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HariHaraGanesh D

HariHaraGanesh D

Director, Technical Program Management, Visa


Being a Agile Leader, he has worked with Senior Leadership and drove TLT wide initiatives on Executive Metrics, Agile Value Delivery and Winning Team’s framework. In his previous Organization, his Agile initiative ‘CMS Platform Agility Office’ was much appreciated by the leadership team for driving Agility in the Organization. Besides being an Agile expert, Harihara is a leader who takes lot of initiatives at the Business Unit level to support business strategy. Harihara truly enjoy writing blogs – which are an interesting cocktail of modern day philosophy with a pinch of tradition thinking. He is also a public speaker and has spoken in 9 national agile conferences across India on the topic ‘Culture & You’. Harihara holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and E-MBA from IIM-K.

Culture and You
Culture @ work should be aligned with Core Values and must be a driver for delivering better business outcome. “Wall of wow” or “Appreciation day” can boost cultural quotient at workplace. Winning Team’s framework’ and Agile Value delivery model are designed to focus on outcome rather than output

Most change management focuses on the business context, process and role changes, and transitioning employees through training and new measurements. This approach may be fine for addressing the organizational ‘machine,’ but it does not adequately address the human aspects of the Organization. How to feel the culture at workplace? If Core Values of an Organization are aligned with Organization’s Strategy, then the Organization growth will be sustainable. Let us discuss a simple case study. A team delivers with in Scope, Budget, and Schedule over the last three quarters and bags the ‘Best Team Award’. Is the Best Team a Happy Team? Do they really have a culture of giving open feedback to each other or do they love what they do? At the executive level, does Velocity of a team mean anything? If not Velocity, what is the alternative? How do we influence the executives to shift the focus from output to outcome? Welcome to my talk where I discuss my ‘Winning Team’s framework’ that focusses on unearthing cultural elements @ team level. The Agile Value delivery model focuses on the Value delivered sprint on sprint over the productivity thus influencing Executives to adopt this model. How can you realize culture elements at work that is aligned with Core Values and that are driver for delivering better business outcome? You can start with “Wall of wow” to extend recognition to your peers or launch “Appreciation day” to appreciate your employees. Culture club driven by WOW boards and Appreciation day are building block for creating collaborative culture @ workplace. Through appreciation & recognition, people feel valued and this build a great relationship among the team members.

As the curtain closes, I would also recommend a new and interesting way to explain culture of an organization in simple terms.

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