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Suchitra Narayan

Suchitra Narayan

VP, J P Morgan Chase & Co


I’m an SAP ERP professional with an overall experience of over 14 years.

In my current role, I’m working on building enterprise business applications on the SAP cloud platform driving customers run their businesses with greater productivity and flexibility with S/4 cloud applications

Intelligent testing practices on high performing cloud applications in virtualized infrastructure
Web applications are increasingly resorting to public cloud platforms, To most developers, web security is a rather unpopular topic. However, previous studies have shown that the virtualized infrastructures used in a cloud environment can introduce performance issues. As developers the need to address these issues should be more than agreeing to the fact of being addressing the issues. The performance issues are considered less interesting solely for the effort it takes to be taken care of, it makes development and testing harder as the process would either have to mock the authentication or simulate.

The challenge of authentication can be taken care of by using the right backing services, while with the right framework the data replication through mocking or simulating can be well handled. This also needs to be backed with the right service tools.

The topic we present will bring in more light on the above mentioned points which will be supported by usage of top rates tools which are the concepts of Cloud Application Programming Model

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