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As leaders, we often put our teams and organizations first. We have a responsibility to foster continuous learning and improvement. And when we want to bring about change, the trick is introducing it in a way that is effective—not invasive—and lasting. If this were easy, it would not be called leading. So, join us at the Agile Leadership Summit to challenge yourself and increase your leadership mastery.

Our Speakers

  • Leena N


  • Vinay Krishna

    Pingala Software

  • Priyank Pathak

    Coach & Trainer

  • Ashutosh Bhatawadekar

    Pune Agile Thought Leaders

  • Mohammed Ali Vakil

    Calm Achiever

  • Apeksha Patel

    Leanpitch Technologies

  • Subrahmaniam S.R.V

    Freelance Consultant

  • Kiran Divakaran

    Wizante Technology and Solutions

  • Arundhati Dutta

    Agile Coach & ICP-ACC Instructor ICAgile US



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Leena N, CTO, Co-Founder, Yogatree

Topic Abstract

Evolvability refers to the ability to adapt to market needs and the changing environment. Mainly two kinds of evolvability are needed:

Product evolving as per the market needs to avoid Building something that nobody wants

The architecture and the design of the software evolving to allow the team to make faster changes to the product without breaking things

That is why it is crucial to build the right product and build it in the right way.

Ask a group of people “How long does it take to make a small change to your software, e.g., changing the color of the button from red to blue?”. We can hear a wide range of answers, from less than an hour to weeks, to days say even years.

This talk provides an overview of practices and patterns the teams can use for “building the product right”. How can we reduce the time for delivery to the least? The focus is on the practices that help in:

Engineering for Incremental Change using Continuous Delivery practices

Evolutionary Architecture using Modular design and with Anti-Corruption layers

Evolutionary Data through Database Refactoring Considering that change is the only constant we all need to see how can we make changes easy. The talk will convey to you how specific patterns and practices help for the same. Quoting Kent Beck, father of Extreme Programming here:

For each desired change, make the change easy (warning: this may be hard), then make the easy change.


Apeksha Patel, Director, Leanpitch Technologies

Topic Abstract

What is a System?

  • How organizations are relationship systems?
  • How do organizations differ
  • How does work differ
  • Can all Organizations be Agile? - What Agile method I can use?
  • What contracting model should I use?


Vinay Krishna, Founder and Director Technology, Pingala Software

Topic Abstract

Agile adoption and transformation rate is fairly high in software development organizations, however sustainability of this transformation is a challenge. As per my experience, in most of the cases the adoption and transformation has been taken as a goal and team is being pushed to achieve that destination. However they fail to sustain this for a long term. Generally it looks like everyone is trying to maintain merely a checklist or follow a checklist of agile practices. There is nothing wrong in it (in order to find the gap), however it should not become just a decorum. In this session I’m going to discuss about how we could sustain the transformation and why it cannot be a destination rather it is a journey. I have used this approach to sustain the transformation at multiple organizations and able to get success.


Priyank Pathak, Lean-Agile Transformation Consultant, Coach & Trainer

Topic Abstract

Did you hear of a failed Agile Transformation? It's not common for people and organization to share a failure Case Study about their Agile Transformation Project. However, the fact is many agile transformation projects fail in reality and nobody shares about information.

In this session, participants would discuss the reasons and factors due to which a transformation fails. Participants would also play a quick activity to experience how to fail a transformation due to incorrect goals. ( Activity based on transforming/molding a system with a selection of incorrect strategy goals, and approach).

At the end of the session, participants would apply the learning to create a step-by-step transformation plan, manage the risk and achieve better outcomes.


Ashutosh Bhatawadekar, Founder, Pune Agile Thought Leaders

Topic Abstract

The success of any Agile transformation depends on the Quantitative and Qualitative Evaluation. Agile Maturity models have been in existence for a long however they need to be more of a number game than improving the Agility at the ground level.

In this talk, I intend to cover

  • Salient Features of the Maturity Model
  • How to avoid the number game trap of Agile Maturity model
  • How to improve health of Agility through the Maturity model
  • How to go beyond the Agile Maturity model


Mohammed Ali Vakil, Director, Coach & Master Trainer in GTD® Getting Things Done®, Calm Achiever

Topic Abstract

I'll present how the dynamics of today's world means that old ways of organizing power in businesses are no longer working.

We need to re-look at our organization structures so that the emerging culture allows for more effective ways of using power
I'll cover:

  • The Decay of Power and What It Means For Your Organization
  • Current Structures Make it Difficult to Get Things Done
  • Holacracy — A New Social Technology To Organize Power in Pursuit of Purpose

5 Ways Holacracy Organizes Power to Thrive in a Rapidly Changing World

      The purpose is the new Boss
      Autonomy: Everyone is a Leader (but lead roles not people)
      Create Fractal structures (not Hierarchical or Flat)
      Power vested in rules (not people)
      Dynamic org structure that evolves (instead of rigid top-down ones)


Kiran Divakaran, Co-Founder / Director, Wizante Technology and Solutions

Topic Abstract

Agile has made it possible to deliver a lot product lines and service lines almost like instant coffee , tea and instant everything. It has created a lot of diverse needs especially the need to keep pace with Dev and Operations and everything is expected to continuous along the pipeline without breaking anything along the way. This would mean features , security , builds , releases and the whole nine yards that go with putting your app or product out there. We shall look at DEVSECOPS along with why everything else associated with this initiative that needs to be continuous . Without this mindset agile shall be a term that shall not have much of relevance let alone deliver a product or feature in the best quality and time frame.


S R V Subrahmaniam, Enterprise Agile Coach | Agile Transformation Consultant | Trainer

Topic Abstract

Agile Transformations are large organizational change programs. Viewing them from that perspective provides us new insights and will help navigate the change better. In this session, I intend to share my experiences and thoughts on Change management with focus on Need, Willingness and Skill.


Arundhati Dutta, Startup Founder, Agile Coach & ICP-ACC Instructor ICAgile US

Topic Abstract

Every year companies lose billions of dollars from high attrition and low employee engagement. Research shows engaged teams perform better and are more productive. As agile coaches we have the opportunity to create working environments where our teams thrive, have fun and are engaged. In this talk we’ll discuss tools and techniques Agile Coaches can use to make the work environment inclusive, rewarding and a place where everyone is excited to come to work!


Agile Olympiad

Agile Olympiad is an initiative of UNICOM to run India’s most prestigious Corporate Quiz on Agile.

The purpose of this contest is to identify India’s most knowledgeable Agile professionals. Will you bring laurel to your organization and to yourself?

We are expecting over 300 professionals from 50+ companies in India and abroad to participate, with experience ranging from 1 to 25 years and professionals practicing Agile. This platform is perfect for you to bring accolades to your organization and to yourself.


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