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Sreekala Sunderrajan

Sreekala Sunderrajan

Head of Programme Management: People and Culture, Gojek


  • Strategic Leader who has delivered turn key results in location strategy , people strategy, change management and growth mindset consecutively.
  • 18+ years of extensive total experience . Over 11 years in Engineering and 8 years in Project, Programme and Delivery Management.
  • Drove Results with Outstanding leadership, influencing, communication, interpersonal and teamwork skills with a natural chord to “get things done”
  • Strong self-brand and representative of the organisations at Prestigious conferences as a speaker and author of papers.
  • Excellent global working experience across Europe, America, Singapore, Vietnam, Japan and India.
  • PMP® ,Top 25% Gift work Certified Manager, ISTQB Certified
  • Entrepreneurial scholar of the powerful programme.

Want to be a successful leader? Practice being a tester first !
Anyone can be a leader. However the one that sustains tides and inspires others to do so with ease makes a successful leader. The one thing that differentiates fantastic leaders from the crowd is their mindset. Mindsets are never built in a day and normally have a lot of background work, experience and exposure that has gone into one being who they are today. And this becomes a game changer.

Having a Tester’s mindset plays a large role in being a successful leader. From personal experience, I know for sure that my life as a tester has not only charted out career options like no other but has actively contributed into making it successful as well. What are those pivots that make this mindset, how does it contribute to leadership excellence, is there a secret sauce combo that we all know but don’t recognise yet that makes this mindset? This talk charts that out for you as take away.

See you as we interact on building, nourishing this testers mindset that will set you up for success as a successful leader.

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