


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