Manjul Verma

Master Security Architect of HP

Manjul is a security expert and CEH with 19 years of experience in networking and application security of embedded, software and cloud technologies. He has significant experience of working in R&D of defensive security systems (such as Firewall, VPN, Router, Switches, IAM, Anti-malware security etc.) and has performed offensive security methods (such as vulnerability assessment, penetration testing, reverse engineering, malware analysis, threat hunting etc.) to deliver secure and reliable products of worldwide releases.

At present, Manjul is a Master Security Architect of HP Inc. R&D, and leads offensive security strategy in SSDL (Secure Software Development Lifecycle) of firmware, software and cloud security of world’s largest deployed IoT products, and has worked on the perimeter and end-point security solutions of Juniper Networks and Novell Software respectively prior joining HP.In addition, Manjul is a teacher in network and application security for individuals, corporate and academia, and advocates strongly for effective security – by “advancing skills in defensive and offensive security in parallel”.