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Adarsh Mehrotra

Adarsh Mehrotra

Industry Principal Consultant, Infosys


Adarsh has 16+ years of IT industry experience & DevOps & SRE Lead at Infosys. He has led end-end complex large-scale IT Transformations @ Scale in last six years in UK, Australia & Singapore exhibiting strong leadership, Engineering & DevOps mastery, Development Architecture & Automation experiences. He has been a popular Speaker at various forums like “Knowledge Hut”, Unicom World DevOps Summit & Nationwide DevOps WoW event. His experience on how he has set up high performance team can be viewed at-

Dev ‘Sec’ Ops – Integrating security practices within the DevOps process and fostering a security mindset.
Relentless business demands for new applications and software, practices and development trends such as DevOps, Agile, Cloud, AI, Automation and others, require a new paradigm in traditional security. Decisions need to be made early at scale without sacrificing security. The topic covers Safety practices covering the three pillars of People, Process & Tooling with Governance layer across SDLC to ensure consistency of the services.