Dr. Aditya Mukherjee

Security Leader of Accenture

An Aspiring CISO with 12+ years of experience in different Leadership roles across Information security domains covering a broad range of reputed organizations within High-security environments such as Defense, Law Enforcement, Electronic Payment Services, Banking & Financial Services, Insurance, Telecom, Health Care and IT Consulting.

Possess specialization in implementation of Cybersecurity solutions / Cyber transformation projects, solving challenges associated with Security architecture, framework, and policies.

Strong core expertise in Threat intelligence, Threat hunting, IR, Enterprise security, Risk assessment, GRC, VA/PT, Web App. Sec., Security audits & Compliance, Information security training & Consulting organizations focusing on Cyber forensics & Cyber-crime Investigation. As a Cyber Security Trainer have provided 150+ Technical hands-on training to various clients & institutions covering over 18K participants from across the globe.