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UX UI Design aims to be a platform to build and sustain the implementation of design thinking, and drive innovation and business by design. You’ll mingle with design driven and successful individuals, influencers, business leaders and consumers to the conference, plus hear stories outlining the impact that design thinking has on business, and on customers. UX Designcon also takes a look at design’s positive contribution to people, processes, practices and organizations.
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Dr. Shankar Ramamoorthy

Professor- Information Science Engineering, Head - Industry- Interface


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X Topic Abstract

Next generation User Interfaces (UI) will be tactile and responsive to non-verbal communication in which remote users will be able to enjoy hap tic experiences through real-time interactive systems.

Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), and Mixed Reality (MR) enabled UI will be important to enable a substantially more rich User Experience (UX) for many industry verticals that leverage these immersive technologies. The research sees these technologies being used for a myriad of different consumer-facing UX enhanced marketing, sales, and product/service usage scenarios.

The primary goal of Augmented Reality is to enrich the user's perception of the real-world, providing information and insights that otherwise would not be obtainable.

AR use cases have grown substantially across many industry verticals within the last two years, providing significant market momentum, and indicating great promise to transform communications, content, and commerce across a wide range of sectors. The goals of Mixed Reality are broad, yet directionally focused on a true merging of real and virtual worlds, which the publisher believes will be a major catalyst for wide-spread acceptance and usage of VR across all major industry sectors.

This research assesses AR, MR, and other immersive technology components, the AR/MR ecosystem, and competitive landscape. The report presented by Author will evaluate market opportunities for hardware, software, and services.

Analysis takes into consideration market drivers and constraints such as potential regulatory implications. The report provides detailed qualitative and quantitative analysis including forecasts for AR/MR by major hardware components, software, services, semiconductor components, and more.

It also provides specific insights and recommendations for major ecosystem constituents including Advertisers and Media Companies, Artificial Intelligence Providers, Automotive Companies, Broadband Infrastructure Providers, Communication Service Providers, Computing Companies, Data Analytics Providers, Equipment Providers, IoT Suppliers and Service Providers, Semiconductor Companies, Smart City Systems Integrators, Social Media Companies, and Software Developers.

This research also provides an in-depth assessment of the VR market including analysis of VR ecosystem and role of value chain partners, evaluation of recent VR patent filings and intellectual property, analysis of current price metrics VR devices, apps, and content, assessment of key VR companies and solutions with SWOT analysis, analysis of emerging business models and evolution of VR monetization, evaluation of VR component market: devices, software, hardware, platforms, and analysis of key VR growth drivers, market challenges, and emerging opportunities. Detailed forecasts for the VR market through 2023 are included.

Aided by 5G networks, next generation UI and UX will encompass transmission of touch and actuation in real-time, leading to a new class of highly interactive and engaging services generally referred to as Haptic Communications. It is expected that commercialization of 5G will allow the Haptic Internet to go mainstream as applications become available on an anytime, anywhere basis.

This comprehensive research also addresses the impact of 5G on Haptic Internet and Virtual Reality including both the pre-5G VR base market as well as the what we refer to as the 5G Accelerated Uptake market in post-5G era.

Speaker Profile

Dr. Shankar Ramamoorthy is currently working as Professor- Information Science Engineering, Head - Industry- Interface at CMRIT, helping the Software Enabled Business of Harman. He was earlier Quality Business Partner –at Amdocs. - where he evangelized and implemented 40 patented Test Management Framework machine using BI/Analytics.

Dr Shankar is a TQM ( Total Quality Management) professional, who has spent much of his 26-years career managing change and improving software Quality Engineering efficiency through Data and Metrics driven Quality Management Systems.

He believes in evangelizing , coaching and mentoring test teams through inspirational leadership.

Shankar has a vast experience in setting up Test COE( Centre of Excellence),and has successfully carried out 6 rollouts on TPI/TMMI/Test Maturity frameworks for several companies.

He has handled the entire gamut of testing landscape right from Pre- Sales, Sales, Delivery and instituted a process temper in his earlier assignments.

X Topic Abstract

Most of the companies now recognise the need for design and innovation to keep themselves ahead of the competition. Success in today’s markets and those of the future will depends heavily upon leadership through the use of design. Design leadership can also be defined as to both design and to lead business by design. In particular within the product companies, design leadership can play a significant role in team development and performance and outcome of innovative products.

