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Venki Jayaraman

Venki Jayaraman

Senior Director, Walmart


Venki works as Senior Director of Engineering in Walmart. Venki drives a strong E2E business engineering transformation Under supply chain. He has the accountability of Quality Engineerng, DevOPS and Software Engineering. He is a technologist With 43 patents to his credit. Previous to Walmart he has been in quite a few transformation roles driving technology transformation to multiple customers.

Artificial Intelligence for Testing
AI has driven every industry in the world. Testing is one of the challenging place where AI really is pushing its limits.

There is never a possibility to test every single scenario and ensure 100% quality. AI can look at certain specific parameters And ensure the way Testing can happen and ensuring coverage to the max. AI driven testing not only will reduce the test cycle But will also improve the way testing can happen and provide the right focus at the right place.

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