Within design org, there are different teams that constitute to a successful leadership maturity. Design system, Design Ops, Interaction design, Visual design, Prototyping, Creative arts, etc are some of such sub teams that shows the maturity of design org. A design leader needs to influence these design arms to keep them in harmony and aligned to company vision and goal.

This talk is in relation with software industry but can be extended to any other industry.

Speaker Profile

Sameer has over 21 years of design and leadership experience at leading product companies building desktop, web, mobile, wearable & Speech applications. He holds a Master’s degree in Industrial Design from IDC IIT Mumbai and a Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering. He has published papers, patents and has been a speaker at many conferences and colleges. He is an advocate of Design Thinking and has conducted many workshops.

He has played multiple roles ranging from VP of Design to being a design consultant and entrepreneur. Currently working as Sr Director and Head of Design for Flipkart. Previously worked as director of UX at athenahealth, Director XD at Intuit, Oracle, Chief Researcher at LG R&D labs S.Korea and Human Factors lead at Intel USA. Sameer has learned Indian consumer behaviour while heading research and design for, jeevansathi & 99acres.

Early in his career, he was an Industrial designer working for Piaggio scooter in Italy, Bajaj Auto in Pune and CAD engineer at Mahindra, Nashik.

X Topic Abstract

Dashboards are primarily used in three organizational areas namely strategic, analytical and operational. The main objective of a dashboard is for users to be able to make informed and cognitive decisions. The primary directive of this paper is to propose an easily measurable factor – Decisionability Factor or Decisionability (DF) to ascertain if a dashboard is enabling users in making meaningful organisational decisions. It is also a tool for UX practitioners to gauge and subsequently improve the Dashboard UX design.

Speaker Profile

An Accomplished User Experience Strategist and an Information Architect with more than 14 years of experience. Has diverse experience in mobilising and implementing User experience strategies across various vertical markets.Thought-leader in such niche areas as measuring IA, Agile UX and enterprise Information Architecture. Mindfulness advocate. Conducts free Design thinking sessions for students and young professionals.

X Topic Abstract

The face of design is changing. AI and Big data have created a huge shift in how and what we design. To move to the next level designers need to harness the power of data at scale using AI.

This talk explores how we can design meaningful experiences in an era with AI-driven products & services

Speaker Profile

Sachendra is passionate about designing pleasurable, meaningful and transformative experiences that utilise deep insight into user behaviour and psychology. He has over two decades of experience in designing and developing for consumer and enterprise level platforms, UX direction and strategy planning for fortune 500 clients across industries, managing and growing high performance multi-disciplinary teams. He provides leadership to the Data design capability of Accenture Data IG.

X Topic Abstract

Running a great design process is hard enough when you’re working together in an office. Working remotely can feel like turning it up to eleven. With a bit of thought, and a lot of trial and error, we've found that remote work makes for a better design process. All you need are a few ground rules, a well constructed set of processes, modern tooling & a hint of empathy. By designing intentional interactions, building a culture of collaboration and always being open to experimenting and evolving – remote design goes from being downright scary to delightful.

Speaker Profile

Debprotim Roy is the founder and CEO of, a platform hosting more than 10,000 designers. Canvs' main offering as a large community of Designers is Design as a Service. Canvs works with multiple curated virtual design teams from its community using productised pipelines with humans in the loop to execute full fledged design projects. As a part of Canvs, Debprotim actively leads many of the concurrent virtual design teams under Canvs. He is a Product Designer himself and takes deep interest in technology and machine intelligence.

X Topic Abstract

Customer Experience drives designs of products and systems today and forms the foundation of the customer’s perception about the product. This is about user experience, but with a much broader view. It is about conceptualizing storylines through impactful interactions, via all the channels of the brand that a customer interacts with. In this topic, the main distinction between UX and CX would be discussed, and the CX landscape would be explored.

Speaker Profile

Debolina Ray is a seasoned professional who specializes in Telecom Billing and Route Optimization. She has over 10 years of experience in the Telecom industry and has a vast exposure to customers from all regions. Debolina currently works as a Product Director in Subex Limited where she looks after the product management for the Cost Analytics Portfolio. A hands-on product manager, she believes in a clear strategy but also in rolling up her sleeves and getting involved in every aspect of the product and its journey. She looks at solving problems with technical expertise and business acumen. She is an active contributor on various forums like Actuate, QlikTech and Subex.

Being a product evangelist, and having worked as a Subject Matter Expert, she advocates the balance between customer experience and user experience that is bridged by business and domain. Currently working on an overhaul of user experience for one of the legacy products, Debolina will be speaking about the impact and strategy of customer-oriented design.

X Topic Abstract

This talk will focus on building experiences and interfaces for all users including those with disabilities. This will cover introduction to accessibility, accessibility standards, what frameworks will offer to build accessible products, how to think inclusive without compromising innovation. Also it will be an interactive session as people could learn more through experiences than a lecture!

Speaker Profile

Goal is to propagate and provide rich and inclusive web experience and create an accessible world!

Currently I lead Accessibility efforts at Informatica, Earlier I was a Sr. Subject Matter Experts at Deque.

Prior to Deque, I was leading Accessibility efforts at HCL Technologies. My role includes mentoring team, working on innovative solutions, spread the word, engage with customers on accessibility etc., Before this, I was with PayPal leading Accessibility QA. My work includes develop and maintain Accessibility Automation Tools, Accessibility Evaluation of various products, Evangelize Accessibility across the company, provide end-to-end Accessibility solutions to product teams, represent company for accessibility related initiatives in the industry.

Prior to join PayPal, I was working for the award-winning Accessibility team at Yahoo! India Research & Development; where I have played instrumental role in setting up an Accessibility Lab and drive accessibility initiatives. Besides offering services to our office in India, I was also supporting to Yahoo! offices in Jordon, Singapore, China etc.

I am also on the National Advisory Board of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) India - through which, I endeavor to create awareness about standardization and accessibility across the country. Plus, I am also member of NASSCOM Disability Working Committee to create awareness about accessibility among other IT companies. I also offer expertise to the National Association for the Blind Karnataka Branch through its Governing Council.

X Topic Abstract

Presenting the journey from a feature requirement till user adoption. When the request for feature or product comes to a team, how they can build an MLP (Minimum Lovable Product) which is both quick to develop, usable and loved by it’s end users.

Speaker Profile

Principal Designer at Dell Technologies having 13 years of experience. Extensive experience working on Digital Platform, Printing, Aviation and Digital Transformation domains. Have 7 patents and multiple research whitepapers on my name on Digital Printing, Mobility and Security.

I have been involved in End-to-End UX processes ranging from Requirement Gathering to Collecting user feedback using field surveys.

I am a strong believer in Voice-of-Customer and Design Thinking methodology to make sure End-user is at the heart of our Products.

X Topic Abstract

Design Thinking and UX design are the emerging trends in the last few years and with the startup ecosystem, this is scaling at a fast pace.

Indian IT companies and GICs primarily caters to companies from BFSI, Retail, Telecom and Energy sector and banking and financial sector (BFSI) has many legacy systems. This sector is getting massively impacted by Agile and Digital transformation at scale. UX Design is yet to scale and is more siloed in its approach.

This talk will focus on converging of Agile UX operating model that will benefit and is benefiting legacy banking systems to deliver faster business value and customer experience.

It will focus on challenges faced, success stories and best practices at a strategic level ( business leaders ) and at an operational level ( designers and developers ) , all weaved with a simple and practical storytelling.

Speaker Profile

Rajarshi is a passionate continuous improvement coach and organizational problem solver. He believes in making life simpler with better design. He has a penchant for designing and implementing strategies that drive excellence and innovation for business, customers and employees. He comes with nearly two decades of diverse experience across IT, Banking, Business Process Services (BPS), Manufacturing (Consumer Electronics & Home Appliances) and Food Processing/Agro sector and he specializes in Lean, Agile, Design Thinking, Six Sigma and Talent Up-skilling and Development.


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Dr. Shankar Ramamoorthy

Professor- Information Science Engineering, Head - Industry- Interface


Sameer Chavan

Sr Director & Design Head


Arun Jawarlal

User Experience Architect


Sachendra Yadav

Associate Director


Srinivasu Chakravarthula

Lead Accessibility Consultant


Puneet Arora

Vice President

New Era Consultancy

Rajarshi Sengupta

Program Manager, Collaborative Learning Experience

Societe Generale GSC

Debolina Ray

Product Director - Partner Settlement

Subex Ltd

Debprotim Roy


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